As of today, May 1, I am employed by World Bridge Partners out of Omaha Nebraska, by a franchisee of  MRI NETWORK  that I have known for 25 years.  This is a person that I highly regard both personally and spiritually and professionally. It was just a month ago that he and I were renewing our acquaintance as he asked for my help in mentoring his son in legal recruiting. I spent the next day working with a young man who soaked up everything I said like a sponge and asked the most intelligent  questions!  Once I gave him a partner level candidate, he also wrote the most beautiful script I’ve ever  read about a candidate and I told him to start making calls on the candidate’s behalf the next day. He called almost in a panic after just a couple of hours of calls. He was getting responses within 10 minutes of his calls-wanting more information, a resume or an interview-and what should he do next? WOW  Thank goodness it was a Friday! It gave me time to get with my candidate and tell him who was interested in his bio/no name/no firm so who might he want to speak with? He chose to do his due diligence over the weekend and first thing on Monday, I knew who he wanted to see. Now he is going forward in the process and we are very excited about that as my young friend had not gotten so far in a year; nor did he realize that corporate contracts are to be negotiated on both sides, including payment terms. I am of course, thrilled to be able to bring anything to the table. This will be a win/win/win for everyone. More than just helping mentor this young man, I began to see a well run franchise that had made it through the recession, still took good care of its recruiters-in fact valued them-and I began to ask the Lord, “Have you brought them to my attention for a reason? Am I supposed to ask for a job?” 

 You all know I have been studying the book of Genesis this year in BSF. Just lately we have been studying the life of Joseph. Sold by his brothers into slavery, into Potiphar’s house where he rose to the role of managing the household, and then thrown into prison after being unjustly accused by Potiphar’s wife of attempted rape, he rose again to oversee the prison under the warden. Those two jobs prepared him for the number 2 job under Pharaoh that he would have after he interpreted Pharaoh’s dream’s by the grace of God. Last week when I had determined that it was ok for me to ask for a job with this man and we began to talk of what might could be–oh my goodness–did I begin to see parallels!  For the very first time, I actually thought that my desert, my pruning, my fire, my refining, might not all be about discipline and getting me ready for heaven, but ready for something else God wants me to do here! 

WOW!! How GREAT is that at almost 62!! and having had a stroke even a mini one just 45 days ago, even if it wasn’t my fault? Because as you all have been with me on this journey, you know that I have found out that material things are nice, but not important unless it’s matter of keeping warm or comfortably cool or medical bills paid, medicine paid for, basic groceries paid for. I am no longer about all the stuff I accumulated. it’s long gone and I don’t have any room for it in my life or my place any more. What’s more important is what decision I have made in an action and has it damaged my witness? Cause I am far from perfect, but that is so important. I do not want Jesus Christ to be ashamed of me. Anyway this is going to make a huge difference in my life–already has. I have real hope about our circumstances going forward. I know the Lord can and does and did provide miracles every month but goodness, gracious, that’s hard on a body, on two people just striving as best they could! I know He expects people who can to work and so I am-doing what He has given to me to do. Just this time, I have those basics that most employed people expect-benefits, expenses, a more than generous draw. I have to tell you that when he made the offer, the scripture running through my head was how “He is able to  abundantly supply more than we ask, or expect or even dream of.”  I can only say that because I have almost  learned to live on a minimum wage draw. Now OF COURSE everything wasn’t getting paid on time or at all, but we were alive, had enough to eat, power, gas in the one car, a credit card paid for that. Now everyone can get caught up for which I am so very VERY  thankful! I don’t like owing good people money, so now I can start to take care of that.

Thank the Lord for the people in my church that have kept me with health insurance–again, the Lord has been ever so close through all of this time. I thank Him and all of those who have helped us. Once we are back on our feet,  we can go back to helping others as we used to do. Thank you for all of your prayers for this also. I know you were also praying for a miracle for me and IT HAS HAPPENED!

God Bless and Good night–



Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.

Have you ever read a scripture so many times that you are sure of its meaning until you read it one more time–and then God turns you on your ear and says, “no, this is what it means?” Well this is one of those times. I was doing my Bible study lesson and reading about Peter, the Apostle and how God prepared Peter to meet and then preach and baptize Gentiles-something that as a proper Jew he would have never done-to do so would have been to become unclean. But God showed Peter a better way.

God could speak to him and show him a better way because Peter lived in close communion with Him. He was heavily involved in all of the church work at Jerusalem, but he never let it take away from his time with God in prayer. OH That Lesson Right There Is For Me! but there is more. Peter knew that God would choose the places for him to work and to preach, to testify of Jesus. So Here is The Real Kicker For Me–Do I choose what I will do and then expect God to bless it because it is good, beneficial work, or “Christian work”.  Or do I pray first so that God can tell me where He wants me to work  and when He wants me to do it.  Is this not the most important lesson I can learn and re-learn? Because when I do this, WHATEVER the work is, He blesses it enormously, and if I don’t ask-forget to ask, He blesses, but not as much. Because it isn’t doing the right, best thing He wanted done.

How marvelous are the scriptures when you just take a little time with them. This so reminds me of my Mama. She was a Bible student. I almost never saw her reading a “regular book”. She always said there wasn’t enough time to learn all that she needed to know-and this was the best Book to teach her. I am ashamed to say she nagged me a bit about it and at that time of my life  I wasn’t so interested in the things of God or what He had to say to me. It’s interesting that God gives us just enough rope to get into trouble, but He never lets go of us.  That time of my life that I went  through-when everything I touched was gold and I didn’t have a care in the world–I didn’t know what was coming down the pike! But God had a plan for me-to refine me and make me more like Jesus-to make me His witness to all those He was going to bring into my world. It was a lot of work for Him, but He says” He will accomplish that which He has started in us”. And I had given him my heart when I was twenty, so He had every right to begin the work in me…unfortunately for me and for most of us, that work will continue until we meet Him face to face some day.  And I say unfortunately, because the work is HARD, it is being stripped down naked and refinished by the Father, but with every little gain, “I can say oh, this was worth it!”