Once again,  I found myself in the hospital ER on Thursday afternoon. I had gone in for my simple physical therapy session this week, but this time, I was put on a bike. It wasn’t a regular bike, I was leaning back on the backrest, very comfortable, not even hurting my knees. The clock turned over 8 minutes and I began to have just a little pain on my left side up under my breast. I really didn’t pay attention at first, but then it got worse it enough to really call my attention to it and and I must have rubbed it. My therapist said “what’s the matter?” I told her I had a little pain in my left chest. She had me stop cycling at once and took me over to a chair and took my blood pressure and  oxygen levels.  I don’t think they were that bad,  but by then the pain had gone down my arm with lots of tingling and piyns and needles in my hand that I just couldn’t shake off.  When that happened she got help and a wheelchair and away we went to the ER. They treated it like a heart attack, but I don’t think that’s what it was-heart spasms is what I have heard so far with EEG changes the 3 different times I had them.  Since there were already questions about what my heart is doing these days ( I have 30 day event monitor I was already wearing) the doc decided a stress test would be a good thing to have-the following morning-so the night in the hospital and my email to Diane to ask for your prayers that there was no blockage.  The doctor was sure that’s what it was. It even sounded like it to me, based on what my daddy had been through several times and had stents put in after 2 quadruple by-passes.  But thanks to your prayers and  to God‘s purpose, that was not why I was in the hospital that night.

 I was on the phone with my sister (yes, that one) We were praying. The young person who was to take me up my room arrived in the middle of it and I raised up my finger signaling-just a minute-he nodded and waited respectfully. When we were done and he had helped me into the chair and we were rolling along, I thanked him for waiting and explained you don’t just “hang up” on the Lord.  He nodded and me I guess I was still really in the Spirit, because I looked at him and I asked him if he knew Jesus. He got me on the elevator and said, “Do you mean am I saved?  No, ma’am, I don’t know Jesus.  But I have been thinking a lot about it for quite awhile months thinking hard on it.  By this time we had arrived at my room. I asked his name and asked if I could tell him a story- just take a few minutes. He agreed  and I told him about when the Lord Himself  had met me at the moment of my need to breathe without panic and fear on May 5, 2011. Then I asked him by name, don’t you want Jesus for yourself today? He looked at me and said yes, ma’am  I do.  I asked again, do you want to pray to receive Jesus into your heart right now?  He said he did, so I asked him to give me his hand and I would lead him in prayer. ..Once he had gone I of course knew why I was visiting the hospital that night!! Still as I shared the news with my family, everyone’s response was great, but couldn’t the Lord send you there for something less serious, less painful…why this way at all??

My only answer can be that whatever I have to go through for Jesus’ sake is so far below anything that can be considered or compared with what HE did for me is minor -even if it is major to us. There were so many people to give His word to, from the one who wanted to know if I have a Living Will (I do), each  nurse or tech-there were so many people to tell a story to.

I didn’t get a chance to write what has been on my heart since last Thursday. The Lord has been exceedingly gracious in speaking to me. Not just Thursday morning during my  devotions but also during my dreams Thursday night which were confirmed again in the sermon in church this morning. So ya’ll will have to keep coming back! I told you life with me was never boring!!





I do praise my husband! I think he is God‘s gift to me-and certainly the other half of my heart! There is nothing that he has not done for me! And I do mean nothing! From taking care of me physically after surgeries and sicknesses to what he does in our home in care of that and all that goes with it, I am amazed and forever grateful. And now as we start on a new chapter in our lives, moving back home to Atlanta, he again has taken the brunt of the responsibilities in the packing and arranging for the move. What a very long month this has been for him! I know he is going to be so glad when we arrive on the 31st to family who have made arrangements for professional movers to unload us and as they will be there to help us unpack and settle in-at least the greatest physical part of his job will be over.  Then starts his

Cindy/honey-do tasks as he calls them where he hangs pictures and draperies and fixes hooks in closets and whatever else he can find to make this a comfortable home. Yes, I would call him, Mr. Wonderful.


I wrote that in January and here is it the first of April and if it were the thing to do I would take pictures to show you the home God has given us!  It is amazing because

Mr. Wonderful has been at it again. He hasn’t stopped as he has figured out how to make the best use of the space we have-sometimes I see pure genius at work. My sister visited recently and was amazed at how everything fit so well and was so cozy. I think I have already said how much I like everything!


And now as he had tenderly cared for me after this latest stroke—was so loving and patient with me because I was slow in the beginning, but now I am SO much better. I know that our Lord is answering our prayers, prayers of all of you as well, and I do thank you from the bottom of my heart. God wants us to pray. He had Jesus Himself show us how to pray and we have Jesus as an example of how important prayer is –so don’t let that part of your life ever go!

But tonight I am thanking God for MY MR.WONDERFUL


For those who knew it was my birthday on Wednesday, thank you for those good wishes,  for those who didn’t know, don’t worry about it.  When I was younger and until this year, I have only celebrated my birthdays on the decade. But as the last 2 yrs have been a little more dicey than the previous years, I have decided to celebrate every year and when I feel like it any day of any month that needs celebrating! What should I not celebrate? I am a child of the king of the universe! The very creator of all things, the one who has always been and will always be; who is mighty and powerful, yet so personal and compassionate, there is no one like my Father which is in heaven. Holy, holy, holy be your name!

I am so filled with wonder that you called me by name, that you wanted me to be your own. So important that you sent your own Son to die for my sins to make perfect to enter your heaven…that you planned this out from before the world was even made. Oh yes, You are too wonderous to behold,  to understand , to do anything but worship You. You are amazing God. Amazing should be strictly a word reserved for describing You. Incredible would be another word that would be used to describe You and the things that you do. Oh, Holy, holy, holy be your name.

Righteousness, I am your Righteousness, I must stay clean and pure for the Lord God of Heaven and Earth that I am never tarnished Righteousness, but bright shining as the Sun. I am the Temple of the Holy Spirit, my body is no longer my own. It should reflect the Son. My name is Cynthia–which is the moon in reflection of the sun, but in my case the reflection of the Son.  Oh Holy, holy, holy be your name.

I just want to praise you O Lord for all that You have done in the last few weeks. The people I have met, the validations I have received, the new friends, the new knowledge, and confidence, oh Lord God, all of these are from you!  How I praise You! How I love You! OH Holy, holy, holy be your name.

Oh Father tonight I bring a new name before you to call to you. His precious wife is a new friend, my Lord. It seems that he is a good man and they have a daughter together and he tolerates her faith. But oh Lord, my God how wonderful it is to pray with your husband, to know that your husband is praying to the alive and real God of the Universe for you instead of a long dead god who is really no god at all. O my Lord, grant her this desire of her heart to see her husband come to know you too. Pray with me all of you out there that I love back. Now you too are part of my family, my sphere. And as I told a man that wants me to work with him to place this is the way I work, I have to be free to pray for you-God is the one who gives the guidance for each person I work with. Thankfully it was ok. So many to pray for -that ‘s why I am praying and talking to the Father all day long-otherwise my quiet time would be all day long!! LOL-For all those who have said it’s like He is sitting right there with you. He is. I couldn’t do it otherwise. He knows it all. Oh Holy, Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty and greatly to be praised.


Our God Is Faithful! Psalm 145:13-18


a picture of the lake of Ohrid by Sunrise
a picture of the lake of Ohrid by Sunrise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Lord is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made. The Lord upholds all those who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down…You open your hand satisfy the desires of every living things. The Lord is righteous in all his ways and loving toward all he has made. The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.

There are so many verses that are in God‘s Word about His Faithfulness. But let me tell you how He demonstrates them to me.

I have said before that I write just like I talk. Did you ever think what that might really mean? Because when I am writing, I am talking  about my Lord; usually about some new lesson I have learned, or something I have discovered new and fresh in His Word that I have read a thousand times, but only understood just today. So if I talk like I write, I am talking about Jesus, I am talking to Him and with Him all day long. I need His advice every step of my way and I have only to ask and it is given. When I am speaking with someone for someone, I just try and get to know them a little the first time we speak. I never have an agenda, other than basic contact information, maybe business numbers, something about their life, family, and if they could describe the perfect job, what would it be? Now granted God and faith can come up at any time in that conversation-often does. But again, I am just gathering information my first go round. Sometimes God has a different agenda than I do-and it is His voice after all, so He gets to speak if He wants to. But it is done so carefully and casually that again, anyone I have spoken with is so happy to talk and ready to talk about this particular subject!

So today, I had a referral call and we chatted a bit and then the floodgates opened  and I shared a little about why I work at a home office, the work and connections that I have. And then we began to talk about all the commonality that we had together, so many very personal, deeply wounding experiences-but I shared the great solution to all too. I promised to send her resume to an attorney friend of mine to see if they had any needs for a paralegal and that I would be in touch.

As soon as we were off the phone, it rang again. It was another lady that had been referred to me last week. She wasn’t someone I could place, but I could tell her how to get a new job. She was very depressed-had been looking for at least a couple of weeks and discouragement had set in. So I told her that she needed to make a list of all her blessings. Then she needed to make a list of all of her good qualities. And third she needed to make a list of companies 5-6 of them that were just like the one she had been laid off from and were in the same state of disorder, disrepair, horrendous receivables. Nothing was going right with that company when she got it-and then proceeded to turn it completely around to now the company is managing leasing for other companies. She was then to take that list and call each CEO and introduce herself as the woman who had turned around ABC company–but that when she had it up and running on its own, the owner let her go and put his son in her place. SO that made today the luckiest for XYZ Company, because she was sure that she could do the same thing for them. When would they like to meet her??????

She said I am calling you to tell you that everything you told me to do worked. And not only that but I have a great new job as of today as Director of Real Estate. Then she said, what was amazing to me was how God and Jesus were just a part of your conversation. I thought it was fantastic-but I had never had a business conversation  like that before. And now I want all of my conversations to be just like that. If you can do that I can do that. What do you do special to make that happen?

After I got off the phone with her, I had an email from the first one I had spoken with. She was thanking me for the time but mostly for our CONVERSATION. How do you do that? she asked. I have never had a business conversation about God or Jesus Christ or how any of that fits into the business life and always wanted that part to be different. Of course I told her the same thing.

So twice in one day I am explaining that I don’t do anything except tell the Lord in my early quiet time that this voice is His. This person is His-to do with whatever he sees fit. That if He will bring me prepared people to speak with I will open my mouth. And that’s about it. Except for praying as I am talking of course.! As I read the email to my husband and then told him of the phone call, I cried in amazement-more validation, more confirmation that I am doing exactly what God wants me to be doing. And I don’t take that lightly. Too many of my candidates really don’t know what the right thing to do is! What would I do without Jesus? I don’t ever, ever want to find out.

So after Supper tonight when I am still making a few calls and about to call it a night, I hope my email again and what do I get but a Liebster award  and because I show and speak the Lord!! Three time today He has shown me-Speak my word. I asked Him just last Friday if I should sign up with the speakers bureau here in FL. I guess I got quite an answer.

My God Is Mighty and All Powerful-yet He Answers Me/Us-Amazing!

This picture shows the sunrise in Borongan Cit...
This picture shows the sunrise in Borongan City, Eastern Samar. Borongan faces the mighty Pacific Ocean to its east. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hope I can do justice to the day that God called me for today.  Last night, I asked for everyone’s prayers for my brother in law and my family. That for the first time in 18 years he would reach to God–and faced with leukemia and the immediate prospect of chemo, clinical trials, how much time? I guess he listened finally to God’s constant calling to him. I heard from him this morning. I can not begin to express the depth of my feelings–for those of you who have prayed for years for someone.. For those of you who have family or friends suffering with cancer of any kind, you understand.  This is my sister’s husband. She is my prayer partner, my confidant, my dear sister (but I love all of them dearly) and in some ways like my own child in that when she was born, I was 12. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her. I can still remember trying to coax 2 oz down her at midnight or whenever she was up–I was there. I don’t know why–and my mother let me. I did the same for the two that followed her. I like to think we have our own special relationships too.

But THIS sister, she is always there when I am in the hospital, she won’t even let me stay by myself. This sister, she won’t let me die either! not on her watch and my husband trusts her with me. That is saying a lot! Forgive me if I am repeating special things about her. But she is never validated enough by anybody-except maybe some of that is starting to happen for her in her business. She, as I have, has grown too through all this trial and tribulation. She too has an incredible story! of Strength and Loyalty and Pushing Through-Come what may!

Still, there is much work to be done, but at least the path has been started down! The heart is open and ready to receive-May the Lord shine His Light in that heart and do all the work that is needed/was done at the cross/but must be accepted/and now whatever He wants will go forward.

So  much other wonderful things happened today too. All of God’s putting together, of course! I had hoped to go into that a bit, but it is late and I still have one call to make. I promised.

Pray on Warriors! Lift your eyes and see that the fields are full and the workers are few.  I pray that you will find a way to let God use in whatever way you can be used as it seems He has found a way for me.