It’s ME! I’m Back! I Have So Much to Share!

First, let me say thank you to one and all who have hung out there and waited for me to come back to you! And to those of you who have joined the following I salute you!! Especially when you joined not knowing when I could come back, but here I am, no worse for the wear. Well, sort of! I mean, you wouldn’t believe what I had to do to prove to WP who I was, the owner of this blog, because stupid me had thought that the 2 step authenticator was something we had to do, not something we could choose to do. I must have read about it during my spinal meningitis cognitive issues is all I can trace back timing wise.  I did go with the authenticator, but somehow neglected to get back up codes or anything to help me get in. For a little while it  worked by hit or miss with getting a code, but obviously after May 2, it stopped. And then it was a matter of getting WP’s attention and finding out what I needed to do to fix the problem. This technologically challenged gal tried everything. I went to Google and did what they said to do. Didn’t work, obviously. And finally Diane, wonderful, Diane researched enough and got WP to tell us what was needed. Only about 3 hours more of phone time with PayPal, but it was so worth it today when I was told -here is the code to unlock your blog!!! Of course, I immediately disabled the 2 step authenticator! Would you believe that the very next page it sends you to, is to set up the 2 step authenticator? If you aren’t paying attention, you almost have it again!

So let me see if I can hit the highlights of this 8 weeks! I don’t think I have EVER been out of touch with everybody so long before. And God willing, never will again!

Everyone knows I started a NEW JOB on MAY 1. I still am THRILLED. Work-wise, it has been a whirlwind. I spent a week the first of June in Omaha. I got to know the people in the office there and worked training my young partner who is on his honeymoon this week! He got married last Friday! It looks like I may have landed a couple of major opportunities for us, but God is truly going to have to be in all of the details and keep me patient, because the client is slower than I would like. So what else is new, right? And on the other front, it is a matter of finding the people that God wants me to find. That is what I can NEVER lose sight of. NO DEAL is right if it isn’t right for candidate and the client.

On Saturday May 11th, I was to go to a Christian ladies lunch with my sister. We were to leave by 10:30 at the latest.  On Saturday morning, she called me at 10:30 and said “where are you?”  I answered “I’m at my computer, doing my weekly data entry that I have to do now, why?” She said,  “You’re supposed to be over here, remember?” “For…?” I said. I had completely forgotten the date. We had not spoken of it in several days and my husband didn’t know the date I was going so he didn’t remind me and there I was in my PJ’s, absolutely mortified! This is what happens to you when you have had 3 strokes and spinal meningitis and they mess with your short-term memory. So this is a prayer request for ya’ll from me. Please pray for my memory to improve.

Another milestone in May was our 33 wedding anniversary. We went out to dinner at Bonefish which is my favorite restaurant. We had a lovely, special time. One of the Owner/managers came out and sat down with us since it was our special night and we were able to really reach out to her and invite her into our family as all of hers is in Alabama. In the restaurant trade, you don’t get to go home for holidays and she doesn’t know anybody in Atlanta-or didn’t until we introduced ourselves and I gave her our contact information. It’ll be just like having another sister, I told her.

Another fun thing I got to do was to go on a short little cruise at the end of May to the Bahamas. It was my sister’s B’day-a different one-and one of my daughter’s went, and a couple of my sisters’ friends and me. What a treat it was to get to go. I never expected to be treated like that, but that’s what happens when you have a sister like ‘Lou. She’s the best. I came back and the next cleaned my clothes, packed and the next day left for Omaha. Then came home at 1am on Sat. and at 4pm, my sister Holly threw a B’day party for me and her 2 sons (3 & 4) It was a wonderful excuse to get everyone together though. ‘Lou drove up w/her son Josh. One of my brother’s and his wife who live in Atlanta were there and my oldest daughter and her family  and my youngest daughter and her boyfriend and then a close friend of Holly’s and mine-Jennifer and her boyfriend. What a full house!! but what a great time we all had! I am so thankful that we could all have that time together!! And the next day, those that could, went to Six Flags! that would NOT be me! I was dead to the world until 11:00 I think!

This last week was pretty hairy for us. Our little yorkie was sick. I kept asking my husband to take him to the vet, but you know how men are, they just won’t go to the doctor! Finally on Thursday, he took him, because I had been on the web the night before about his symptoms and it was obvious he needed care.  Still at 11:30 that night, it was evident that he was worse, so off we went to the VET ER. I know that the Vet saved his life that night with all that she did for him.  We were there for about 4 hours and she gave us meds to come home with and written out instructions to go by which was so helpful the next day. You think you will remember something as simple and yet as important as this, but you are so tired, that you don’t, hence, the written directions. I am thankful to say that after a very long week Sunday to Sunday, our Max is back to normal.  So many times my husband said “I wish I could understand dog speak” It reminded me of a Christmas story I heard on a Tampa Christian Radio Station one year.  There was family that had a prosperous farm. Father, Mother, Girl, Two Boys. All went to church except for the Father. He couldn’t accept what he couldn’t understand. His wife would smile an silently pray for him and take the children to church where they would learn about a Savior who loved them. One Christmas, the Father was asked by all the children to come to the church’s Christmas program as they were participating. He gave his usual reasons and heads bowed low, they left early for the pageant.  The father noticed that his barn door was open as he was walking back up to the door of his house. “um, it shouldn’t be open,” he mused.  As he walked inside he saw that a dove was trapped inside and trying to find it’s way outside.  So he immediately began trying to “herd” the dove out the door! But he found out that doves don’t “herd” In fact the more he shouted and gestured, the more upset and flighty the dove became-flying higher in the barn and back into the recesses where it was dark and maybe it was safe. “What in the world is that stupid dove thinking? Doesn’t it know that I am trying to help it get free and out of my barn?” he asked himself. And then He asked himself an even more telling question, “if I could just speak dove talk for a minute, then the dove would know exactly where to go to be safe”. And of course as he said that to himself, all of a sudden, he understood the story of Jesus Christ. Why He Had to Come, Why He Had to Die, And WHY HE ROSE AGAIN! I know that every time I look at my little dog and wish I knew exactly what he is saying to me. I believe that some day I’ll know but more importantly the story of Jesus is brought home to us every day as we look at each other and smile, grateful he is alive and can “talk” to us, grateful he reminded us of an important lesson.

 so I think that is enough for tonight. I know I was chatty Cathy, but like I said, so much has been happening, if I went down every day’s calendar, we’d be here till next week and  then what would I write about?  so for those of you who know of others who used to follow me and think I have died and gone to Jesus, please email them and let them no, I am still here! I need your support-your prayer support that is.

thanks and goodnight



  I bet that title got you going, didn’t it?  It shocked me today when I sat down in my hairdresser‘s chair for only the 2nd time, because that was how she greeted me!  She didn’t know that I had had another little stroke on the 15th of March or all the things that God has done for me in between. I am so overwhelmed I am typing with tears running down my cheeks,  when I think of this past several weeks. Some of you know that I am a recruiter and a good one by the grace of God, but sometimes things don’t go your way-not my way, but God’s way is the way it has to go and that kept me from making enough money to pay our basic bills.  I guess I finally had to realize that whatever I have comes from Him our Holy Father and not from what I do-even though I thought I knew that-had already learned that lesson, time and time again. This  time I literally could not make a deal happen for anything and this was the worst of times: I had just moved to a new city expected  really great things coming “back home” if anyone really does that. And then I woke up on March 15th with my left side frozen and unable to communicate with my husband to even help people understand where the new doctors I have were. You’ve read that story, but what happens when you come home from the hospital and you have to see all the doctors and do all the physical therapy and it only seems to make you hurt worse? On top of that you have to get back to work, those bills didn’t stop coming in and now more are coming! What can anyone do? I do what I always do, I put my head down to the ground and I go to my Heavenly Father. He is all I’ve got. Now don’t mistake my meaning here. I have a wonderful husband (Mr Wonderful) and wonderful daughters and son and grand girls. but my Heavenly Father, HE IS IT.  He is the only one who can solve my problems, give me peace, show me what to do next.  And the Lord did tell me just what to do next, which I did and I can tell you that my most pressing need-my health insurance policy payment- is paid through June. I simply could not believe the news when I got it but again, overwhelming gratitude doesn’t begin to cover the feelings. There were others in my own family who saw a specific need and just handled it-so many different people contributing to the whole. And some of you are wondering where did she get the money for her haircut? I got an insurance check yesterday. I found out that you can have supplemental insurance to cover you for the number of days you are in the hospital through AARP/UNITED HEALTH. I wish I had known about it a lot sooner!! But I got a little check  and so here I was sitting in Jennifer’s chair.

Jennifer is also a believer-well I guess  that is obvious- but I didn’t know it when I sat in her chair the first time.  I had looked at everyone’s website within a reasonable driving distance that had a salon when I first moved to town. I was really anxious about choosing a new hairdresser.  My hairdresser from Tampa had taken care of me for about 20 years!  She had become a confidant and friend. I had no illusions about replacing her, I just wanted a decent haircut and hopefully highlights if they didn’t cost me  a week’s groceries. I  looked and looked and then I read Jennifer’s story. She is a 3rd generation stylist-she really loves her work but there was just something special in the way that she wrote about herself that made me call. She couldn’t even take me for like 3 weeks I think, but for some reason, I waited. The day arrived; I had my directions; I started off in plenty of time. I still couldn’t find the salon! They were tucked into the corner of a large shopping center and she had to direct me there when I finally called! I hate being late-even 5 or 10 minutes-but she was so nice, put me right at ease and you know how it is, you just start chatting and when you are me, you talk about things that are on your heart, are important to you, like the Lord Jesus! Oh was she happy and then we were just off to the races! We were sharing stories back and forth and of course I told her some of my special ones.  She told me when I was there then and again today that she always knows when somebody is in her chair that is just supposed to be there and that it is a “God Thing” not to let go of it until everyone is satisfied. And that means with just the sharing or the helping or the whatever.  So I came in using my jazzy cane today and she asked about that and I told her what had happened to me in March. That’s when she told me that my stories were blessing people all over Dunwoody-that she had been sharing then with her clients and her clients were blessed by the story. Isn’t that amazing? Somebody else telling my story and people still getting a blessing? Oh that is such a God thing!!

So I have opened up my heart raw tonight ya’ll not cry poor mouth, but to show you that we all can wind up in serious consequences, not through our own doing and we can not look down on that person or badmouth that person or whatever else you might be inclined to do. My circumstances come from catastrophic health incidents that both my husband and I suffered within 19 months of one another. I have been fortunate enough to have had a job, a passion, a career that I can do with a phone and a computer wherever I am.  He was not so fortunate. His heart was badly damaged which I have also written of before, but it didn’t keep him from being Mr. Wonderful, it just keep him from being employed.  My job, career, passion is always just a deal away from breaking even again.  And that part, thankfully is not up to me, it’s up to God.

Joyful Joyce and Amazing God

This past week has been such a roller coaster week of emotions, duties, responsibilities on so many levels. I have wanted to write every day, but no time. 

First, so thankful for the healing words of the Lord from my friend Calvin who assures me that the Lord has justified me and loves me and that I should follow His precepts which I have tried to do before and especially this week going forward. Sometimes, I realize I get a little zealous in my conversation from the every day to world events-last week was a biggie if you were watching Obama and Israel-to my own conversations and revelations from my Lord God and also from fellow bloggers. We don’t meet up ahead of time and all same we are going to blog on the same subject and have the same opinion but it happens over and over. And because we all are Christ followers led by the Spirit,  I believe the Lord is speaking through all of us to the world, so as I said last week, Take Heed!  All of us should be examining our lives to see if we can offer ourselves as living sacrifices to our Lord. And even as I say that, I am wondering if you know what I mean or what the Word means as it is written?  Of course everyone knows what living is, but the dictionary defines sacrifice as the offering of something precious to  deity; loss,deprivation.  Ok , so I am offering my Precious self to my Lord-He says I am precious to Him. and then secondly, the loss and deprivation part: well, that’s exactly what nobody wants to do anymore. We want what we want, when we want it, how we want it; no doing without it, or waiting on it. No having it and losing it.  All of this is one of His precepts for me, besides the trust factor! And guess what this is a hard one too! I am used to going and getting just what I want, when I want it. Now I am in a position where I can not do that in regards to physical possessions. But I have found that even in regards to those that I can have, I am really careful and selective now. I ask myself, what do I really need? Not just want? And I have found that as I am faithful to Him in the small things, He is so faithful to me in the BIG things. Just this week, one more time I was amazed at the overwhelming care of people for my needs that I truly had no expectation of except advice, not tangible help–but even the way that it was given, with such love and care and assurance, it alone brings you to your knees. Thank you Father!!

Second roller coaster was finding out that the gamma globulin that I get monthly for my immunity disorder does have a very rare side effect. Guess what it is? yep, you got it! Clots! And here, supposedly,  I have had  2 in the first year of taking it!  Of course, now the doctor can not raise my dosage either as he was going to do because I have continued to catch the bacterial infections, virus’, and  mold infections that come with this immunity. so what to do? After talking and prayer, we are going to ask to be taken off of the drug.  We will consult with both the MS neurologist and the immunologist who both have said this side effect is so rare ,  but then neither of them know me very well yet, do they? I was also supposed start testing in April for food and drug allergies because for months now I have been waking up with severe itching and hives. It started off that I could just take a couple of Benadryl tablets and go back to sleep but now I usually awaken 2 or 3 hours later and have to take more. Not good. Last night, I tried an experiment. I didn’t take anything except my Coumadin. “that’s the blood thinner I ‘ve been on since last July when I had that embolism–and yes I’ve been itching at least that long.” And sure enough, here it came, very strongly last night. so here is another one to talk to the doc about. Finding out I have sticky blood wasn’t the greatest thing either, but it certainly explained a lot of things-the multiple miscarriages and the tendancy to  make clots. Lots of up and down emotional moments in the decisions, in the new knowledge, in the gratefulness for the new knowledge.

And then there was Joyful Joyce!  Joyce Zahner was the 85 year old mom of my half/way adopted sister Julie. Julie is the same age as the sister who lives in Orlando and has done so much for me and with me. She and Julie were inseparable from the moment they met and their friendship has stood the test of time. And to me, Julie was a little sister and then a friend and babysitter for my two children when they were little before I married my husband. So the Zahners have been in my life, one way or another since I was 16. In the years past when we were visiting in Atlanta, we were often invited out to Julie’s house where she lives with her 2 children and great husband and very often Joyce would be there too. Over the years, Joyce began the same decline that my mother did. She had dementia. It was hard for her as she had been a very smart professional woman. But Joyce never dwelt on circumstances, she drew from within that joy that only comes from the Lord and had peace as she drifted more and more into another realm. She always had a smile on her face. She always was telling you she loved you and you knew that she meant it. And then on her 85th birthday, not long ago, God did a wonderful thing-a little extra birthday present-He gave her a day of clarity. How wonderful that was! And most of it captured on video to be visited and revisited time and time again. At the end of it all, Joyce let her family know that she knew she was going home to her Savior soon.She was tired and so she was ready. She was very careful to give her last instructions about her grandchildren to her daughter whom she loved so much-holding her face between her hands, looking her in the eye and speaking! How very, very precious is that? How amazing is our God to know that we still need our moms to tell us stuff, important stuff? And we all know that after months and years of decline with less and less moments of clarity–to be given a DAY!!  Our God is such a Loving FATHER and He Knows Just What We Need.

On Saturday, March 16th at 11:45 am, Joyful Joyce went home. This past Thursday and Friday there were joyous celebrations of her life at two churches that we attended. I am very sure that Joyce was watching and laughing and smiling as we all talked of our memories of Joyce. And I am sure too that she would have loved the message of hope and salvation given by the pastors and by the family and friends through the scriptures read and the testimonies given that faith and hope and love were so important to Joyce. Of course, Joyce was warmly welcomed by so many friends in heaven, my parents among them. I am sure they are all up there telling there stories about all of us. 

The glory in all of this to me is that God was so kind to me to let me experience growing up in a family that taught me faith-whether I embraced it or not immediately-I KNEW what was true. He has surrounded me throughout my life with family and friends who love me and whom I love dearly. And now he has placed me back home to be in the middle of them. I say perfect timing, Lord! Thank you!

Jeremiah 29:11-13  For I know that plans I have for you , declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with your whole heart.


You always know that the Lord is telling you something important and specific when all of your devotional and Bible study material come together! As you all know we are in a new place. Relearning our way around, renewing friendships, finding a new church home, and for me figuring out how I might fit in this Atlanta market have made this a challenging first month (and a few days).  I’ve been asking for particular guidance and finally I think I have some answers -which are not new principles by any stretch- or any new revelation-but simply the Lord saying what He has said for generations to anyone like me who has asked the same questions- “Follow my Precepts”. Ok,  then let’s look at what His Precepts might be.  The dictionary says that a precept is a command or a principle intended as a general rule of action or conduct. So Biblically,  God wants me to follow His commands for my conduct and my actions. How do I find out what those commands might be so that I can follow them? The only Book that God wrote is His Holy Bible and it was written to instruct us and to guide us as so many denominational statements about the Bible and their belief in the Bible were stated for the world to know what they believed. Now, let me stop right here as say I am not going to attack any denomination for what they have or have not done. This is NOT about any of THAT.

As I read the scriptures that have the word precept in them, they pull me in a whole different direction. Let me show you. I can’t write out as much scripture as I would like to but I hope you will bear with me as God is leading me as I write this and I will put in what He wants. The first scripture to mention the word precept in Psalm 19:8, but this is one of those times that if you only read the one verse, you will not get the whole meaning of the passage.

Psalm 19:7-14 The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul. The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple. The .precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart.  The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes.  The fear of the Lord is pure, enduring forever. The ordinances of the Lord are sure and altogether  righteous. They are more precious than gold; they are sweeter than honey, than honey from a comb. By them is your servant warned; in keeping them there is great reward.  Who can discern his errors? Forgive my hidden faults. Keep your servant also from willful sins; may they not rule over me. Then will I be blameless, innocent of great transgressions. May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock, and my Redeemer

Now can you see why it was important to have the verses around verse 8 written out too? It gives a whole different feeling and prospect to the passage. It becomes very important now. You take notice! The first thing I did was  to see if indeed I have joy in my heart, light in my eyes? I have to tell you that my eyes weren’t as bright as they have been-because again I am asking and seeking.  But my joy is there!  and do you know why? Because joy is a gift of the Holy Spirit. It doesn’t depend on circumstances to be joyful-it just is. And when I let that joy go and think of all the wonderful blessings that  I have and the answers to questions that I do have, well, the joy just gets bigger!  Then think about the fear of the LordThis simply means  to revere Him.  So often flippant language about God , the relationship or prayer, or a story will reveal a lack of reverence for His true Presence. I know I can admit it because I am forgiven those times I have been flippant. It is easy in our world today, very easy not to give Him the Utmost Reverence. Wait what does reverence really mean? Worship and adore, honor and respect; four little words that are probably the most important words in our language. I would add two more, forgiveness and acceptance.  A person can live a life pleasing to the Lord and to his fellow man if he practices those  six words. wow, six little words could change your world, could change my world.  Worship, Adore, Honor, Respect, Forgiveness and Acceptance.  Anybody up for a trial, that you would be willing to really try and live these six words just for a week? Keep track of anything different in peoples’ attitudes or your attitude in your quiet time,  and then next week, let me know?  And of course I will be doing it too. I can’t ask ya’ll to do something I wouldn’t do. So now it is on my calendar to tell ya’ll of my experiences as well.  I just bet we’re all in for something Good!

Psalm 111:1-10  Praise the Lord. I will extol the Lord with all my heart in the council of the upright and in the assembly. Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all who delight in them. Glorious and majestic are his deeds, and his righteousness endures forever. He has caused his wonders to be remembered. The Lord is gracious and compassionate. He provides food for those who fear him ; he remembers his covenant forever. he has shown his people the power of his works,giving them the lands of other nations. The work  of his hands are faithful and just; all his precepts are trustworthy. They are steadfast forever and ever, done in faithfulness and uprightness.  He provided redemption for his people; he ordained his covenant forever– holy and awesome is his name. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow his precepts have good understanding. To him belongs eternal praise.

I don’t know about ya’ll but I think we are onto something good here! This is real life  stuff. Our Lord knew that we were concerned about paying the bills, our home, our clothing, our children, even education–because He addressed every issue in His Word.  We are living in perilous times, certainly what I believe as so many other Bible believing Christians do,  the last days. Ours is the first generation that could spread the gospel literally to every part of the world. Our Lord said when that was done, to look for Him, because He was coming when that was done. The Prophets wrote of signs in the heavens and signs in the earth. I would say that we certainly have had an up tick of those events–all the more reason to try our little experiment. I look forward to hearing from each one of you.  May the Lord God bless you for your efforts.

Our God IS So Great and So Good!

It seems that we are settled in our new home in Atlanta, Ga and finally both of us are well. We are  thanking God for our sweet little apartment which has turned out to be just fine. A little short on storage space for those once a year items you can need, but when you have a daughter with a basement 8 minutes away, even that problem is solved. And that same daughter has implemented Sunday night family dinners so that for sure, regardless of what the rest of all of our week was like, we are together on Sunday evening. It is a lovely time to just relax and enjoy the company of our dear family; our two dear girls and son and our precious grand girls!

This week has been the first week we officially started our after school program. I say officially because first one then the other was sick last week and need to be picked up and watched over. How glad we were that we were here to do that! I so remember my issues with sick children when I was single and when I married again.  If the girls weren’t too sick, they always wanted to go with my husband, not stay with me. He was a manufacturer’s rep and they loved going with him on calls and getting ice cream at the end of the day. I think all 3 of them would plan those days some times although no one would admit to it. So this week, we started with  a mid-day call to go get the sick one and Wee Daddy did and then she came again today. He didn’t really think she was sick enough to stay home so he decided geography lessons were in order! We have a large library globe that the girls have always been fascinated with. Of course, tonight, I am not sure that my eldest grand girl is still as fascinated. Wee Daddy had her finding countries all over the globe and even for a 5th grader, I think they were hard! And when she was finished with that task, there was other homework, certainly no watching TV.  After the other sister got home after school and home work got finished, it was time for some fun. I got down a game I haven’t played since my teens probably-called AGGRAVATION. They are still selling it. Today was the first of 4 days that I wasn’t working up to the moment Mom came and took them home for supper.  It is amazing what you learn about people playing board games! We had so much fun and of course the youngest one beat the rest of us.

So otherwise, let me tell you a little of  what God has been doing in my life here in Atlanta.  For those of you who follow me, you might remember that I had an angel nurse helping me pick out my new doctors! When I got the lists though, I found that there would be two or three names to choose from., but at least I knew the people were in network, in a close location, and scored high with their patients.  I went on everyone’s website.  I looked at everyone’s picture and read every bio as if they were going to be a candidate for me much less take care of me personally. Of course each doc would be in what looked like a great practise and that would complicate things even further. So finally I just went to the Father who knows all things and asked Him. Of course NOW I have spectacular doctors!, I wish I had done that before seeing the very first one-the immunologist.He was the only one on my list. Thank goodness he was in Roswell, I thought. Roswell is not but a 20 minute drive. That wasn’t the problem .  It turned out that HE was the problem -a fraud!! –he ushered me into his office not an exam room, sat at his desk, read a couple of things again  on my papers, and then proceeded to tell me how complicated this case was and I was and he just wasn’t interested in taking me on as a patient, thank you very much. The next day, we found out that what looked simple and above-board was not.He had billed my insurance for a $300 exam!  There also seems to be  a ring of petty thieves working identity theft. tried that on me too, but thank goodness I have a big guy for a husband and when he wants to be intimidating he can be. I think sometimes the Lord let’s me see the worst of something so that I will appreciate, really appreciate it when it is perfect. I feel that way because of Tim’s and Daniel’s friends that we have seen make that effort to be that kind of person with them. What  a testimony when people start trying to live up to the way YOU have lived or try to live.  (btw Tim  & Daniel are my brother and nephew) The GREAT good that came out of that was a new practice that is now Aetna approved and one of the largest and most prestigious in the city and here I was back having to choose again. This time the immunologist is so great and very up to date on things. He ordered more blood tests than I had had done before. I since I have dogone up and down the meter scale Coumadine is not for sissy’s or cowards; it is very hard to adjust and stay stable.  But my wonderful primary says she will get it right! I believe her.   And yesterday I met my new ENT who is also so great. Her instructions were just to call, tell  her nurse that I am in trouble and the nurse would get me right in! yes! and one last specialist this week-not of the medical kind but the external and uplifting kind- a hairdresser. I had had my hair  done by my great friend Colleen for the last 20 years-long and short, straight and curly; we had done it all. Coming to Atlanta was sticker shock on this ONE thing.  Everything is a la carte. And pretty pricey. Colleen had share with me my base cover right before I left . I had written down my color and formula and so after talking to a great many people and perusing a great many websites, I was drawn to one person in particular. Turns out of course, that she is a Christ follower. She is a third generation hairdresser too-that means she really likes it and deliberately chose it. We had a great time sharing together. I had waited until today to get into see her. She stays booked, but that just tells you how good she is. And she was very understanding of my financial situation-agreeing that my husband and I had done a really good job on my base color this morning and then she would add highlights every 3rd time or so that we cut it.  so that sometimes I was just paying for the haircut, which is still a lot of money, but if you’ve ever had a bad haircut-and I have-you’ll pay for a good haircut.

Sooooo after all my little chitchat you wondering what’s with the title and how does that fit the post? but don’t you see? It it God taking care of the mundane, every day things in our lives that makes HIM so special. He knew just how important the right doctors were to me. He made sure I got them. He knew how important the right hairdresser was even-and made sure I got her as well. If you could see my cozy living room or lovely bedroom, you would see that He didn’t compromise there either, although I had expected to have to do so. God made each one of us individually with all our quirkiness, our likes and dislikes, our talents, and our complete and utter inabilities to do some things. He knows the hairs on heads, the thoughts in my heart and wonder of wonders, it pleases Him, to please me! Isn’t that amazing? our amazing, wonderful, God and Savior?

For the little time that we have left open your ears to hear:

 “All you who are thirsty, come to the water! You without money, come by, and eat! Yes, come! Buy wine and milk without money–its free! Why Send money for what isn’t food,  your wages for what doesn’t satisfy? Listen carefully to me, and you will eat well, you will enjoy the fat of the land. Open your ears, and come to me;  listen well, and you will live– I will make an everlasting covenant with you, the grace I assured David. I have given him as a witness to the peoples, a leader and and lawgiver for the peoples. You will summon a nation you do not know, and a nation that doesn’t know you will run to you, for the sake of Adoni your God, the Holy One of Israel, who will glorify you.  Seek Adonai while he is available, call on him while he is nearby. Let the wicked person abandon his way and the evil person his thoughts; let him return to Adonai, and he will have mercy on him; let him return to our God, for he will freely forgive.  Isaiah 55:1-7

So anyone who has not given his heart to Jesus I would urge you to do so. You can see from our scripture just how merciful and forgiving and patient our Lord is with us! He wants no one to suffer that eternal separation-that is what delays his return even now. He knows there are those yet to say yes to the Savior and so he waits patiently.  Is He waiting on you tonight? How long do you think he will wait for you? I don’t think that the Lord God will wait forever so based on all the signs happening now, it would be a very good time to get your life straightened out. I promise yu won’t be sorry you did!!


I can’t begin to thank all of those of you who have been praying for my sister Holly. She came through the operation perfectly and there was no spreading of the C disease as we call it.  What was truly wonderful was my time with her.  Holly likes scripture being read out loud to her as much as I like reading it-what a combination! and as we went from one scripture to the next-my favorite or hers-God really spoke to both of  us.  We even did some of this in the middle of the night when she couldn’t sleep. Just a few verses or a chapter and then we were right back to sleep.  Since she was in a kind of sleep/over ICU unit,  they were in and out checking on her regularly.  I can tell you she isn’t interested in another visit! Still it was a lovely time to be together and one I will cherish always.

And then there was Christmas! All I can say is thank goodness for the customer service ladies at the websites. If not for them, no one in my family except for the guys would have had anything under the tree! I have to admit that even today I am still finding out things that I didn’t do quite right when I was ordering-the one package that I couldn’t catch-came to me here -after we left. It went back today. I had to order a duplicate when I realized what I had done! But to my surprise when I opened the package -what I ordered was also wrong! So it was a good thing it went to the wrong place. Lingering MENINGITIS ! I wish I could fix all the other things I have said or done in the last month that were just a little off. I know some have thought me wacky-I’d agree-now-hopefully it is getting better. I am not having to type a word four times to get it right.  Even yesterday, I was having a lot of trouble that I know I am not having today so maybe the worst is over. I pray so! Back to the wonderful Christmas that was absolutely wonderful. I got to be with all of my family that lives in Atlanta-still missed the 3 sibs/families that don’t-yet anyway! Looks like I scored pretty well with everyone this year for a change in spite of myself. My youngest granddaughter who is 3 1/2  opened her present a HELLO KITTY sparkle tunic and leggings and promptly stripped down and put them on. Even my son in law wore his sweater all day. It was nice that everyone was happy. I was also — my daughter and son in law gave us a king electric blanket w/dual controls for our coming to Atlanta. Now I won’t have to worry about being cold at night unless I have a million blankets on me. (I am allergic to down)

We had the most wonderful dinner w/roast prime rib and mashed potatoes -yes from scratch! Fresh saute’d spinach, fresh green beans and some awesome sweet potatoes cut up, basted w/olive oil and then baked, and a caesar salad.  We were so full!  About the time I was halfway to maybe a little more through the dishes,  Holly and her family showed up for desert.  We had this awesome Tiramisu cake made by my youngest daughter, a pear and cherry tart by the older one, and a pumpkin pie brought by Holly along with lots of whipped cream. I will be eating soup and very small portions for awhile!

by the way, I checked my spelling on all of the underlined in red words. They are correctly spelled

Of course some of you may be curious-did we find a new home while we were there in Atlanta?  yes, we did. I am still waiting for the Lord to work out all the details yet, but I know that He will. He has said so.  This is the part I am not wacky at all about!! For the 2nd time He has given me the same scripture in Numbers 23:19-20. I am content with that. The first time, He healed my physical pain.  Now, I need Him to do a lot of arranging,but if He can not, no one can and yet has He not said there is nothing He can not do? He has led us down this path, we believe-we have to follow.

Thanksgiving Week!!

We have arrived back home from a week in Atlanta. We so enjoyed seeing everyone and know that this is the right move for us as I announced in my last post. A Pre Thankful is that I have had no reoccurance of the crazy neurological happenings, but we did think that my extremely high coumadine count could have made a little bleed happen? Who knows. But I seem to be fine now. We left a day early because my husband had a bad cold and we knew that we needed to be home should he need a doctor. So as of this writing, my first Thankful is that we got home safely. And he is tucked up in bed with Vick’s and cough syrup.

My second Thankful is that I was able to make a lovely lady a job offer which she accepted and that made my client happy. This will make my bank account happy in January! Actually I have been very Thankful for this client this year. As they have grown, I have enjoyed the interaction with candidates and clients alike. I do so love my job and my third Thankful is that I will be able to do it in Atlanta, just as I have done in Tampa for 29 years. Of course, I will not be leaving MRI or my office-simply expanding their borders a bit. And fishing in a bigger pond!

My fourth Thankful was the extremely loving and warm response I got from my children -both grown as you might remember with their own lives- and my brother and his wife and my sister and her husband. In fact, I couldn’t ask for a better response from anyone. My granddaughters were squealing! That was exciting! I know we will be seeing a lot more of them. And I am absolutely thrilled.

My fifth Thankful was really that my girls had turned out so very well! I was so proud of all they put together in the feast that we had on Thanksgiving Day. There were appetizers, then soup, wonderful homemade mushroom soup. And then more food than you could really put on your plate! For the first time in a long time, I truly ate too much and was uncomfortable for quite awhile. I didn’t eat anything the rest of the day and we had started the lunch at 2pm. As I looked at everything spreadout and  the 3 tables set (16 adults) I had a moment when I realized how my mom must have felt when she passed the torch to me. It was bittersweet. I still miss them so much…4 years now. I thought how proud she would be if she were here today.

My sixth Thankful was that as a family, we all know the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior. Only the very small children have not come to know Him yet. But they do know of Him. Even my 8 year old granddaughter knows how the Lord answers prayers. So I am sure that by now somebody is saying somewhere, come on Cindy, get on with it! So with my seventh Thankful is as of right now I am able to write freely of my love for Jesus Christ. The fact that I am a follower of His, has not gotten me arrested, shut down, shut up, or killed like in so many other countries around the world. I do not take this privilege lightly nor do I expect that we will always have this freedom. The day is coming when you are going to have to make a choice. A choice for Jesus or a choice for the government and the way it plans and wants to do things. You may not see it as clearly as that choice, because too often truth about evil is camouflaged. You’ve heard of a wolf in sheep’s clothing? so here is the same. Be careful of your choices. Jesus says that many will be surprised at judgement, but He will say depart from Me, I never knew you.  This past week as I would monitor email as best I could on my phone or tablet, I saw again Prophecy being fulfilled. Now truly Israel is surrounded by her enemies with Egypt now having a dictatorship instead of a democracy as the people were promised.

And so my eighth Thankful is that I have read the last chapter of the book. I know who wins! And I am already on the winning team for eternity! I know that when one really stops to think about eternity and what that is, what it was before time was started with us. I don’t think that really means very much to the Father. He said that He created us to have fellowship with Him. A relationship with Him. Naturally as He is Holy God, He would want a special, holy, Godly, relationship with us-He didn’t just put us here to watch us struggle while He sits on His throne and laughs about it! No, I would imagine, that when I cry, He cries. That when I hurt, He hurts. That was the point of sending Jesus to become God/Man so that God could know what it meant to be Man and God too. He doesn’t make a mistake in anything He does. And if anyone deserves to say that He does make mistakes, I would be one of them, but I am not. My Abba Father, has a plan for my life to prosper it and to keep me from harm. Oh I could write a lot about my eighth Thankful! But suffice it to know that in spite of all that is going on in my life right now, it is well, it is very well with my soul.