FIRST to all of my followers who have been so faithful to follow me here and yon. I promise i was just trying to make a better experience for everyone, it just didn’t turn out that way. So now we are back where we started with just a few little changes that Diane and I both think will make this blog an easier one to find, to follow and to respond to. Of Course SHE has done all the work! And I want everyone to know I could have never done any of this without Diane! From the first day that she commented on my site she was helping me. She truly has a servant’s heart. For that I think she deserves a grand award.  To show you all how much I love her, I attempted to find an appropriate  design  that I could customize a little. This award picture has taken most of my Saturday, but since I am supposed to be resting and not talking, I thought I was putting the time to good use. Except for all the talking I had to do to my computer to get it to cooperate! I even down loaded a program like photo shop-not that I have ever used photo shop, but I thought how hard can it be? Let’s put it this way- a fifth grader could have beaten me today! But this was a labor of love and I was determined!!  And so dear Diane, I hope you like my HUMANITARIAN AND BEST COMPUTER TECH AWARD  These are the rules: to be given The Award, the  person must have gone beyond the normal bounds to help a fellow blogger.  In the case of this award, it can include anything having to do with technology. For the person receiving the award these are the things they must do: List what two of their bucket list items are.  Tell us a deep,  desire you have never fulfilled.   Tell us who Jesus is to you.   I hope you know I love you Diane and thank you for all of the time and effort.trophey

One Lovely Blog Award

I need to post the rules/suggestions related to receiving this award. So here they are. I  have been honored by  two of my favorite bloggers for this lovely award! First-  http://MomentumofJoy.com    and then a new friend http://haijinamin.com

Rules: Tell 7 unusual things about yourself, nominate 4-10 other blogger. Post names addresses, notiy them.

I am the first girl born in my family in 6 generations

I am left handed as is my sister who is also dark haired and dark eyed as I am-the other 4 sibs are blonde/blue

I always wanted to grow up and be a wife and a mom like Donna Reed  or any of the mom’s on the shows (so different aren’t I)

I love Christian music, but I also like Country Music

I am the mother of two grown women of whom I am very proud and the MIMI of 3 granddaughters of whom I am also proud

I have a yorkshire terrier named Max that runs our household. He tells us when to get up and when to eat and when to go to bed.  He doesn’t know he is a dog. We love him very much.

As a recruiter of attorneys and real estate professionals I talk with people all over the world, but the most important part of my job or my life is the opportunity to blend faith and job which God does so well.  A lot of people have said they have never had a business conversation where God is a part of it. I say, maybe that’s what’s wrong with business.              

Because I have had several awards right in a row and nominated most people I know to pass along, I am nominating new bloggers in my sphere that I am enjoying and hope you will take a look and enjoy too. I know it’s not as many as usual, forgive me, I am worn out from my day and this is what I have now!





I’ll let them know and congrats to them. I look forward to finding some new interesting blogs!