I am writing this blog because my dad asked me many times to “write my story” and I would always reply, “Dad, no one would believe me. My life has been stranger than fiction.”  And then he died, and I continued to share my life stories as they were appropriate to the situation I was in and people kept saying “you need to write a book.”

Well, this is my version of a book. Unfortunately for those of you who read this, I write just like I talk. I am not a writer, but a teller of real life stories. I write as I am led to write about a particular time or event in my life. I know that I have gone through whatever I have, because others have too, and because of the comfort God has given me through whatever, I can truly understand what someone else is going through and offer them the same comfort that God has given me. Did you know that is actually a verse in the Bible?  II Corinthians 1:4


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  1. I Cindy,
    Believe it or not, your story is for someone. Regardless of how small or unimportant it may seem to you, someone’s life can be changed from it. I found your site through another site that I visit. mlordi.wordpress.com

    Your life story is a testimony to that person that is going through what you already went through. As often as the Holy Spirit leads you to do tell it, be obedient and do just that. He will let you know when and who to tell it to.

    Keep telling your story. It can and will draw others to Christ. Just them knowing what God has done for you and where He has brought you from will be what they need when they need it.

    God Bless.
    Debra @ http://www.tellgodthankyou.wordpress.com

  2. I Cindy,
    Believe it or not, your story is for someone. Regardless of how small or unimportant it may seem to you, someone’s life can be changed from it. I found your site through another site that I visit. mlordi.wordpress.com


  3. Hi Cindy,

    I pray that you had a joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Keep the faith, continue the course, trust God and keep believing that with Him all things are possible to them that believe.



    1. Debra, in some ways I feel like a bomb has been dropped on my husband and me. Taking away my Remicaid-the one thing that kept the RA pain under control, but not only that-taking away GriefShare, the Thursday night ministry I’ve been involved in for a little over 2 1/2 yrs, making me promise to rest during the mid day break and no working nights. It’s not like I was doing this because I wanted to, but because I had to. But the second thing was finding out that I have a immnogobulin disorder–inotherwords-no immunity. Now I find out that my lack of Vitamin D, also was a sign of my immunity problem-but no one picked up on it.
      I am going to have plasma infusions to help me start building up my immunity-but I won’t know details till we meet with the immunologist next week.
      Until today I was really down and feeling overwhelmed, but then, driving home today, I just began doing what I tell others to:
      I went to Our Father and His Son who know all things and Jesus that especially knows pain and told them I rememebered that and that they are here with me. That nothing is happening to me that hasn’t been filtered through God’s fingers.
      I thanked them for their confidence in me, but told them I wasn’t sure of me at all. That’s when Jesus reminded me He carries me and not to worry about anything. So FINALLY, all of a sudden, I felt this release and I could say Thank You for my Circumstances whatever they may be, because I know they will put me with people that need to hear about Jesus. So I then continued to pray for those people that the Lord would be drawing them and preparing their hearts for the Good News.

      1. Oh Cindy,
        What a testimony! What the enemy meant for evil, God used it for your good. I love how you defeated the enemy when your thoughts transition from what has happening to who God is and His purose for your life.

        You made me cry when I read this Cindy. God is gonna use you mightily. You are truly an asset to the Kingdom. Others need to hear your testimony.

        You are already healed by the stripes of Jesus Christ, for He was wounded for your transgressions and brused for your iniquities and by His stripes, you WERE healed!

        God bless and I love you my sister.


      2. Oh, Debra, I had not realized until this morning that my reply had not gone out to you. Now I am on the other side in some ways. And not in others. But God has been so Good. And He is bringing so many to my sight. I am humbled and thrilled all at the same time.
        I am still letting it all hang out there in my posts on my tongue, but everyone needs to know that we all have issues that God continues to work on and that by sharing them and asking for help thru prayer, it makes the burden lighter!

  4. Hi Cindy..Just a question about ‘following’ your blogs… It says on this page to enter your email address but then something comes up from ‘feedburner’ which confuses me totally..It doesn’t just let me put my email address in that I want to use ..the info is confusing my ‘little gray cells’. …help! lol Diane

    1. Diane, you are totally right and I am going to have to go to wordpress about this.

      Cindy French, CSAM, CPC Manager 8517 Gunn Highway Odessa, FL 33556 (cell) 813.390.8791 (Office direct dial) 813.926.9390 (corp vm) 813.264.7165 x120 (Fax) 813.968.6450 cindy@mrtampanorth.com http://www.mrtampanorth.com “It is impossible to have a great life unless it is a meaningful life. And it is very difficult to have a meaningful life without meaningful work.” Jim Collins “Good to Great”

  5. You’re not on my list of blogs that I follow…and yet I tried to understand how to do it…I’m just wondering if that is one of the reasons that you may not get as much ‘traffic’ on your site….Diane

  6. When I look at your site now I see ‘following’ at the top…I don’t know if I missed it before or whether it has just appeared…?? but when I saw the big “SUBSCRIBE HERE’ and enter your email my eyes went there and I still wonder if other people’s do also…it is rather distracting and I don’t understand ‘Feed Burners’ purpose..Maybe you’ll get info from word press….In any case I am ‘following’ you now… Diane

  7. Diane, I am working on wordpress getting my site right. I am having all kinds of trouble getting it to let me post-that’s why I was so silent this weekend. I had so much to say! But I guess God had other plans and now I have a wonderful message from my early morning with Him. From 1and2 Peter. I pray I will have the time to get it out sometime today or night. It was such a blessing to me and helped me know that indeed I am going in the right direction.

  8. Hi Cindy!

    Remember when you commented on my post and asked me to pray for you on Saturday? Remember how “mymansrib” commented and said she would pray for you also? Well, she is a near and dear friend of mine. She’s also my counselor and mentor, and she’s a very wise believer. I think you would be encouraged by reading her blog. She has RSD (Google it if you haven’t heard of it- I never had until I met her) and is very limited physically, and also has great pain, but she is the most joyful person I know. Her blog is beautiful: http://www.mymansrib.org

    Have a great day Cindy!

    1. oh Jen!!!! I HAD RSD! I know exactly what it is! and how painful and I have been blessed because to a degree I don’t suffer where and like I suffered-now I just have RA
      RSD is an off shoot of RA. I just found out about it.
      Back in the very early 90’s after my breast cancer surgery, I had it and oh my goodness-what a long drawn out that was. Your friend is only the 2nd person I have ever come in contact with-and I will!
      See, this is why I have had the things that I have, so that I can say to your friend, I know exactly how you feel. Thank you for the connection. Blessings to you.

    2. Jen I went and subscribed to the blog. couldn’t find anywhere to comment..nothing.. but if she doesn’t know about the RA connection and how could her doctors not? well whatever.. I am avail to speak with her by phone or email or whatever she wants/whenever.

    1. you precious dear friend! I am so happy for your award!
      You so deserve it!
      I can’t believe you have nominated me for this! thank you. my only problem is how to display it for all to see!

  9. Hi again…I just wanted to tell you that I looked at quite a number of your blogs, especially the long ones.

    I think that when you wrote the longer ones, they had to be long in order to make the story you were speaking about…COMPLETE. In other words you don’t write long ones all the time but when you have there seems to have been a reason for it. I don’t think editing or breaking them up into two posts is necessary.

    If people want to (and I did) want to get the whole story than I think they will read it.

    I’m not trying to be intimidated by the challenge, I just think your writing is how you think…and that’s what I do also.

    Perhaps when you’re writing if some of the specifics that you recall, are not necessary to portray what you’re saying then leave some small details out.

    You ‘should’ have a large readership and I think your site re the ‘feed burner’ thing is a detriment. Maybe there is a way to get it off yourself…Dashboard settings or something. Word Press should definitely answer you…I usually get an answer withing a day or two..so I would bug them again…. Bye for now..take care Diane

  10. Aren’t you wonderful to even think through my whole story! Thank you so much for your comments. I will work on getting the feedburner thing taken away.
    see my comments on your precious award…now I just need to know how to put it permanently on my site. I lost the last I got “inspired” cause I didn’t even know to save it and put it on the blog site

  11. usually I can follow directions if I have them printed out. so that I will do and let you know. thanks again a whole bunch! and thanks to the Lord for finding 2 people new Jobs this week thru me! and one Mormon attorney gave his heart to Jesus.
    pray for an Indian woman I shared Jesus with today who said is this god like Krishna? I said well is Krishna alive? no, she said. I asked if he was a created god. She thought so. So I told her about MY GOD who IS and WAS and always WILL BE! and how HE CREATED EVERYTHING THAT IS!-I told her what Jesus had done for me and how He had given me my voice back. I think the miracle of the voice is what really got her avid attention. She admitted Krishna couldn’t/hadn’t done anything like that! So I gave her a 4 Spiritual Laws Book-because for the first in my life I was meeting someone who knew nothing about God, nothing about Jesus! In America! I have been told that yes there are such people. I had a hard time believing such-but today, I saw it with my own eyes. It is true. We have to reach these people for Jesus. I have found that whenever you are in any kind of conversation with any person all you have to do is ask a question? How hard is it?
    My goodness there I go again on my soapbox. Better I do it in a post. Diane, I know I am preaching to the choir. But I will tell you this. You don’t want to be at judgement and have someone say to you, why didn’t you tell me?

  12. You have a career that opportunities just keep coming…May God bless your efforts and all of us who call ourselves Christian…that we may speak on these things…but you are very special in this regard Cindy, and the Lord is indeed using you! ..Diane

  13. oh Diane, I just feel so GRATEFUL and BLESSED that God would love ME so much to do so much for me. I can’t help but share it! It just bubbles out of me! I really don’t have control over it, don’t plan it, it just happens by the power of the Holy Spirit. The reason I talk about it so much is 1/to get people used to hearing about sharing. 2/to see that it isn’t ME, but God doing the work. 3/you don’t have to know a lot of scripture-just a basic few -that can mean 3! 4/you have to believe that if YOU don’t tell this person, what if no one else ever does either, what will happen to them, and how much of that is on you?
    I believe that the Great Commission in Matthew 28 was given to all of us. And scripture says we should all be ready to give an account of what we believe-precious few can do that. I wonder is Jesus ashamed of us? -our generation?
    I don’t want Him to be ashamed of me. That is one reason I speak out. I also speak out because I believe that the lost person really will go to hell-it is an awful place-that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy! And it is never-ending, everlasting-there is no do-over with this. I too am brokenhearted when I think that people, by not choosing Jesus, choose Hell. There are only 2 choices! Most people don’t get that.
    I sincerely hope that by writing and speaking with whoever God deigns to bring into my path, I will exalt Him in word and deed and always show the way to Jesus.

    1. What are the 3 scriptures that you need to be prepared to speak of? I may know of them but wondered which you are referring to? I get met all the time with people who say they believe in God but what makes me think my way to God is the only way other than ‘my Bible’..and what makes it necessarily the only right book…I have one neighbor and I would love to be able to speak without preaching..but she is of the mind…the Buddhists etc etc. have their belief in God ..and so we all believe in God..so she says she believes there is a God…When I speak any further she kinda waves me off …to let me know that she’s okay with her belief. I don’t push her because I don’t want to put her off our friendship …and so I pray …Long question but would be interested in your answer …Diane

  14. Diane, first I ask questions. Just like I did of the lady today. Is your god alive? Is he an image that you worship? a created being? you have to know what someone already believes themselves before you would know what you need to tell them so that they could see God’s Truth and the error of their ways. God does guide in this, but I haven’t met anyone else who claims their god is alive! not one! That is very telling. I take them to Genesis 1:1 if that is the case. In the beginning, God…
    God already WAS before the beginning was made. It says that HE created the heavens and the earth-no big bang, there. The earth was empty and formless, darkness was over the surface of the deep (water) and the Spirit of God was hovering (vibrating)over the waters. And God said let there be…

    Now I don’t have that all memorized-not at all, but I sure have read it enough to ask the important question is YOUR god a creator? and then tell them how MY GOD created everything. And how well documented it is. In fact, I have the coolest information about the Bible. It is actually facts about the Bible. I have also read it and repeated it enough that pretty much I can repeat it w/out having it right there-but I always had it at my fingertips if I needed it. I’ll send you a copy to your email.
    Did you know that God is the ONLY creator throughout the Bible? There is no other? And think about how creative He is! My goodness, just the stuff in the ocean is enough to blow your mind, then you look on the ground and see all of the kinds of insects or those flying around you–lots more of those things than their are of us!! But HE had to establish an order with all of the species, so that once he had created them, they could become self sustaining. Just Genesis alone should convince anyone I think-that there is a god-my God. And indeed if He is God, then His word is Holy and I better get to knowing him and it better since that is where I will spend the rest of my days.
    ok so we suppose by now whoever has it settled in their mind that there is a God and quite possibly He loves you-and maybe this person, could it really be me?
    I can see I am going to have to continue this. sorry to be so wordy.

  15. I was looking into something else and looking at my word press dashboard and thought…I wonder if that ‘feed burner’ thing can be deleted there..like under Appearance and if it’s maybe some weird ‘widget that is on there…Just a thought…Diane

  16. Just finished reading through the first months of your writings back in 2009. I really connected with your childhoold stories because I live in the South (North Carolina). Just felt like home to me. So glad that I found you. Can’t wait to catch up reading your archives. Sandy

  17. Hi Cindy! Thank you very much for visiting my blog and going through it. Its really nice to see your posts here and yourself through the mirror …It is indeed the reflection of your life and feelings. Great deal to observe and learn..best wishes, soumya

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  20. Diane, I can not begin to tell you what this means to me after the day I have had-it hasn’t been a bad day but a really good day which I guess I am going to have to share tonight–two ladies that I was helping-one last wk, called me back and said she got a job just like said she would. What she wants is to be able to share Christ as easily as I do in regular conversation. The 2nd lady emailed me and told me pretty much the same things. The fact that my speech is about Jesus and what He would want for me (her) I gave her some homework and told her I thought I could make a call or two and see if there was any immed need w/a Christian RE attorney I know. And the Lord is so good. My timing was perfect. They just now have a need-please send the resume.
    After that I get to talk to a candidate who my client would like to proceed with in LA-He just wants to be sure he is doing what the Lord wants him to do. And I get another call from the firm administrator, they are hiring my Phoenix guy. Great so that I can go now and get the laterals hired. So like I said a good day.
    and then I open my email-and here is the sweet, sweet award from you. Diane you are awesome! This particular one means a lot. and I thank you from the bottom and top and all of my heart!!

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  22. do you mean the award logo on your blog site…did you get my last email with step by step…start with and Save…Diane p.s. I could do it but you would feel so good if you could do it I know…let me know….

  23. Kathi

    Thank you for the following response, which helps me understand much more about who you are and what’s been happening in your life! What an incredible journey you’re on. Thank you for continuing to respond in faith and for sharing your story with fellow pilgrims!

    Kathi, if you think you hear laughter in the background, you do. You see, from the top of my head, to the tip of my toes–pretty much everything has been fixed, repaired or taken out-or broken or I’ve caught something. So the blog has revealed that as God led me to reveal it-in yesterday pieces or things I was/am dealing with currently. Yes this year, we found out that I have a profound immunity disorder-as in I don’t have any immunity! I literally seem to come down with something every time I go out. Sometimes it’s a very bad something like a bacterial infection that makes me very sick-then I am in the hospital again (April was my 3rd visit this year) sometimes like the last time, was just a double ear infection.
    some of the conditions I have had are rather obscure and it’s always so weird to me when Jesus sends me someone who has the same thing and I can then comfort that person with the same comfort God has given me. II Cor 1:4 many times, I have had the privilege of introducing someone to Jesus! That happened in march of this year when I was in for EEG testing for some “uncontrolled body and limb movements” that I had had several episodes of.–it turned out that all God wanted was to get me in the right hospital at the right to speak to the Dir of Food Services. When I asked him if Jesus asked him that night why he should let him into his kingdom, what would he say?…he answered about his “helping job and what a good husband a father he was. I said would you like to know what Jesus said about it?
    And the I read him john 10:14 and then I said, this is really an important verse Rev 3:20. I quoted it to him and asked him if he had ever opened the door and asked Jesus to come in? He said-I DIDN’T KNOW I NEEDED TO. this is the answer I get 80% of the time at least.
    So I said I guess you have some work to do. and he said yes, I do, I asked him if he wanted to pray right then and get it over with before he went to his job interview. He knelt right down and prayed.
    Last year, I was in the hospital 8 times-most of it was from May on with my asthma, but I had also gotten sepsis from a kidney infection in January. And when I first got the brain tumors, which were not the normal kind, of course) I was so angry with God again for allowing this!
    But of course I met some terrific people because of it so my anger left. I would tell you to read my Night in the hospital in May 2011. When God was with me in the ER and anything that speaks out to you. One of these day we will have a table of contents and that will help with finding things.

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    1. it’s exciting to be nominated for such an award isn’t it?
      I did want to tell you that if you feel like you are going down that bad road, call me. I am always available and we can pray, chat, soon we’ll be laughing-you often just need someone to talk to –to keep going–

    1. Avie, thank you for visiting and for your lovely comments. Yes, this has become my ministry. After being diagnosed with an extreme immunity disorder in January, it certainly changed my ability for “normal” ministry and here God had already raised this up-just took me awhile to recognize it as a ministry.

      1. We can’t always get to the places that we need to go physically, Cindy, but we can make the best use of the internet in traveling worldwide with the gospel! May God bless your ministry with many readers whose hearts and lives will be changed!

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  26. Cindy, I am honored to nominate you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award. I appreciate how you follow the direction of the Holy Spirit in inspiring and encouraging your readers! You may pick up your award at aviesplace.wordpress.com. Copy and Paste the Award to your blog and follow the rules of acceptance. God Bless!

    1. Avie, I am totally surprised. Thank you. This means a lot. It has been a very fast paced, incredible two or three wks I have been through and I don’t think I have even processed it all yet. But everywhere I turn, My Lord God is bringing the most wonderful new friends into my life through the internet! I do thank God for you Avie and for your friendship and counsel and wise words in your posts. I know that often they are just for me. or at least it seems that way.
      many blessing to you…Cindy

  27. I was looking over my blog and read the comment you made some time ago. I clicked on your link and found you here and just realized that I don’t get notifications when you post something new. According to WordPress, I am following you, so I don’t know what is going on.

    1. I follow Cindy and am a friend and noticed your comment….Sometimes to check If you are going to receive notifications of someone’s email…You can..1. Go to your dashboard 2. “hover” over the W in upper left part of dashboard.3. Select ‘Reader’ 4. In small print you will see the words ‘Edit list’…Click on it.5. Check the first column beside Cindy’s blog and you will see one of 4 choices under the column (which says recv notif by email) Instantly,Daily, Weekly or Never…If it says never you won’t be getting the notifications and you should change to one of the other 3 choices…. This has happened to me and so I’ve had to find out how to do it…Hope it works for you..Diane

    2. Hi…I am a follower of Cindy’s and a friend and I noticed your comment. If you want to check on whether or not you should be getting notifications….do this. 1. Go to your dashboard 2.”hover’ your cursor over the ‘W’ in upper left corner 3. Select ‘Reader’ 4. In small print you will see ‘edit list’ click on it 5. you should look beside Cindy’s blog in the first column which is ‘notify me of new post via email’ ..There are 4 choices for that column…Instantly, Daily, Weekly, Never Perhaps it says ‘never’ and you need to change it to one of the other 3 options…. I’ve had this happen to me…Hope it works…Diane

      1. Thank you, Diane. I have never had this problem before so did not know about that option. It’s fixed now. I have never set this for other blogs and yet automatically get notifications instantly, so I wonder why this happened.

  28. Cindy, I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award because you know what trials and tribulations are about, and still you glorify the Lord. You have no idea, but as I have been suffering with chronic (constant) back and leg pain, your testimonies have been an encouragement and an inspiration for me. I think to myself, “If God can do that for her, He can surely do it for me too.” Thank you Cindy!

    Here is the link and the rules for the award:


    1. oh dearest Cheryl. you have no idea what a blessing you are to me!!!! Nor how much I needed to hear what you wrote tonight! I have beeen suffering with a sciatic nerve problem that apparently is coming from my 2 bottom disks being too close together. At least that is what she saw on the Xray the Friday before the New Yr. I’ve had an MRI which I will find out about on Monday afternoon. So I guess we have been suffering together and not even known it. I have tried to stop putting every little thing on the blog-but you are a good example of why I should. We could have prayed together and comforted one another.
      I will tell you that having a shot of cortisone right into the spine helpted tremendously-but it won’t last. Eventually I’ll have to do something! I don’t want to be the little ole lady bent over and barely walking!! I have so much to do yet! and I know that the Lord means for me to do it. He is keeping me alive!!! I just thank Him that I wasn’t so obtuse with that one nurse in the hospital. I would have worried about her forever!
      Again, thank you so much for your encouragement! I don’t really deserve any rewards-my Lord knows I complain to Him about more pain and more suffering…but you are such a deal!

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    1. Ok I could go on your site and see the Inner Peace award. What are you talking about when you mention a bouquet of Super Awards? You are just too much. I only share what the Lord has me share and whatever I am going through at the moment.
      To me it is no more and certainly much less than our wounded veterans are coming back home with!…You look at me and you really would have no idea at all. Being a female, I am glad about that as I mentioned in a recent post about my own vanity.
      But pretty is as pretty does. I want to be beautiful on the inside! Truly, truly I do. I believe that our God and Father sees us as beautiful, as that new creation (2 Cor 5:17) There, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation’ the old has gone, the new has come!

      1. Sorry for the inconvenience. The link somehow got broken and I could not fix it. But you found my site and you have read my post. I agree with you that we must feel beautiful from inside and nothing but our Lord can make us feel that way. I pray regularly with every passing moment for everyone of my friends and myself as we’ll since I believe in the power of prayer. Thank you so much for such beautiful words of wisdom. We all need to hear them all the time to remind us how fortunate we are. Well I wanted to make you feel good and beautiful. I think I am successful at it. So nice talking to you. Take care and remember me in your prayers as I will.

    1. no I really am not up to twitter. it’s all I can do to keep up with the blog, my work and the emails I get. But I do answer my emails, so fee free to write me, ask questions, whatever.

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