My Wonderful Valentine!

As you know if you have been reading my recent posts, you know I am not up to par right now. Certainly not able to go out for a Valentine’s Day Dinner…but remember my earlier post this year about MR. WONDERFUL? Well, he is at it again, the card that makes you wonder how does he find things like these? I never can unless I write it myself. I had to make my card online since I could not go out, of course. And then my real present to him tonight was to print my MR. WONDERFUL post and give it to him. He hadn’t read it before. It was so great to see how much it meant to him though and that I would give it to him now after even more difficult months while I am once again going through the most difficult thing for both of us to deal with-my breathing issues. He won’t even kiss me because he is so afraid of taking my breath away!

His overwhelming gift to me–his care of me and for me, down to our lovely dinner but also going the extra mile in caring for our home here today because I cannot. Going to a new drugstore that was the only place in town that had my asthma medicine today, so many, many things that he does for me. I will never be able to thank God enough for bringing him into my life and allowing him to be my husband. This May it will be 36 years since we met and 34 years since we married. I am truly blessed.


7 thoughts on “My Wonderful Valentine!

    1. thank you so much for the comment! You should go back in my summer posts and read the one called “Mr. Wonderful”. He really is.
      I’ll check out your media company and thanks so much for following. I only post when the Lord tells me He has something for me to write.

      1. I am giving you links to some of the posts that were after the some of the most perilous times I have ever been through (asthma and pulmonary embolism-many hit me) as well as one of the sweetest. the site itself is
        http;// dying-of-an-asthma-attack/ the-hospital–hebrews-1-and-2-part-1-reblogged-this-is-important/

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