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Posted by Cindy H French on 07/25/2013


Well, I had so hoped that my life in the fast health lane and quit for a while and I do still have high hopes for it, but today, I suffered through the burning of the nerves in the facets (joints) in the vertebrae in my lower back. I had 4 nerve blocks previously, but nothing lasted very long. Having had to endure all kinds of pain in my life, I still say that nerve pain is the worst. So when I finally saw Spinal Pain Specialists associated with my hospital and introduced to me by my daughter when she was getting her own block for a herniated disc issue-totally different from mine, I was amazed by the exam  and their conclusions. And really so far the treatment has been borne out by where the last 2 blocks that they did were placed.  I just would like to change positions –in bed, in and out of a chair,  and regain  my ability to stand or walk for a while. The doctor says I will get all of this back! and Without Surgery! Today I just had some Twilight sleep, they call it. What I hadn’t expected was hurting when I woke up! I didn’t with the others,  but to burn nerves, bigger needles are used and go through muscle and  so the “side effects”. But if it works…WOW!

Prayer requests oh so many and I don’t exactly know how to write them so that they are anonymous-prayer for a dear one that all that needs to be remembered and done-in other words keep all the balls in the air at all times, so that absolutely nothing falls. for another dear friend, continued healing, someone’s dad diagnosed with cancer, for all the planned Bible Studies that will start up when school starts back, including my beloved BSF. For us to find a church home where God wants us, for my daughters-one a new job and the other a solution to her “back” problem. And for our nation, I am with Billy Graham, America can come back to God! All we need is for God’s people to pray!

G’night and God Bless!




3 Responses to “BURNED NERVES!”

  1. Our lives our full of the pain and groanings of our spirits as we stretch and reach toward our loving God and an eternity where there will be no more pain, suffering, tears. Hang in there, dear soul. We are children of God and our suffering does have an end. I am reminded often by my therapist to use the pain of my own sorrow and limitations for His glory. In other words, “Don’t Waste the Pain.” This is actually the title of a book written by the brother of a sister who died of ovarian cancer when she was still a young woman (David Lyons).They believed in God and what His purposes were, but you also hear the raw agony of their thoughts and desires as they struggle to the end. Really, a worthwhile read. They are Christians. You have been at this blogging a long time! It will take me some time to catch up on your journey. In the meantime, feel free to join me on mine. I just started blogging last month. It has been very therapeutic. I have said a prayer for you, my sister in Christ. May He grant you grace, and this reminder, that “His grace is sufficient for you for His power is made perfect in your weakness.” (2 Cor. 12:9)

  2. Cindy… I hadn’t heard from you for awhile and thought ‘something’ was up but had hoped perhaps it was your work and not your health that was the reason.. thinking of you…………….. hope the treatment works as you hope it will… take care Diane xo

  3. I am praying for you, Cindy and all our brothers and sisters who are suffering right now. The Lord is faithful and He will carry you like a compassionate mother who takes care of her baby. The Lord just spoke to my heart as I am writing this right now for me to let you know that even though at times you may not feel His Presence, He is always with you and holding you. Though you are in pain, He will strengthen your faith in Him and His Power will shine through you for others to know God. Rejoice in His Name even in the midst of the pain that God is allowing you to go through. Soon in His Perfect Timing, you will see God’s Power that is bigger than any person or problem in this world. May the Lord bless you, Sister and God is Truly Amazing!

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