Once again,  I found myself in the hospital ER on Thursday afternoon. I had gone in for my simple physical therapy session this week, but this time, I was put on a bike. It wasn’t a regular bike, I was leaning back on the backrest, very comfortable, not even hurting my knees. The clock turned over 8 minutes and I began to have just a little pain on my left side up under my breast. I really didn’t pay attention at first, but then it got worse it enough to really call my attention to it and and I must have rubbed it. My therapist said “what’s the matter?” I told her I had a little pain in my left chest. She had me stop cycling at once and took me over to a chair and took my blood pressure and  oxygen levels.  I don’t think they were that bad,  but by then the pain had gone down my arm with lots of tingling and piyns and needles in my hand that I just couldn’t shake off.  When that happened she got help and a wheelchair and away we went to the ER. They treated it like a heart attack, but I don’t think that’s what it was-heart spasms is what I have heard so far with EEG changes the 3 different times I had them.  Since there were already questions about what my heart is doing these days ( I have 30 day event monitor I was already wearing) the doc decided a stress test would be a good thing to have-the following morning-so the night in the hospital and my email to Diane to ask for your prayers that there was no blockage.  The doctor was sure that’s what it was. It even sounded like it to me, based on what my daddy had been through several times and had stents put in after 2 quadruple by-passes.  But thanks to your prayers and  to God‘s purpose, that was not why I was in the hospital that night.

 I was on the phone with my sister (yes, that one) We were praying. The young person who was to take me up my room arrived in the middle of it and I raised up my finger signaling-just a minute-he nodded and waited respectfully. When we were done and he had helped me into the chair and we were rolling along, I thanked him for waiting and explained you don’t just “hang up” on the Lord.  He nodded and me I guess I was still really in the Spirit, because I looked at him and I asked him if he knew Jesus. He got me on the elevator and said, “Do you mean am I saved?  No, ma’am, I don’t know Jesus.  But I have been thinking a lot about it for quite awhile months thinking hard on it.  By this time we had arrived at my room. I asked his name and asked if I could tell him a story- just take a few minutes. He agreed  and I told him about when the Lord Himself  had met me at the moment of my need to breathe without panic and fear on May 5, 2011. Then I asked him by name, don’t you want Jesus for yourself today? He looked at me and said yes, ma’am  I do.  I asked again, do you want to pray to receive Jesus into your heart right now?  He said he did, so I asked him to give me his hand and I would lead him in prayer. ..Once he had gone I of course knew why I was visiting the hospital that night!! Still as I shared the news with my family, everyone’s response was great, but couldn’t the Lord send you there for something less serious, less painful…why this way at all??

My only answer can be that whatever I have to go through for Jesus’ sake is so far below anything that can be considered or compared with what HE did for me is minor -even if it is major to us. There were so many people to give His word to, from the one who wanted to know if I have a Living Will (I do), each  nurse or tech-there were so many people to tell a story to.

I didn’t get a chance to write what has been on my heart since last Thursday. The Lord has been exceedingly gracious in speaking to me. Not just Thursday morning during my  devotions but also during my dreams Thursday night which were confirmed again in the sermon in church this morning. So ya’ll will have to keep coming back! I told you life with me was never boring!!





  1. I’m so glad no heart attack… I know you still have other issues but at least not that one. I hope that your health overall improves and your job prospects too…. In my thoughts and prayers.. Diane..

  2. Praising God for your report. It’s so like the Lord to turn things around like that. It just proves that our agenda doesn’t always fit with His and how much better His agenda is. God bless.

    1. oh Colleen, thank you! You made me cry! sometimes I think I am just not good enough, holy enough, but I KNOW that I am. Th Holy Spirit tells me so, but I know how I fail. The last 2 years have been such a struggle, but at the same time a good learning experience to trust as HE has always come through. I do have hope for my future. I guess you read about my gamma glubulin-that I can’t take it anymore. My doc is very worried about my picking up another infection or fungus or something that WILL kill me the next time. I told him that was not my call, but my God’s. he has my days written in the Book.

  3. I’m thinking of you and hope your heart spasms have totally resolved. When you have medical conditions as complex as yours, it’s difficult to rule out everything. I’m happy your physical therapist took good care of you and identified an urgent medical condition. Take care and stay safe.

    1. I am fortunate to have a female cardiologist. She says that women have tiny little arteries on the back side of the heart that often get blocked and never show up on the stress exams. However, they are blocked enough that we hurt when we are doing physical activity. That would be me!
      So she gave me nitro. I have only had to use it once. but was grateful for it. and it worked after only one tablet! In the hospital I had to take 3, and I thought I would never get rid of the headache! I am so susceptible to headaches after the little tumors, that I will do practically anything to avoid a headache.

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