I do praise my husband! I think he is God‘s gift to me-and certainly the other half of my heart! There is nothing that he has not done for me! And I do mean nothing! From taking care of me physically after surgeries and sicknesses to what he does in our home in care of that and all that goes with it, I am amazed and forever grateful. And now as we start on a new chapter in our lives, moving back home to Atlanta, he again has taken the brunt of the responsibilities in the packing and arranging for the move. What a very long month this has been for him! I know he is going to be so glad when we arrive on the 31st to family who have made arrangements for professional movers to unload us and as they will be there to help us unpack and settle in-at least the greatest physical part of his job will be over.  Then starts his

Cindy/honey-do tasks as he calls them where he hangs pictures and draperies and fixes hooks in closets and whatever else he can find to make this a comfortable home. Yes, I would call him, Mr. Wonderful.


I wrote that in January and here is it the first of April and if it were the thing to do I would take pictures to show you the home God has given us!  It is amazing because

Mr. Wonderful has been at it again. He hasn’t stopped as he has figured out how to make the best use of the space we have-sometimes I see pure genius at work. My sister visited recently and was amazed at how everything fit so well and was so cozy. I think I have already said how much I like everything!


And now as he had tenderly cared for me after this latest stroke—was so loving and patient with me because I was slow in the beginning, but now I am SO much better. I know that our Lord is answering our prayers, prayers of all of you as well, and I do thank you from the bottom of my heart. God wants us to pray. He had Jesus Himself show us how to pray and we have Jesus as an example of how important prayer is –so don’t let that part of your life ever go!

But tonight I am thanking God for MY MR.WONDERFUL


7 thoughts on “MR. WONDERFUL

  1. It’s a great affirmation and testimony to your husband’s help in so many areas of need…practical and emotional. I have been blessed likewise.

    I’m a bit confused though. Are you moving again? Diane

      1. Good to hear from you Cindy….hope you are okay…. I did send you an email re this… There was some sort of error it seems on my part after researching but with my memory I don’t recall … I took the award off. I researched very well!… You likely just haven’t had a chance to read all your emails since you have had so much on your mind and not been well….Diane

      2. I remember getting it but no other details. I’m sorry. I also found a draft tonight that i didn’t finish from Jan when Cheryl Showers sent me an award and i didn’t acknowledge. I have to know and eat some crow, but i don’t know the rule that go with it. Can you tell me? and is there a list out there somewhere of awards?
        I continue to improve everyday. my sister took me today and bought me a pair of black flats. vey classy. so sweet. my other sister is taking me on her birthday cruise end of may. I bought My ticket when I still had a little money but she has paid for everything else. Said she wouldn’t go if i didn’t come too.Now they have found a nodule on her thyroid even bigger than my other sisters. They will have to take it off and I will have to go down to be with her. I am sure they will do it soo. Please pray for her. she is my my heart as I am hers.

      3. I put the rules in your post…and put the logo on as well…so all you have to do is list the seven things about yourself …I took the rules off of my post …and I had put that I was only nominating two bloggers but you can change that to what you want….Hope that helps.

        I will keep your sister in my prayers and of course you too Cindy…take care and keep in touch…Diane

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