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Posted by Cindy H French on 03/11/2013

 I just want to ask for your prayers. I am having some circulatory problems that the Tampa docs couldn’t figure out and now that  my foot is 2-3 times its normal size even after staying off of it all day with it elevated, I am still going to have to see the doc.

So please pray that however and whatever this is and goes, it’s a little easier than the other stuff lately. I am on the Coumadin blood thinner, but I haven’t been able to get it regulated yet. It’s either way high or way low, both very bad according to the docs.  I do not yet have a cardiologist or infectious diseases so I guess I will be talking to some new people. So if you ALL would pray with me that I will find the right doctors for me, I am sure that I will.  Thank you And God Bless





5 Responses to “A PRAYER REQUEST”

  1. Oh Cindy, Of course I will pray…..thinking of you….Diane

  2. cshowers said

    Praying for you Cindy. My husband started off with one swollen and inflamed foot, more than a month ago, and now it has turned into two swollen, inflamed feet, and his doctor is unable to diagnose it, so now, he has an appointment with the podiatrist on Tuesday. I pray the doctor has God’s wisdom and is able to heal my husband, and in Jesus’ name, I also pray for your healing as well. May the Lord continue to richly bless you!


  3. robind333 said

    Cindy, I’ll definitely be praying for god’s healing touch. You’re in my prayers! Many, many blessings to you…Robin

  4. camary1996 said

    You are in my prayers! God bless you!

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