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Copied from a Response I Gave To a Quote On a Website Tonight- OUR PURPOSE

Posted by Cindy H French on 01/11/2013

The quote was from Thomas Szasz. I didn’t know him, but the quote drew me in and required a response.

“The fundamental error of psychiatry is that it regards life as a problem to be solved, instead of a purpose to be fulfilled.”

I do agree with the quote, but how do you find or know your purpose? THAT is the QUESTION!

God, Jehovah,  says that our purpose is to worship and adore HIM. We worship Him, we fulfill our purpose. Of course the key word is worship. But when it is God’s Word not our word, we need to understand just what worship means. Our dictionary describes it simply as worthiness, respect, reverence paid to a divine being.  That sounds easy enough, but this is where most of the world miss the boat. We are supposed to worship and adore HIM by HIS definition of the words. To serve, to bow down, to prostrate oneself. What I found in my study was that in every language, the basic notion of worship was service.  With the Hebrew Prophets, Jesus and his apostles substituted right living, love, and faith for ritual acts; prayer eventually took the place of sacrifice as the center of worship. But Jesus often said, he had not come to destroy the law, but to fulfill it. And the Jewish law was all about service-service to God, Yahweh, service at the temple, to the priests, to the each tribe and so on. Yahweh is the first and only God in history that is” known” to have loved His creation. All other gods “played, demanded tribute, the people’s children, but they never were known or shown to care. Yet here is Yahweh saying to Abraham, to Issac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, all of the prophets: “I love my people. But my people do not obey my laws. They do not worship only me and they must for the blessing.” So back and forth thru history, the Jewish people ascended and descended depending on whether they followed their God and his Laws. So God had a plan. A plan made before the foundation of the world. He would send His only begotten Son to be the one and for all people who ever were and ever will be  the Perfect sacrifice.  You would think that everyone would understand this story and immediately embrace it. We all know about human sacrifice of the first born child to the gods. Yet here was the God of all gods, The creator of all that there is anywhere, everywhere, even out of our time and world. He does it just by His Thoughts. I can’t imagine or get my mind around a God that big, that says He loves me and knows me like no one else because He was there when  I was formed, He knows the number of hairs on my head, the ideas in my mind, the words that come out of the mouth that He healed. Why is just one little person important to Him when He has the whole world at His fingertips and more and more are coming to Him every day? He says, its like the shepherd who has lost his one little sheep. He risks his life to go out and find him and bring him back to the fold safely. How can a God that big that put 400 billion stars in our galaxy and named them one by one, care so much for the individual person? but He does. I am living proof of that. He saved me from myself. I won’t go into detail, but trust me He saved me. When I lived in fear of dying from an asthma attack and couldn’t understand why I had the fear-when I know I am not afraid to die, He met me on the floor and corner of an ER room and we watched as  the people worked on me. He wasn’t there to take me home, no, He was there to comfort me and tell me there was no reason to be afraid. That if that was what happened in future, He would be right there with me. I did need to stop panicking though, it did make things worse. I did need to know and understand that when He brought me to the hospital and left me there, it was for His service-work to be done. Sharing who and what He is and can be to people, in other words, more worshiping Him. I think that what most people do not understand is that this is not about a religion. Does it sound like I am talking about a religion or MY Relationship with the God of the Universe? Because that is exactly what I have been describing. And I promise this one thing He will never let you down. Never.  Think about that! Who in your life can you say honestly say has NEVER LET YOU DOWN? I think I have the most perfect husband in the world, but yes, he has-just as I have let him down. NONE of us are perfect. So what do you do to have a relationship with the God of the Universe?

It’s so easy. You just tell Him that You’d like to know Him and be a part of His family. You know that you haven’t lived a perfect life and so does He. So just ask Him to forgive you for it. That’s IT. And then ask Him to come live in your heart and fill you with Joy! Yes, it really is that simple. Amazing isn’t it? Probably the reason so many people miss it! But I promise you that I am telling you the real truth-but you can find out for yourself -you don’t have to believe or trust me.  If I am a liar, then so is my God and nothing will happen. But I am that confident in my God who says if you seek me you will find me.

Yes,and after,  the Lord God does give us other ministries, or ‘purposes’, challenges whatever you want to call them. They are to cleanse, grow, refine us so that when we meet our God face to face,  we are ready to meet Him.

please if you have any comments, if you pray and ask Him to come live in your heart, or you just ask Him to show you He’s real, let me know.  Tell me so that I can be praying for you as you find Him.



3 Responses to “Copied from a Response I Gave To a Quote On a Website Tonight- OUR PURPOSE”

  1. Cindy….A heartfelt post…full of energy and faith…Diane

  2. I really enjoyed this post Cindy, I’m not sure if it’s the one you wanted me to read or not but I enjoyed it anyway. You make it sound so simple and indeed it is once we get past all the religious stuff! There are many obstacles between us and the Creator mostly man-made stuff dogmas, doctrines, interpretation, rules, traditions, opinions etc. but when you get past all of that what is left behind is that the Creator of all that is seen and unseen is LOVE! That really calls for celebration and worship doesn’t it? And funny you said worship because I was just thinking about worship today, it finally clicked that it’s impossible to worship YHVH in Spirit and in truth if you do not love Him, and you can’t love Him unless you trust Him and you can’t trust Him until you KNOW HIm! To truly know Him is to worship Him!

    I’m sorry about all your health problems, I have a well-being ministry the next few weeks I’ll be focusing on trust so you can pop round if you want.

  3. Cindy, How have you been feeling? Are you having difficulty after a month? Take care and stay safe. Edie

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