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Posted by Cindy H French on 01/11/2013

This will be short I promise. It is late and I have to go to bed. But I needed to explain what was happening in my life and why I haven’t been as responsive to all my dear blogger friends and followers who comment. i have been really sick! I guess it’s a miracle I got the Christmas blog on pretty well. I am having some problems w/left over meningitis. I see the doc tomorrow and also the Lord Himself gave me a word last night not to be afraid, He has my hand in His. I’ll keep you posted on that.

In the meantime, we were turned down on our choice of home from the time I wrote last. My husband groaned and said I guess we have to go back and start all over”. I said what about the place we saw Thanksgiving that was so great-but we couldn’t move fast enough. He said it’s probably not still available, I even said it and I went to call, somehow knowing that it was. When I identified myself to the young lady who had helped us, She immediately said, it’s still here. She said to me “:You said that if God wanted you here it would still be here when you could come.” Can you come now?  oh wow, could we come! February 1st. My designer daughter went right over, took measurements for us to see what furniture to bring and what to sell. She sent us the plan and then my husband drew it to scale, so I know right where every piece will go -or not! Then she told us about the application to fill out online-which took me forever and I still had to add my husband on Monday as a primary. Meningitis again. She said she’d get back with me on Monday. I was in the doctors’ office when she called and told us we were approved and that there would be no deposit except for our Yorkie, Max!!  So my Lord is showing me that this time, moving money is coming in little spurts, not one big check. But it requires more trusting too. and that is what He is about. Isn’t our God WONDERFUL!!


5 Responses to “A NEW HOME! IT’S OFFICIAL!”

  1. So happy for you in the one regard about your new home…but not happy that you are still fighting a battle….Keep us updated…Diane

  2. Great news about your new home! Yes, our God is so good. I pray your health problems will soon be dealt with, too, and that you will be completely healed. God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think.

  3. That’s really great news Cindy, so good to know that YHWH already has everything worked out for us in advance.

  4. Wonderful news, Cindy! Congrats on the new home! May God continue to touch you with His healing hand bringing healing and restoration to your physical being!

  5. Praise the Lord, Cindy! He is so good, and He is with you in your health. I’m reminded that God rained down the mana from heaven each day except for the Sabaath. The Israelites were dependent upon the Lord one day at a time. You are walking with Him carrying you one day at a time, and He is providing the sweet, honey-like mana that is the perfect provision for you today. Rest in His provision. Much love, Karen

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