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Posted by Cindy H French on 12/30/2012

I can’t begin to thank all of those of you who have been praying for my sister Holly. She came through the operation perfectly and there was no spreading of the C disease as we call it.  What was truly wonderful was my time with her.  Holly likes scripture being read out loud to her as much as I like reading it-what a combination! and as we went from one scripture to the next-my favorite or hers-God really spoke to both of  us.  We even did some of this in the middle of the night when she couldn’t sleep. Just a few verses or a chapter and then we were right back to sleep.  Since she was in a kind of sleep/over ICU unit,  they were in and out checking on her regularly.  I can tell you she isn’t interested in another visit! Still it was a lovely time to be together and one I will cherish always.

And then there was Christmas! All I can say is thank goodness for the customer service ladies at the websites. If not for them, no one in my family except for the guys would have had anything under the tree! I have to admit that even today I am still finding out things that I didn’t do quite right when I was ordering-the one package that I couldn’t catch-came to me here -after we left. It went back today. I had to order a duplicate when I realized what I had done! But to my surprise when I opened the package -what I ordered was also wrong! So it was a good thing it went to the wrong place. Lingering MENINGITIS ! I wish I could fix all the other things I have said or done in the last month that were just a little off. I know some have thought me wacky-I’d agree-now-hopefully it is getting better. I am not having to type a word four times to get it right.  Even yesterday, I was having a lot of trouble that I know I am not having today so maybe the worst is over. I pray so! Back to the wonderful Christmas that was absolutely wonderful. I got to be with all of my family that lives in Atlanta-still missed the 3 sibs/families that don’t-yet anyway! Looks like I scored pretty well with everyone this year for a change in spite of myself. My youngest granddaughter who is 3 1/2  opened her present a HELLO KITTY sparkle tunic and leggings and promptly stripped down and put them on. Even my son in law wore his sweater all day. It was nice that everyone was happy. I was also — my daughter and son in law gave us a king electric blanket w/dual controls for our coming to Atlanta. Now I won’t have to worry about being cold at night unless I have a million blankets on me. (I am allergic to down)

We had the most wonderful dinner w/roast prime rib and mashed potatoes -yes from scratch! Fresh saute’d spinach, fresh green beans and some awesome sweet potatoes cut up, basted w/olive oil and then baked, and a caesar salad.  We were so full!  About the time I was halfway to maybe a little more through the dishes,  Holly and her family showed up for desert.  We had this awesome Tiramisu cake made by my youngest daughter, a pear and cherry tart by the older one, and a pumpkin pie brought by Holly along with lots of whipped cream. I will be eating soup and very small portions for awhile!

by the way, I checked my spelling on all of the underlined in red words. They are correctly spelled

Of course some of you may be curious-did we find a new home while we were there in Atlanta?  yes, we did. I am still waiting for the Lord to work out all the details yet, but I know that He will. He has said so.  This is the part I am not wacky at all about!! For the 2nd time He has given me the same scripture in Numbers 23:19-20. I am content with that. The first time, He healed my physical pain.  Now, I need Him to do a lot of arranging,but if He can not, no one can and yet has He not said there is nothing He can not do? He has led us down this path, we believe-we have to follow.


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