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Thanksgiving Week!!

Posted by Cindy H French on 11/24/2012

We have arrived back home from a week in Atlanta. We so enjoyed seeing everyone and know that this is the right move for us as I announced in my last post. A Pre Thankful is that I have had no reoccurance of the crazy neurological happenings, but we did think that my extremely high coumadine count could have made a little bleed happen? Who knows. But I seem to be fine now. We left a day early because my husband had a bad cold and we knew that we needed to be home should he need a doctor. So as of this writing, my first Thankful is that we got home safely. And he is tucked up in bed with Vick’s and cough syrup.

My second Thankful is that I was able to make a lovely lady a job offer which she accepted and that made my client happy. This will make my bank account happy in January! Actually I have been very Thankful for this client this year. As they have grown, I have enjoyed the interaction with candidates and clients alike. I do so love my job and my third Thankful is that I will be able to do it in Atlanta, just as I have done in Tampa for 29 years. Of course, I will not be leaving MRI or my office-simply expanding their borders a bit. And fishing in a bigger pond!

My fourth Thankful was the extremely loving and warm response I got from my children -both grown as you might remember with their own lives- and my brother and his wife and my sister and her husband. In fact, I couldn’t ask for a better response from anyone. My granddaughters were squealing! That was exciting! I know we will be seeing a lot more of them. And I am absolutely thrilled.

My fifth Thankful was really that my girls had turned out so very well! I was so proud of all they put together in the feast that we had on Thanksgiving Day. There were appetizers, then soup, wonderful homemade mushroom soup. And then more food than you could really put on your plate! For the first time in a long time, I truly ate too much and was uncomfortable for quite awhile. I didn’t eat anything the rest of the day and we had started the lunch at 2pm. As I looked at everything spreadout and  the 3 tables set (16 adults) I had a moment when I realized how my mom must have felt when she passed the torch to me. It was bittersweet. I still miss them so much…4 years now. I thought how proud she would be if she were here today.

My sixth Thankful was that as a family, we all know the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior. Only the very small children have not come to know Him yet. But they do know of Him. Even my 8 year old granddaughter knows how the Lord answers prayers. So I am sure that by now somebody is saying somewhere, come on Cindy, get on with it! So with my seventh Thankful is as of right now I am able to write freely of my love for Jesus Christ. The fact that I am a follower of His, has not gotten me arrested, shut down, shut up, or killed like in so many other countries around the world. I do not take this privilege lightly nor do I expect that we will always have this freedom. The day is coming when you are going to have to make a choice. A choice for Jesus or a choice for the government and the way it plans and wants to do things. You may not see it as clearly as that choice, because too often truth about evil is camouflaged. You’ve heard of a wolf in sheep’s clothing? so here is the same. Be careful of your choices. Jesus says that many will be surprised at judgement, but He will say depart from Me, I never knew you.  This past week as I would monitor email as best I could on my phone or tablet, I saw again Prophecy being fulfilled. Now truly Israel is surrounded by her enemies with Egypt now having a dictatorship instead of a democracy as the people were promised.

And so my eighth Thankful is that I have read the last chapter of the book. I know who wins! And I am already on the winning team for eternity! I know that when one really stops to think about eternity and what that is, what it was before time was started with us. I don’t think that really means very much to the Father. He said that He created us to have fellowship with Him. A relationship with Him. Naturally as He is Holy God, He would want a special, holy, Godly, relationship with us-He didn’t just put us here to watch us struggle while He sits on His throne and laughs about it! No, I would imagine, that when I cry, He cries. That when I hurt, He hurts. That was the point of sending Jesus to become God/Man so that God could know what it meant to be Man and God too. He doesn’t make a mistake in anything He does. And if anyone deserves to say that He does make mistakes, I would be one of them, but I am not. My Abba Father, has a plan for my life to prosper it and to keep me from harm. Oh I could write a lot about my eighth Thankful! But suffice it to know that in spite of all that is going on in my life right now, it is well, it is very well with my soul.


4 Responses to “Thanksgiving Week!!”

  1. Hi Cindy…Just as an aside to say that it seems one or more sentences is missing at the beginning of your blog…maybe got wiped out before publishing??

    Anyway glad to hear you seem to be well and had a good Thanksgiving Day with your family….Diane

  2. p.s. Just go in and edit and add what got deleted…Diane

  3. thanks. I will check it out now. and fix it. I did have a really good time with everyone. I am excited about moving back and being with the grandkids.

  4. Cindy, Praise the Lord that He filled your heart with abounding gratitude, and that you are doing well. I know that you are taking such wonderful care of your hubby. May the Lord richly bless you and give you wisdom. Karen

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