Just A Quick Note

Today I went back on my remicaid and of course it wasn’t a moment too soon. The Lord had been so good to me these last 3 months almost  being off of the methotrexate and  the remicaid and still not hurting as He promised! and now that I am healed of the bacteria C , it was simply time for me to go back on the medicines and my body told me so in no uncertain terms last night. So this morning I was really ready. My doctor came in and checked me and reassured himself e did not have any infections currently-but did remind me if I have a bad one come back and I have to stop again, he would want to change medications. Normally my procedures are 2 hours; this time it was 4 , they let it go in so slowly, but I did well and I am better but will not be pain free until the next  one in 6 weeks.

I do ask for prayer for tomorrow though. I see a new neurologist after my comedy of errors last week. I sincerely hope he can figure things out, take me seriously and between us decide on a course of treatment  and any needed testing…

It will be a long day just as today as been and I don’t have my strength back yet. Still I continue to love how our Lord brings people into my life to talk to everyday-to encourage or witness to, or just care for. Now I have a new one. her name is Sheila. Pray that I can find her steady transportation from Brooksville to Lutz every Thurs am thru May whenever the kids are out of school. She’s never been in such as study! and would love it, I am sure.

In His Name and for His Glory, I Live to Tell His Story


Thanksgiving Week!!

We have arrived back home from a week in Atlanta. We so enjoyed seeing everyone and know that this is the right move for us as I announced in my last post. A Pre Thankful is that I have had no reoccurance of the crazy neurological happenings, but we did think that my extremely high coumadine count could have made a little bleed happen? Who knows. But I seem to be fine now. We left a day early because my husband had a bad cold and we knew that we needed to be home should he need a doctor. So as of this writing, my first Thankful is that we got home safely. And he is tucked up in bed with Vick’s and cough syrup.

My second Thankful is that I was able to make a lovely lady a job offer which she accepted and that made my client happy. This will make my bank account happy in January! Actually I have been very Thankful for this client this year. As they have grown, I have enjoyed the interaction with candidates and clients alike. I do so love my job and my third Thankful is that I will be able to do it in Atlanta, just as I have done in Tampa for 29 years. Of course, I will not be leaving MRI or my office-simply expanding their borders a bit. And fishing in a bigger pond!

My fourth Thankful was the extremely loving and warm response I got from my children -both grown as you might remember with their own lives- and my brother and his wife and my sister and her husband. In fact, I couldn’t ask for a better response from anyone. My granddaughters were squealing! That was exciting! I know we will be seeing a lot more of them. And I am absolutely thrilled.

My fifth Thankful was really that my girls had turned out so very well! I was so proud of all they put together in the feast that we had on Thanksgiving Day. There were appetizers, then soup, wonderful homemade mushroom soup. And then more food than you could really put on your plate! For the first time in a long time, I truly ate too much and was uncomfortable for quite awhile. I didn’t eat anything the rest of the day and we had started the lunch at 2pm. As I looked at everything spreadout and  the 3 tables set (16 adults) I had a moment when I realized how my mom must have felt when she passed the torch to me. It was bittersweet. I still miss them so much…4 years now. I thought how proud she would be if she were here today.

My sixth Thankful was that as a family, we all know the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior. Only the very small children have not come to know Him yet. But they do know of Him. Even my 8 year old granddaughter knows how the Lord answers prayers. So I am sure that by now somebody is saying somewhere, come on Cindy, get on with it! So with my seventh Thankful is as of right now I am able to write freely of my love for Jesus Christ. The fact that I am a follower of His, has not gotten me arrested, shut down, shut up, or killed like in so many other countries around the world. I do not take this privilege lightly nor do I expect that we will always have this freedom. The day is coming when you are going to have to make a choice. A choice for Jesus or a choice for the government and the way it plans and wants to do things. You may not see it as clearly as that choice, because too often truth about evil is camouflaged. You’ve heard of a wolf in sheep’s clothing? so here is the same. Be careful of your choices. Jesus says that many will be surprised at judgement, but He will say depart from Me, I never knew you.  This past week as I would monitor email as best I could on my phone or tablet, I saw again Prophecy being fulfilled. Now truly Israel is surrounded by her enemies with Egypt now having a dictatorship instead of a democracy as the people were promised.

And so my eighth Thankful is that I have read the last chapter of the book. I know who wins! And I am already on the winning team for eternity! I know that when one really stops to think about eternity and what that is, what it was before time was started with us. I don’t think that really means very much to the Father. He said that He created us to have fellowship with Him. A relationship with Him. Naturally as He is Holy God, He would want a special, holy, Godly, relationship with us-He didn’t just put us here to watch us struggle while He sits on His throne and laughs about it! No, I would imagine, that when I cry, He cries. That when I hurt, He hurts. That was the point of sending Jesus to become God/Man so that God could know what it meant to be Man and God too. He doesn’t make a mistake in anything He does. And if anyone deserves to say that He does make mistakes, I would be one of them, but I am not. My Abba Father, has a plan for my life to prosper it and to keep me from harm. Oh I could write a lot about my eighth Thankful! But suffice it to know that in spite of all that is going on in my life right now, it is well, it is very well with my soul.

Still Trusting-And For So Much More Now!

My world has changed  since I last wrote!  First my husband came in my office last week and said he was ready to move to Atlanta!! Now for those of you who do not know me or my background, I moved to Atlanta at age 16, not very happily but eventually it was home. Then in my early to mid 30’s  in 1984 it was,  we moved to Tampa. I was very happy with the move. My parents lived in Orlando and I could see about them regularly. I loved the weather and overall we have done pretty well here. However our children went home to Tampa after college and now that is where my grandchildren are. I am learning every day how short life really is and those precious moments that I could be with them, I’ve been here out of fear in some cases, because I believe I have some extraordinary doctors taking care of me and have wondered how in the world I would replace them. Of course, my Abba Father has brought this to my attention-the lack  of faith on my part that He wouldn’t help me identify the right doctors to take care of me there. And as for the cold, well, I can dress for it. But it is an easy trade to be with my girls-all of them!!

We talked about moving two or three years ago, but at that time, my husband still had that double machine in his chest and was still in a lot of pain and the cold made it worse. So after all of my plans with my wonderful boss, we scrapped it all and stayed.  And of course with the craziness of my body this past 2 years I guess this is where God wanted me to be.  Still, I am very thankful that I can work out arrangements  to continue to work for Gary and MRI, stay insured and widen my client base. I believe I can resurrect some old clients. I was just speaking with 2 of those very special ladies I did work for 10 and 11 years ago for the first time last week. It was pretty thrilling to me to be so well remembered.

Of course we can not leave until next July1 when our lease is up. I know that sounds like such a long time! But  to us and especially to my husband who will bear the brunt of the packing up and the putting back in order this lovely villa just the way we found it, he will need every day of every month that we have!  We have so loved it here. I was planning on seeing if we could sign up for 2 more years right after Christmas, so you can imagine my big surprise! But how lovely a surprise. NOW MS. DIANE, I don’t have to be the little bit jealous of you that I was with your move. I could certainly understand it. I too will be limited in how much I can do or help. which leads me to my second surprise. And this one isn’t so pleasant. I had more of what I would call a seizure coming home from church today. My husband was driving, I had started to say something, but all of a sudden my neck got rigid and my head was turning back and forth and I was saying with difficulty no, not , no, not. My right hand was holding on to the door handle-I thought if I let go of it, my arm would go flying. I don’t know that, that would be true, it was just a feeling.  This went on for a full minute-to a minute and half and now stands as the weirdest thing  that has ever happened to me. A couple of things I did notice and have continued having pain and just weird feeling with is my neck. Especially if I have it tilted down to read or I am paying attention to my hands on the keyboard too long. What I had alluded to last week physically is that I am having some similar issues with my head like I did when I had those tumors back in 2009. I don’t know that this is a reoccurance, because my neck wasn’t involved at all then, and it definitely is now. So after speaking to a sub neurologist, mine was out of town. I will be making calls in the morning and hoping to get some testing done. What I would ask you dear friends is your prayers. There is nothing, absolutely nothing like having your friends and loved ones pray for you. This may come to nothing like in March–but I know it was worse, and harder on me and God forbid that I would have been driving.  So now I have a driver for awhile! So let’s hope and pray that someone will have some answers this time.

 I will try and keep up some regular posts to let you know what’s happening. I realized with Diane not well and moving how hard it was waiting to hear. So I will try and be good about it.

The previous post was written last night. I didn’t publish because I wanted to speak to my boss, my doctor and see what was up before I sent out such a disquieting post!  The bad news is that I had another episode this morning. And I still believe that my neck is somehow involved. We did go down and see my neurologist, but unfortunately, this is not her area of expertise. She had no ideas of what to tell me to do or who to see or even what basic tests could be run-which I can guess myself what 2 basic tests would be. So my surgeon referred me to another doctor right at end of the business day so I will have to call for an appt  tomorrow.. In the meantime, I am working carefully and asking the Lord to protect us, bless us, go before us.

I am re-blogging this because no words of mine could say this any better. Obviously our Lord has His Time-table and it is already in play-don’t delay- talk to those friends, loved ones, co-workers-anyone that you suspect doesn’t have that personal relationship with our God and Lord Jesus Christ. We are on a straight, unalterable course of confrontation between the go of this world and the God of Heaven. I read the last chapter of the Book though, so I know who wins. Trust me, you want to be on the winning team. The forever winning team. Make up your today. Ask the Lord Jesus into heart and He will give you peace



John 14:1-3 AMP DO NOT let your hearts be troubled (distressed, agitated). You believe in and adhere to and trust in and rely on God; believe in and adhere to and trust in and rely also on Me. In My Father’s house there are many dwelling places (homes). If it were not so, I would have told you; for I am going away to prepare a place for you. And when (if) I go and make ready a place for you, I will come back again and will take you to Myself, that where I am you may be also.

When Jesus was crucified on that cross many who had believed in Him and trusted in what He had taught them were disappointed, there hopes were dashed and they felt that they had nothing left to hope in. But Jesus told them before hand that He would be crucified…

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Perfect Peace-Is That Trusting?

I am writing today from my favorite book again, yes, Isaiah.  To be more specific the 26th chapter, verses 3 and 4. And this is what it says:  “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast because he trust in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord, is the Rock eternal”

So let’s think about perfect peace first. What does that mean to you exactly? I would imagine it could mean a lot of  different things to different people. So for my purposes I’ll try and be a little generic, but you all know my story, so perfect peace for me would mean no worries.  Oh Goodness there is sin! For am I told not to worry to let the Lord take all of my worries? to lay by burden at His feet? I do it a hundred times a day-probably like a lot of you do. But then I take it  back again. Oh I do know better and I certainly don’t want it. Why can’t I leave it at the foot of the cross? This is where I guess I have to make my stand. Out in public Just because I know that my witness for the Lord God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob  must not be sullied. Must ring out clean and clear and true. So this time  I have to leave it at the foot of the cross. I can not go back, again. I have to step out in faith that the Lord, my Abba Father is going to answer me, just as He has time and time before. 

Worries,that is a big all-encompassing word, isn’t it?  I could be talking about my health, my business, my family, my friends, the state of our economy, the election. Oh, I could go on and on. If you want to worry, you can alwasys find something to worry about, but I am not one of those people. I like my “perfect Peace” but you know what? I can’t just snap my fingers and have it!  The verse says you have to have your mind steadfast  because you trust in the Lord. Oh there is that little word again!  Abba Father did say He was going to teach me to trust Him and everytime I turn around that is exactly what is happening! Another trust lesson! These are hard, not funny, and getting old. I am ready to be done with them. But I think I haven’t learned the lesson yet-that’s why it’s back today. The Lord God wants me to trust Him with everything  that I am. With everything I could be or want to be. I think that I do trust that much, but then something happens to show that no, to go the distance on this new situation I have to come up some more.

Verse 4 talks about the Lord being the Rock Eternal. I like mental picture! Solid, able to withstand anything, all things-forever. So when I get the trust thing down, I will be trusting in a/the Lord God Most High, the most amazing God, eternal God Who is that Rock  that protects and shelters. That is exactly what I have to keep my mind on. IS HIM! WHO is MY GOD? I KNOW HIM. He is faithful, a comfort in every time of trouble, Who has sheltered me in cleft of the Rock, Who has carried when I was too weak, to spent to do or go myself. That is who my God is. Will He show up when I need Him too? Absolutely! He doesn’t let His daughter down.

Nothing like the Word of God to put the world in perspective-at least my world. Thank you Lord for your Word. Thank you Lord for yourself and for your sacrifice that I could know you and love you and have you for my Abba Father.