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Some Good News!

Posted by Cindy H French on 10/28/2012

I know, many of you are saying finally! Does that girl just  live in sadness and darkness all the time? Well of course I don’t I wouldn’t have survived till now! I have been pretty open about my problems with the C difficile Bacteria I have had in my colon since last April. That is six long months and six doses of the most powerful and expensive antibiotics one can buy. This is another thing  that I can be thankful for and that is my Aetna healthcare insurance. They certainly came up to the mark and with the doctor’s explanation (a natural requirement) they paid the bill and I paid a $5 co-pay instead of $1500 twice and $3000 once!!

I had a new kind of procedure  done by the gastroenterologist that so far, they have had 100%   results with. and fortunately for me, I didn’t break their streak!! for the first time in 6 months I had a negative test. Hallelujah! And it was 2 months today that God told me in that clinic waiting room that I had to come off of the Remecaid so that I could be healed of the C Difficele. And He promised to take care of the pain this time.  All of my doctors except the Christians thought I was crazy, but He is always faithful I have not hurt and I am healed of the C Diff. I am not healed of the RA as I had  hoped and so mid November I will get my first infusion. I am hoping that since I am not so bad now anyway, and I am trusting the Lord to keep me ok till I can get the medicine, that I won’t have to go so high with the dosage. I know I am not healed because I still have the dry eyes and the dry mouth spillover from shogrens a kind of RA that I don’t test positive for but still have dry skin, dry mouth, dry eyes, dry tissues-like my ears, and the doctor says that means I am very dry internally good-not such a good thing.

But that’s ok, that’s alright! I have been healed of C Diff!!

Thank you , Abba Father! For your care and for your unfailing faithfulness to me!  Surely I am learning your lessons to trust and obey you in all things. I would like to get to the day when I do not question. I just do it. Continue to teach me Abba, I long to do your will , O Lord and to please you forevermore. Grant me freedom from this latest respiratory infection/bug. help me to sleep tonight Lord. I haven’t really slept well in over a week because it is hard to sleep sitting up.. I know I have  really been having a harder time  with my breathing at night. It gets so restricted and that’s when I have to stay cool. the Lord is not going to take me after  HE has given me other things to do. Just so ya’ll push me know that I am  gathering my material for the next book-this being a memoir. Thank you Abba for all of your many, many blessings this week, including getting Diane moved. in the Precious Name of Jesus Christ your Son, I ask all these things and more unspoken, but the Spirit knows. Amen and Amen.


4 Responses to “Some Good News!”

  1. cshowers said

    Amen – I am rejoicing that the Lord has healed you from the C-Diff. Will continue to pray for total healing of the rest of your body, so that you will be healthy enough to minister in all the ways He has called you to minister. In Jesus’ mighty name, I loose many blessings on you!


  2. Cindy..I am so happy for you. Praise The Lord. I will continue to pray for your breathing difficulties. Side note….We do not have internet connection yet but yesterday afternoon I discovered that somehow my wireless laptop is picking up a connection but I don’t know from where. So I’ll do a short blog about the move…in case I lose the connection,…Diane

  3. Cindy, Thank you for sharing this great news of finally being healed of C Diff. You take care of yourself. Bless you, Edie

  4. Praise the Lord! He is so good and gracious. Your healing is a miracle, and you were a testimony to the healthcare providers that you encountered. Thank you for being faithful to God and obeying His vision for your healing. God is good … All the Time! Praying for your RA healing. Karen

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