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II Corinthians 1:4, I Am Living It!

Posted by Cindy H French on 08/06/2012

Well, at least my feelings and head are back on straight. I was just coming down with another spell of C Diff. This nasty little bacteria doesn’t want to leave me! Once I figured out that this was my problem, I called and got some more Flagil which is the main med for this bug. Some day, I am sure I will be meeting someone who has it too and I can comfort them as I was comforted in the hospital in April or comforted now by dear friends and family and my Lord God as I know He never lets anything near me but that it was filtered through His fingers. Of course we are talking about why I have to have it 3 times now. But I do rest in Him, knowing that He has my best at His Heart!

How blessed that assurance is! So many people including those I love carry such heavy burdens.  I know, I did for years. And keep trying to pick one up again! But my lessons from Him are so fresh and alive that I know that I know that Nothing can separate me from His love and care-He wants to carry the burden–I am happy to let Him do so.

So no worries for me tonight! I have heard from some of you who had concerns and I do love you and thank you but truly I am  ok–I may be saying that some day when I am dying and fixing to meet my Jesus face to face-but remember I know the way, I have the ticket. I will see you there if not here someday…


8 Responses to “II Corinthians 1:4, I Am Living It!”

  1. AMEN! A wonderful testimony, Cindy. The Lord continues to use you.

  2. Hi Cindy! I am praying for God to touch your body and make you whole! May you experience the healing power of God flowing through your body! In Jesus’ name!

    • Thank you for your prayers Avie! I know that soon, I’ll meet someone who has this or has had the pulmonary embolism-that is God’s way-to send me people like that. Today though He sent me a man who had accepted Jesus last night on his way home from his son’s out of state wedding. He asked the Lord to send him someone who could tell him what to do next and show him what to do about a new job-as he wants a totally new life. And then this morning he called me from an email I had sent yesterday reaching out to him about a new job that I thought he would be a good match for. He said something about my voice and the next thing I knew I was telling him my story. Then he told me his. He said he had my blog up and had already looked through some of it. But he knew I was the answer to his prayer and what should he do next? So of course, I told him and suggested a couple of churches I knew, a Bible study he can start on Monday nights next month and that when he gets settled in the church God leads him to, he should be baptized. He told me he had already been baptized. Then I explained that baptism itself is an outward expression of what has happened to you inside. And what happened to you inside only just happened last night…He got it then. Isn’t our God great and mighty and wonderful?

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      • Yes, Cindy, our God is great and mighty and wonderful! All glory to God for what He is doing through you. Continue to speak for Him and watch what He does in you and through you!

        Cindy, when I read your blog and saw that you were having more problems with C-Diff I wondered if you are taking a good pro-biotic to replace the good bacteria in your intestinal tract? My doctor says that is very important as it replaces what has been killed by antibiotics.

        May you have a blessed day in the Lord!

      • yes I am. it is just that w/o immunity and this being a particularly hard bacteria to get rid of… It’s tough.

      • I understand. I’m praying for you!

        God Bless!

  3. When I put those things together in my life I was nine years old. I said, “Hey I’m not a mistake.” The world is proof that God exists. This Bible is proof and the love of my mother and my grandmother and then when I found out how much God loved me, I tell you, at nine years old I got up and took off forward in church and here’s what I said. I said, “God, I know you’re there. I know you made me. I know you love me and I want to give you my life.” That’s one of the greatest decisions I ever made.

    • thank you for your words of testimony! I do love it when someone tells me about how/when they came to the Lord! Please come back and comment often! God is doing some great things! so many I am having a time finding enough time to post anything about it!

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