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Posted by Cindy H French on 07/20/2012

I saw my primary care doc and had my blood draw and she says, that to listen to my lungs you would never believe I had just had an embolism! My numbers are good. My energy is great. My voice is back and strong. And blessed relief! The Cough is gone for a while. 

I truly believe this was all about my getting away and quiet for God to teach me really important stuff-which I have already posted! …and His way to be able to call to others that wouldn’t answer any other way. He can always take the  worst that Satan throws at us and make it turn out wonderful and that is exactly what He did this time–really every time.  I have had the opportunity to share Jesus Christ with more people in more locations around the world now than ever because He is making the connections and putting us together and it all started with the silly clot! Truly it is hard not to get ‘over-excited‘.  That was the only negative about my doctor’s visit. My pulse was way too fast. Of course, it is always high, but when I get excited because of what God is doing-it just goes lickety-split. So more water, deeper breaths, more walking. .. a new more mobile phone for my office next week will help as well.

But the most important thing for me to say tonight is that today, I watched my God and Savior answer prayers-serious, serious prayers for two dear friends in totally different circumstances because we prayed and believed John 14:13-14, which is a promise from Jesus Himself-who does not lie. One Friend had apparently been praying awhile for a family situation. Today, there has been a reach out for help-for the first ever-when every offer had always been turned away.  Who else but God could do this? And my other friend has been involved in a divorce settlement case for 4 yrs! The husband who has been told over and over to produce documents and pay her expenses and yet in 4 yrs has done nothing with no consequences. TODAY God answered, and the man produces in  10 days without excuse or he goes to jail for 6 months. There will be no further continuance,  excuses, filings, delays.  10 days. and it will be over.

When I prayed with and for my friends I prayed the template that I shared with everyone a couple of years ago. First I worship my Lord God, then I praise Him. Then I remind Him of His Promise. And only at the end do I ask for the need to be taken care of. because the other stuff is really what’s important and He already knows the need. He wants me to go through the steps, to claim His power and victory which I did after I asked Him to be sure that His Angels barred the doors and the windows from the Evil one and his cronies, because up until today they have been running the show.  And starting today He was going to be.… and He did.

If  I could share the whole story, you all would just be amazed at what was and what now IS. Again I say! PRAISE THE LORD.


One Response to “A QUICK UPDATE”

  1. Glory to God.

    Be encouraged!

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