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Prayer Request

Posted by writerwannabe763 on 07/09/2012

I’m writing this post on behalf of Cindy who is presently in the hospital with a Pulmonary Embolism…a Deep Vein Thrombosis in her leg. Cindy went into the hospital on Thursday thinking it was her Asthma that was causing her distress but after blood work and further tests were done it was determined it was a clot.  She is on injections and blood thinners to try and dissolve the clot but today’s blood work did not show improvement. So they will check again tomorrow and see if there has been any changes.

Cindy is in good spirits and is feeling that God is in control of the situation. She is a patient with a lot of patience, because she is resting in the Lord. She is fatigued and sleeps whenever she can, and so I told her that I would put this blog on her site, in case there were people wondering why she has not been on.

I would ask prayer on Cindy’s behalf that the medications would take effect, and the clot dissolve. Thank you for your prayers. I know that she would also. You know Cindy, she is praising God throughout each and every challenge God sends her way.

I’ll keep you updated until she is able to do so herself…….Diane


13 Responses to “Prayer Request”

  1. Thank you for writing this Dianne.

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    Prayer request. Please read if you are able.

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    This is a dear friend and fellow blogger that I did this post for and am reblogging it in case anyone would like to join in prayer for…..Diane

  4. Thank you for letting us know about Cindy, Diane. I’m praying for her fervently. Dee

  5. bigsmileu1 said

    May God’s Blessings shine down upon Cindy and her doctors to help her clot dissolve. May the angels and saints also intercede on Cindy’s behalf to make her well. Jamie 🙂

  6. I hope she gets better soon! With such a good attitude, I bet she makes a complete recovery!

  7. My heart and its love shares its blessings with you for a speedy recovery CIndy! God will hear all of our prayers!

  8. Lord, You created our bodies and you know what is needed to heal them. I pray you touch Cindy and restore her body to the exact specifications of your design and your will. Your Word says that by your stripes we are healed. Thank you for healing Cindy and giving her strength. It is in the beautiful name of Jesus that we pray! Amen

  9. Cindy is being discharged from the hospital Thursday by her two doctors. She still has some breathing issues and an infection but is on medications. Thank you for all your prayers…Diane

    • Well I didn’t get out today. My numbers went backwards! the doctor couldn’t believe it and had the test repeated-cause that just doesn’t happen. but of course it does to me! so here I sit.

      I will probably work on part 2 now on what did you think of part 1? I am trying to be able to explain the trinity to people who have no knowledge of God-with enough emphasis on who God is first and foremost as Jesus and the Spirit are God too still I liked the way I described it

      • In one way I’m sorry that you of course weren’t well enough to get out but on the other hand I thought perhaps with your breathing not quite right and the infection it was a bit premature…just my feelings. So please why not concentrate on resting some more and wait for Part 2 until you’re better. Part 1 was great…your heart was in it for sure. The blogging world is slow right now as I think people are busy with their kids home and summer activities and such. If you do write anything preface it with saying you are still in the hospital etc etc. I’ll phone you tomorrow and see where you are. It’ll be later in the afternoon as I’m volunteering at the hospital in the morning….Diane

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