My telephone  rang late this afternoon. I knew it was a solicitor because it came in on the house land line. No one ever calls on that line except a solicitor. My husband  looked at me and said witness to him. I thought that was unusual as he usually answers the phone and takes care of whomever is calling. So I answered the young man’s questions carefully and then asked if I could ask him a few questions. He was willing, so I asked him if he  was a believer in Jesus Christ… He was-good, but so does the devil and his angels. I asked him if he had ever asked Jesus to come into his heart. At first he said all the time, but then he admitted he gets what he knows ans believes from his mom and from his grandparents. He had been to church with his grandparents a lot and as I began to tell him about the Jesus who loved him and sacrificed Himself for him, along with scripture, he said I am remembering those scriptures.  Whenever he had a   question  I would stop and answer it-mostly with scripture (God was totally amazing!  Finally we got to the end of the questions. I asked if he wanted Jesus to come into his heart. He absolutely did. So there on the phone, my little telemarketer (age 19) asked the Lord Jesus into his heart.

From there I gave him as many scriptures as I could to arm him to get him started off right… and then told him to get in a good church-told him what to look for –told what kind of Bible to get and everything I could think of before he had to get off the phone. It was certainly the best soliciting call I’ve ever had and only God  can tell you why him-vs anyone else I have spoken with. Plus just the right time of day. But God always brings me prepared hearts and this time even my husband was in on it!  I think this is the only time the angels sing!

2 thoughts on “A NEW ONE FOR THE KINGDOM

    1. no, just had not gotten to it. I just published it. it looks so good Diane! where do you find the pictures? and know just where to bold it? I had no idea when I asked you to help, just exactly HOW much you would do for the posts! They do look amazing!

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