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Posted by Cindy H French on 06/17/2012

For those who knew it was my birthday on Wednesday, thank you for those good wishes,  for those who didn’t know, don’t worry about it.  When I was younger and until this year, I have only celebrated my birthdays on the decade. But as the last 2 yrs have been a little more dicey than the previous years, I have decided to celebrate every year and when I feel like it any day of any month that needs celebrating! What should I not celebrate? I am a child of the king of the universe! The very creator of all things, the one who has always been and will always be; who is mighty and powerful, yet so personal and compassionate, there is no one like my Father which is in heaven. Holy, holy, holy be your name!

I am so filled with wonder that you called me by name, that you wanted me to be your own. So important that you sent your own Son to die for my sins to make perfect to enter your heaven…that you planned this out from before the world was even made. Oh yes, You are too wonderous to behold,  to understand , to do anything but worship You. You are amazing God. Amazing should be strictly a word reserved for describing You. Incredible would be another word that would be used to describe You and the things that you do. Oh, Holy, holy, holy be your name.

Righteousness, I am your Righteousness, I must stay clean and pure for the Lord God of Heaven and Earth that I am never tarnished Righteousness, but bright shining as the Sun. I am the Temple of the Holy Spirit, my body is no longer my own. It should reflect the Son. My name is Cynthia–which is the moon in reflection of the sun, but in my case the reflection of the Son.  Oh Holy, holy, holy be your name.

I just want to praise you O Lord for all that You have done in the last few weeks. The people I have met, the validations I have received, the new friends, the new knowledge, and confidence, oh Lord God, all of these are from you!  How I praise You! How I love You! OH Holy, holy, holy be your name.

Oh Father tonight I bring a new name before you to call to you. His precious wife is a new friend, my Lord. It seems that he is a good man and they have a daughter together and he tolerates her faith. But oh Lord, my God how wonderful it is to pray with your husband, to know that your husband is praying to the alive and real God of the Universe for you instead of a long dead god who is really no god at all. O my Lord, grant her this desire of her heart to see her husband come to know you too. Pray with me all of you out there that I love back. Now you too are part of my family, my sphere. And as I told a man that wants me to work with him to place this is the way I work, I have to be free to pray for you-God is the one who gives the guidance for each person I work with. Thankfully it was ok. So many to pray for -that ‘s why I am praying and talking to the Father all day long-otherwise my quiet time would be all day long!! LOL-For all those who have said it’s like He is sitting right there with you. He is. I couldn’t do it otherwise. He knows it all. Oh Holy, Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty and greatly to be praised.



2 Responses to “HAPPY TO BE ME!”

  1. Belated Happy Birthday, Cindy! I thank the Lord for your life and how you are a blessing to so many people.

    • thank you Dee, that came right after I had written that tribute to my Dad and I had been crying, but then I was joyous and it just bubbled out of me. So I started typing! Usually I am talking way too fast to write anything down, but it was just special. God has brought so many precious people including you into my life and taught me so much of his word just the last 2 years, it just was overwhelming. I had to thank him and praise him!.

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