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Our God Is Faithful! Psalm 145:13-18

Posted by Cindy H French on 06/05/2012


a picture of the lake of Ohrid by Sunrise

a picture of the lake of Ohrid by Sunrise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Lord is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made. The Lord upholds all those who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down…You open your hand satisfy the desires of every living things. The Lord is righteous in all his ways and loving toward all he has made. The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.

There are so many verses that are in God‘s Word about His Faithfulness. But let me tell you how He demonstrates them to me.

I have said before that I write just like I talk. Did you ever think what that might really mean? Because when I am writing, I am talking  about my Lord; usually about some new lesson I have learned, or something I have discovered new and fresh in His Word that I have read a thousand times, but only understood just today. So if I talk like I write, I am talking about Jesus, I am talking to Him and with Him all day long. I need His advice every step of my way and I have only to ask and it is given. When I am speaking with someone for someone, I just try and get to know them a little the first time we speak. I never have an agenda, other than basic contact information, maybe business numbers, something about their life, family, and if they could describe the perfect job, what would it be? Now granted God and faith can come up at any time in that conversation-often does. But again, I am just gathering information my first go round. Sometimes God has a different agenda than I do-and it is His voice after all, so He gets to speak if He wants to. But it is done so carefully and casually that again, anyone I have spoken with is so happy to talk and ready to talk about this particular subject!

So today, I had a referral call and we chatted a bit and then the floodgates opened  and I shared a little about why I work at a home office, the work and connections that I have. And then we began to talk about all the commonality that we had together, so many very personal, deeply wounding experiences-but I shared the great solution to all too. I promised to send her resume to an attorney friend of mine to see if they had any needs for a paralegal and that I would be in touch.

As soon as we were off the phone, it rang again. It was another lady that had been referred to me last week. She wasn’t someone I could place, but I could tell her how to get a new job. She was very depressed-had been looking for at least a couple of weeks and discouragement had set in. So I told her that she needed to make a list of all her blessings. Then she needed to make a list of all of her good qualities. And third she needed to make a list of companies 5-6 of them that were just like the one she had been laid off from and were in the same state of disorder, disrepair, horrendous receivables. Nothing was going right with that company when she got it-and then proceeded to turn it completely around to now the company is managing leasing for other companies. She was then to take that list and call each CEO and introduce herself as the woman who had turned around ABC company–but that when she had it up and running on its own, the owner let her go and put his son in her place. SO that made today the luckiest for XYZ Company, because she was sure that she could do the same thing for them. When would they like to meet her??????

She said I am calling you to tell you that everything you told me to do worked. And not only that but I have a great new job as of today as Director of Real Estate. Then she said, what was amazing to me was how God and Jesus were just a part of your conversation. I thought it was fantastic-but I had never had a business conversation  like that before. And now I want all of my conversations to be just like that. If you can do that I can do that. What do you do special to make that happen?

After I got off the phone with her, I had an email from the first one I had spoken with. She was thanking me for the time but mostly for our CONVERSATION. How do you do that? she asked. I have never had a business conversation about God or Jesus Christ or how any of that fits into the business life and always wanted that part to be different. Of course I told her the same thing.

So twice in one day I am explaining that I don’t do anything except tell the Lord in my early quiet time that this voice is His. This person is His-to do with whatever he sees fit. That if He will bring me prepared people to speak with I will open my mouth. And that’s about it. Except for praying as I am talking of course.! As I read the email to my husband and then told him of the phone call, I cried in amazement-more validation, more confirmation that I am doing exactly what God wants me to be doing. And I don’t take that lightly. Too many of my candidates really don’t know what the right thing to do is! What would I do without Jesus? I don’t ever, ever want to find out.

So after Supper tonight when I am still making a few calls and about to call it a night, I hope my email again and what do I get but a Liebster award  and because I show and speak the Lord!! Three time today He has shown me-Speak my word. I asked Him just last Friday if I should sign up with the speakers bureau here in FL. I guess I got quite an answer.


2 Responses to “Our God Is Faithful! Psalm 145:13-18”

  1. What a beautiful post Cindy….Diane

    • oh Diane! He is so very faithful! I could have written half the night! and there were so many verses I wanted to put in, but I don’t want anyone to feel that I am preaching to them–so when I had said the important stuff-the things that actually happened. And the one scripture that started it off, I could feel that I had sad enough. But it truly was incredible one thing after another like that! BAM BAM BAM He wanted to make sure I got it! I do so get it! Thank you for your constant encouragement.

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