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Posted by Cindy H French on 05/25/2012

I hope that anyone who knows me would say I belong in bed right now! I agree! I was! But then this little problem I have with coughing and asthma has decided to interrupt my sleep tonight. It is not so bad that I think I am in trouble, but bad enough for using my nebulizer–so here I sit. I had been disappointed that earlier I hadn’t had time to post tonight and I have so very much to be thankful about this week and today–so I am glad for this opportunity regardless of the reason.

Today was the most awesome day! It was sharing day –the last day of our Bible study class until next September. This is the day when different women from different groups get up and tell the rest of us what God has taught them or done for them this past year. Oh I did want to speak this year!  But I had spoken last year-so it was important to give this time to others. It really was glorious hearing about the miracles that God is doing everywhere. And how a woman had prayed for her husband salvation for over 40 years to see him come to Jesus!  Thank goodness she never gave up!

After the 2hour session, we went to our group leader’s home for fellowship-lunch.This time I was asked to share what was going on with me–I do think I have an exciting job-as a recruiter, I have a chance to make a positive difference in someone’s life every day. I also get to share Jesus so many times. God sends me prepared hearts because He knows I will share His Good News with them. I got to do that every day this week. I also just simply had a good week hunting as I call it. And then yesterday, I spent the day with my client who was in town for a few days of vacation. She asked me if I could take off a day. I said, well, you hired me to search for your  company. That sort of makes you my boss. Can I take the the day off, I asked her? So we spent the day at the beach-of course talked business but inline with how I do it it with the Lord. It was a wonderful time. Somebody who likes hearing my stories! We will see what tomorrow will bring- now I am going to try and go back to bed.


2 Responses to “IT’S 12:03 AM AND WHERE SHOULD I BE?”

  1. Sounds as if the Lord has really used you this week Cindy… the Lord is so good as He opens up these different doors of opportunity for His people to serve Him. Lord bless you.

  2. I had this ‘sense’ that somehow you were somewhat unwell..but was just ‘hoping’ and ‘praying’ that you were okay. Glad you had a good week and that your asthma is under control….Diane

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