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WHY DID GOD GIVE US THE BIBLE? Ist Corinthians 10:11

Posted by Cindy H French on 05/22/2012

Cover of "Holy Bible"

Hungerford common
Hungerford common (Photo credit: Pete Reed)

“All these things happened to them as examples, and they were written for our admonition. ” I st Cor 10:11

About 25 years ago I had the opportunity to go to England for the first time in my life. My sister had found our distant and very ancient family seat just outside of Bath, called Hungerford. There was a Baron and Baroness! But Cromwell didn’t like them very much and as I understand it, they lost their heads; the family lost the property. The property had apparently been in the family since the Norman days, as an ancestor followed and was rewarded with land when King Harold was defeated and William the Conqueror became King.  I loved history as a child and knew my English history well. To be able to actually see the places I had only read about was a dream come true for me. Everything I saw was so old! There was a quietness around a lot of the shrines and tourist places because they were so special. At Hungerford, the land had just come back into the family hands. All that was really left was the chapel, pretty intact I thought and a staircase and stone wall leading up to heaven just off by itself. Still the sense of history there was incredible, but made even more so by the effigies on top of all the coffins that were in different parts of the chapel. The spookie part for me was looking at the faces and seeing such a very strong resemblance to my Father.

We were in England to celebrate my sister’s 10th wedding anniversary. They had invited friends and family to a ‘night before’ party and then the ceremony and to the dinner party after. I was so amazed that my sister was able to gather so many friends and family in England for such a party! but it was absolutely wonderful-from the carriage ride to the church, with the musical instruments from that long ago time…. being used to make beautiful music to the after the ceremony party which was just such a feast of food and wine.  The locals were interested in all of the goings on. There was a picture of the “Hungerford Bride-first one since Cromwell” and then all these comments heaped on Cromwell.

So what does this possibly have to do with the scripture and the question I asked as I started?  As I said before history gives everyone a perspective and context  and consequences, that helps me make the most sensible reasonable decision I can ...if God has not chosen to open or shut a door. Still I believe that God tell us when it is time to move on. Remember the scripture that tells you that?  It is Isaiah 30:21…. that is life verse material in that you can use that every day .

The Apostle Paul saw the value in history as well, and in his writings he often brought the bad choices that the Israelites made, wandering in the wilderness and even when they reached the Promised Land the first time, their refusal to trust in God and enter. They were afraid. And that’s where Paul writes the scripture I gave you at the top.  I think that God has given the Bible to us for examples of what NOT to do. For examples and warnings, that guard us and keep from doing harmful things to ourselves. And of course, He gave it to us to tell us the whole story!  Armed with that story, we can live more wisely. Of course we are constantly choosing the good or the bad that we learned from those lessons. I have found that if I didn’t learn the lesson well enough the first time, it will be repeated a 2nd time, a third time, even a fourth time if necessary.

Because of course, our Lord‘s only intention is for us to be made perfect through His lessons, so that we will shine as His Righteousness! And be made perfect for that Day when we will see Him face to face.


2 Responses to “WHY DID GOD GIVE US THE BIBLE? Ist Corinthians 10:11”

  1. lbtk said

    Such a timely word for me. Getting ready to start the Mom’s Bible study. Believing that God is going to open the doors to reach these young mothers is a big thing. But if you read Psalm 90:16-17 (a Scripture God gave me this morning) it speaks directly to my prayers for this endeavor. God gives us the Bible to guide us in shutting and opening doors. Cindy, it’s such a great message. Sandy

    • Sandy, I am so glad that it was timely for you-God is so good like that. We always are given just what we need when we need it. Oh I know what a great blessing you are going to be to those women! Please let me know how things are going wk to wk! I am interested and will be praying!

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