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Validating My Purpose II Corinthians 1:4 Again

Posted by Cindy H French on 05/03/2012

Today was one of those behind the eight ball all day long days. I started early. I had a plan. Sometimes I think God just laughs when I put a plan together because what did I not do?  YES, I didn’t consult with Him about my plan. Oh, I did pray for the people in interviews today, for those I would be talking to about new opportunities. But I didn’t ask for His watching over my day, making it go smoothly, helping me to remember things I do forget–yes I forget things-I was told it it a side effect of one of the meds I need to take so I put up with it and try and write everything down. Of course your have to remember to look at the schedule that you have written down. I didn’t remember to do that today, until I got a call at 15 min past a planned meeting time–uh Cindy? Weren’t we going to meet today?…and ohmigosh! I am off and running!

I don’t ever recall missing a candidate appointment. Especially a referral, they are like gold. So I rushed in 30 minutes late to meet a very terrific guy who was so patient and such a good listener and good note taker too. But what was so very sweet was how the Lord had already been working on his heart and how prepared he was for the things that I was supposed to tell him. Because some of it was hard stuff, but again, a sweet spirit, knows that because of Jesus, he will get through it just like we all will and do. So I helped him prepare for an interview, cleaned up his resume to make a better presentation of his tenure and promotability and sent him off to hopefully win an offer whether he decides he wants it or not.

Oh and the other things that got me off my “plan” this morning were an email that will lead to an offer. a second email, requesting a financial document, which will lead to an offer–both people of which everything had to be discussed in minute detail. those were YAY moments but took lot’s of time which is why I hadn’t looked at my calendar.

So back to the afternoon.God just blessed the heck out of my calls. Everybody wanted to be recruited today! Now I just have to get it all into a report…so great things right? and with each preparation knowing that Jesus was right there a part of it and that each candidate was happy about it. Very cool. but the coolest thing of all was tonight. I had to call my very best client and cancel a final interview for a candidate that was to fly in tomorrow night and interview all Friday. He has to show up in court on Friday for a client-make that Federal Court. I guess you don’t do substitutes there! But our conversation led to much much more as in the last 3 years we have become friends and I was filling her in more thoroughly on what exactly the deal is with me physically. Because none of them, she is the Dir/HR, the Mging Ptr, The CEO, understand me working when I am in the hospital! But I have worked in the hospital whenever I have been there-for years-so for me it is no big deal!-but for them-Well lot’s of time I just don’t tell them where I am. Unless I am so sick that I can not work as has been the case a couple of times and then I am reasonable about not working/not making calls. But to the point. we talked about my blog and what I write about. She has a friend who has brain cancer. She has written a book but can’t get it published not does any hospital or doctor’s office seem to want it. so I told her to tell her friend to contact me and I’ll show her what little I know and then I am confident that all of my friends out there will help her go further, introduce her possibly to others that will network her. I hadn’t met a single person with a brain tumor until I had one-then the next day my first 2 calls the people had brain tumors! and did we share with one another!!

II Cor 1:4 If I can be any comfort and show any comfort because of the comfort that my Father has given me and shown me for the same, I will do so. How could I not? How could we not? Is this not also what we are made for as to our purpose?


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