Back To The Tongue Ist Peter 4:11

Cover of "What Jesus Would Say"
Cover of What Jesus Would Say

I have said that the Lord was really dealing with me on the subject of my speech. Sometimes others might wonder, Cindy how do you know? Well, the Lord confirms over and over by the scripture He gives me to ponder over in my study either in my formal Bible study or my daily devotional-sometimes both-a double whammy! Then I know it is important!

In my lesson, it is very obvious that one can only overcome a sin, a habit, by the power of the Holy Spirit. But once you have been made aware of the problem and you’ve asked for help, it is also incumbent upon you to invoke you own will and discipline because our Lord has given us a choice in all things, including being obedient in coming clean!

“If anyone speaks, he should do it as one speaking the very words of God.” I Peter 4:11

Grabs you, doesn’t it? Makes you not want to even open your mouth at all! Because can any one of us imagine speaking the very words of God? But we all do! Think about your witness everyday. Those that know that you are a believer-that hear what comes out of your mouth! Is it what Jesus would say? Do we always speak in gentleness and love and truth? and WHO am I to even ask this when I only speak with a voice by the grace of God!(yes I blogged about getting my voice back miraculously after 18 months of no voice after a stroke in 05) So you see why God my Father might be after me a little more than the average person?

I’ll go back even further, to Romans 14. Paul is giving the believers instructions in what to do, not to-even what to eat, not to eat-or drink as the case maybe. Actually he says that all food is clean, but that is our weaker brother would stumble because of something that they saw us do or say or eat or drink in our strength-then we are wrong in our actions because the kingdom of God is not a matter of behavior and speech but of righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

How great is our God! He brings something to our notice! Then He gives the power to overcome it! And continually supports that effort by sending  parts of His word our way along with prayer support until all is overcome. I love Him! I praise Him-He is not a Bully, but so gentle and loving and careful and compassionate, even as He cuts away that which is evil or diseased in me.

I have given Him permission to go into every room in my Spirit. Have you?



7 thoughts on “Back To The Tongue Ist Peter 4:11

  1. Cindy,

    I really enjoyed your positng this morning. You are so right about the importance of placing our entire being into submission to His will. BTW you are right also… this positng goes hand in hand with mine. Thats how the Lord works at times. Lord bless you Cindy.

    1. I’m so glad you think so too. Sometimes I wonder about how my mind puts 2 and 2 together. I can get convoluted! But I thought this was really obvious. I hope you have a very blessed day!

      Cindy French, CSAM, CPC Manager 8517 Gunn Highway Odessa, FL 33556 (cell) 813.390.8791 (Office direct dial) 813.926.9390 (corp vm) 813.264.7165 x120 (Fax) 813.968.6450 “It is impossible to have a great life unless it is a meaningful life. And it is very difficult to have a meaningful life without meaningful work.” Jim Collins “Good to Great”

  2. One way that the tongue is used I believe is through emails..If I forward on an email which I have determined is possibly not condusive (sp?) to spreading good feeling, actions or thoughts then I am guilty of ‘saying’ those things ..’myself’… ..Diane

    1. Diane, that is VERY true! Glad you found me! Did you read my first comment on the Tongue so you know where I am coming from and why? You will find if you continue to follow that I write just exactly what comes out of my head and my heart-sometimes its pretty raw. But I know that God has really been changing me and working diligently on me since I started blogging-cause I can tell by reading my own writing! And knowing what place I was in when I wrote the post. How great is our God that HE is faithful-even when we are not!

      Cindy French, CSAM, CPC (cell) 813.390.8791 (Office direct dial) 813.926.9390

  3. Steven

    Hi Cindy, just to let you know….that word you gave me is bearing some fruit, or I sense…about to. Just a quick thanks! Shalom 🙂

    1. oh Steven, thank you for telling me! I have been praying and I know the work is done-turn your eyes upon Jesus and He will lead you to the right people of either sex to be friends with.

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