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More On My Hospital Visit

Posted by Cindy H French on 03/11/2012

I do have to start this post with thanking Our Father and God Almighty for His every little care: from being on a great wing of the hospital (they aren’t all great), having wonderful nurses and techs, and for the most part all those who were administering the testing. I have to thank my dear, sweet husband who made yet another trip to the ER, rushing to get there, only to sit for hours waiting on results and direction. And how hard it must be to hear me answer that yes, I have a living will and yes, I know what it all means. No, don’t re-start my heart. No, don’t resuscitate me. Why? the doctor asked. Because I will have gone home, I answered. But he didn’t get it. Of course he wasn’t my regular doctor-they all know how I feel and so does my family.  So what an incredible surprise I had when I saw my Orlando sister walk in the door Monday at lunch time! Oh no, He (God) wasn’t going to allow me any depression or discouragement . When I complained about not being able to get up and move around to talk to people, Marilou said The Lord will bring whomever He wishes to you–and He did. Enough that I was blessed and I think the people were blessed.

Over the course of the 4 days we discovered 3 completely different issues that I was suffering from–again, because it wasn’t obvious why a seizure or what kind of seizure-all the different kinds of tests were needed and I think the fact that other conditions were found just demonstrate the sovereignty of God, to make sure I got all the care I needed.

So this next week, we start the doctor office visits. The first one is with the immunologist. We are praying for antibodies! Who would have ever thought they’d be so important to me? But if I still have some left from the pneumonia vaccine I was given, I will get permission to go back on Remicaid! Woohoo! Still, all won’t be lost if I can’t. My new RA doc told me about a triple combo of drugs they can use-in fact always used before the new drugs like Remicaid or Embrel. So at least there is some kind of treatment for the disease. How I thank God for that. I guess I still haven’t read enough about the disease to have learned enough history. And what combo of pain meds they have me on now helps a lot-until the end of the 5 or 6 hr cycle that is!

Please pray on Tuesday for my orthopedic visit. This is for a second opinion. I don’t do this very often. I get referrals for my doctors and for the most part, have utmost confidence in them. But this year, after firing my RA doctor of 10 years, and the first new RA doctor after 2 visits, I have become a little more discerning (I hope) and since it’s me that’s hurting, a little more demanding. I am afraid I have a rotator cuff problem that has been made worse by physical therapy ordered by the first doctor.  So I am taking my xrays and going to see someone else and will probably get a scan this time too as I can not lift my arm up above my head or around my back, pull the car door shut, etc.   Then on Wednesday I see my neurologist for my lovely new helmet I get to wear for the week. Pray that there is some kind of explanation! But nothing that would take my drivers license away permanently!

And then pray for whoever God is sending my way who has gone through the same thing. Pray that their hearts are prepared for His Word, His Comfort, His Love. That’s the reason I can say, thank you Jesus for this new ailment (S) Just as you’ve instructed me to thank you in all things for this is the will of the Father concerning me. But don’t let go! I am holding on with my fingernails sometimes! Thank Goodness you have a strong right arm!  I love you, my Father and I do thank you again for my care this week and for answered prayer.


One Response to “More On My Hospital Visit”

  1. Cindy,

    I can truly say that all you went through was for God’s glory and your testimony. Romans 8:28 declares – and we know that all things work together for the good for the good of them that love God; them that are the called according to His purpose.

    All I could say is that God has a way of turning things and people around. Whatever He has to allow to draw others to Him, He will do it. There is always a purpose in what, how and why He allows us to go through what we go through.

    I heard you said that you wanted God to take you. Well, God is not through with you yet. There are more souls for you to win for the kingdom. Your work is not done Cindy!

    I have learned through my sickness, test and trials that a lot of what I went through and am still going thru is not for me, but for others. God is truly amazing! He is an awesome wonder!

    Through it all, you have gained strength, wisdom, knowledge power and understanding in God and His Word. You have truly withstood the test.
    You shall reap in due season if you fail not!

    There is a song that says “It’s for His Glory!”. Yes, what you went through was indeed for God’s glory. I can tell in your writing that you have truly grown closer to God. Even the bad can work for our good.

    Continue to fight the good fight of faith and know that God is not through with you yet. Your work is not done yet!!!

    God bless and do remember to tell the Lord thank you!


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