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More New Meds!

Posted by Cindy H French on 12/15/2011

We went back to the GI Dot today for follow up after my endoscopy last week. He told us that in all his years of practice, he had never seen such a bad, overwhelming case of this systemic candida.  I saw pictures and compared with what it is supposed to look like vs what it does look like is amazing. It’s like one of those powdered donuts you buy instead being a glazed donut. Yeah, pretty awful comparison, isn’t it?

Well, at least I know I am not crazy. There are physical reasons for all that I have been through and am going through now. I think the fatigue is the hardest thing, because it is so overwhelming. So I got a bottle of ProBiotics. I am to take a double dose every day for 2 months. I am already on the antifungal double dose for 3 weeks with the warning I may have to stay on it longer too. I am not sure how they will determine if the stuff is gone.

All I know is Greater Is He That Is Within Me Than He That Is In The World. I know He has a purpose to all of this. But I have to say honestly tonight, it is hard. The sores on my mouth are not healing, but seemingly worse and larger–I would assume because of the infection. But I don’t know who to see, or what to do about it-other than to pray.


3 Responses to “More New Meds!”

  1. Naphtali said

    Dear Cindy, I am so sorry for what you are dealing with because I have been through yeast problems also. Years ago it was vaginal and then it returned about 2 years ago.

    It is awful, but besides faith in God, medication the best cure I have found is a sugar free diet. Maybe you have tried this, but it worked for me. Sugar is in everything but cutting way back I even noticed a difference.

    Mine has been caused mostly from medications and stress. I just know God is my physician and he showed me the “sugar answer” years ago from a nurse in a doctor’s office (the doctor couldn’t figure out what was causing it) The nurse showed me an article in a Redbook magazine showing how many women were suffering then and sugar was the culprit. After an 8 month sugar free diet, it was gone.

    Maybe you have tried this, but I know it works. Blessings..

  2. Glad to read this blog! Keep it going!

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