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Posted by Cindy H French on 12/04/2011

I had an endoscopy this last week. It was to check my reflux-in fact to put a little camera in to measure things for 48 hours. We also did it to make sure I hadn’t grown any new polyps this year. Last year, there were 11 of them between my esophagus and stomach.

We ALL got the surprise of our lives to see that I had a fungus ( candidas) growing out of control covering my esophagus all the way down to my stomach. When it is in the esophagus like that they call it, esophagitis. Traditional treatment is Nystatin. It doesn’t work.  I came home and promptly googled everything about the bacteria/fungus. Although it is a natural bacteria residing in the body, when it gets out of wack, it is very dangerous and can make a person very sick. This I know for sure. I believe, based on my reading that I have systemic candidas. Everything that has gone wrong with me this year can be traced back to it. Even the smell of the “bug” as I called it. I could smell it. I kept describing as a sickly sweet smell-yes, yeast! And candidas affects ears, the mouth, intestinal gas, bladder and kidney infections, asthma, RA–does any of this sound familiar? It’s amazing that when it gets in your intestines, it can release 70 different toxins. And of course no culture ever came back positive. Candida is natural to the body!

So I have a plan of action! I am not going to succumb to this! Now that I have a name to pray against and lock up, I will. When I see my pulmonologist next week, I will ask for a bronchosopy. It stands to reason that if its on my esophagus, its on my trachea, in my bronchii, maybe even my lungs–which would explain all the horrendous attacks…yet again why there was no culture. I have also researched a supplement that I have been told about that should really impact this problem-called Protamdin. I have a printout on it and am taking it to the doctor too. Finally all the websites suggested a complete nutritional change-perhaps something as radical as gluten free. I will work with a nutritionist on that. Those are the actions I can take. But mostly I am going to the throne room of my Lord God. I am going to ask for healing of this scourge. Again, now that we know the name, we can pray against it and bind it in Jesus Christ’s name.

I certainly believe it is worse because of my witness. I am out front and center in Linkedin now-this blog address is listed. My beliefs are listed. And when replying to any discussion, it is always whatever God tells me to write. But greater is He that is within me than he that is in the world.




  1. We have a refrigerator full of the best probiotics we could find for our ongoing experimentation. We have not seen any form of acidophilus by itself or even in “broad spectrum” groups being effective enough to rout the Candida from the colon, though in some less severe Candida cases the better ones may be helpful.

  2. Rumor said

    Not bad at all fellas and glaals. Thanks.

  3. I suggest adding a “google+” button for the blog!

  4. Terry Chapman said

    I, too, have suffered the effects of run away candida for many years. I had tried so many supplements and diets that I could have taken a really nice trip with the money instead – for all the help they were. After research, I have been taking 7 (gotta like that number) drops of turpentine, yes, turpentine on a spoonful of sugar. I take it ten days apart after I have had had to resort to antibiotics for some reason.

    The first time I took it, I went to work as usual, burping for a couple of hours. Started feeling better in afternoon, went home, dinner, bed and woke the next morning so completely feeling like a new person, full of energy, happy, on top of the world in every way. Ten days later I took second dose. Over the next two months I lost over 20 lbs. which included 12 days in Israel with lots of walking which accounted for part of the loss.

    I picked up a very bad mix of germs on plane (368 people) on way back from Israel, and my immune system was down because it was an exhausting trip. I was on antibiotics for two full weeks. I continued losing for another month. Then, without realising it, I started with the cravings again and ‘woke’ up to fact I was quickly going back to eating wrong because I was again craving sugar. I took the turnpentine again but missed the does 10 days later and slowing the yeast is taking hold again. I am taking first of the one-two does today. I will let you know how it is going.

    God bless. I too am a believer in Yeshua (Jesus) and give Him all the glory for finding a better solution.

    • Ari David said

      Hi Terry,
      I came across your post after reading an ebook about turpentine and sugar. Did you modify your diet, do enemas/colonics, and large volumes of water prior to starting with turp and sugar? I’m very interested in knowing if it’s still working for you.

  5. Art Espy said

    The majority of the significant things on the globe are already accomplished by those who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope in any way.
    A lot more doubt, mumble; much more trouble, delegate; much more charge, ponder.

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