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Missions in My Own Backyard

Posted by Cindy H French on 11/06/2011

Friday a week ago, I got a call from a candidate that I had spoken with several times. We had talked about my helping her find a job (remember I am a recruiter) and we had talked about a new business opportunity that I thought she was uniquely qualified for that I am also involved in. She was going to be in Tampa and wanted to meet me. So we met for lunch at Chili’s. As soon as we sat down, she said, “Cindy, I am not particularly religious”–ok I responded, not knowing where this was going. “But I love being around religious people”–why is that? I questioned. “Oh because I like them and want to be like them!” she said.  Of course I asked, “Has no one told you how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?””  ” NO” she replied.  So I told her very simply that we are all sinners. that Jesus Christ is God’s perfect Son come to be our blood payment for our sin. That by accepting His sacrifice, death, burial and resurrection, we are born into God’s family and are then made perfect. She said I made it sound so simple! and I replied “it is so simple!” Do you understand? Do you want this for yourself? were the next questions I asked and eagerly she said Yes!” Ok, I said, Let’s do this” “What, right here? in Chili’s,” she asked. “What do I do?” So I took her hands and said follow me and led her in prayer-as we finished, she was crying, but smiling and happy and we proceeded to have the most wonderful time! We laughed and talked for an hour and after we had paid the bill, the waiter came by and he said” ya’ll must be best friends the way you were having such a good time”.  She looked at me and then she turned to him and said would you believe we never met face to face before today?–of course he didn’t believe us-but we left the restaurant laughing together and then I said–the reasons we were able to be like that is  that we are now sisters in Christ. We hugged again and I told her to read the gospel of John and that I’d be in touch. Then I got in the car and started praising the Lord with every word that I knew to praise Him.  

see what happens almost a week later next post.


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