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Our New Life

Posted by Cindy H French on 10/17/2011

We moved over the holiday weekend. Our kids came down and helped -a lot! I was very thankful. It took about a month, but finally we settled in–Sweet Dennis doing everything, unpacking, and re-tooling or fixing things to work for us in a better way. And we are only 10 minutes from the hospital! I can honestly say that I am truly satisfied–I think for the first time in my life. I have been wondering about why that is. Certainly my circumstances have changed financially, but that wouldn’t make a person want less-usually only more so! I don’t have everything I used to have in my new place-all the extra nice finishes, etc, but amazingly, that doesn’t bother me! Me who grew up wanting the perfect house-and actually having it for 7 years–not missing it or the finishes. The service people who have continued to see us have asked how we like the new place–all I can say is that I am so happy to have it and so comfortable and so satisfied. That is an amazing personality change for me, I have to admit. I was a shopper; I loved clothes and shoes and jewelry. I always wanted my house just so–and it was. 

This spring I took a personality profile for a client. I knew exactly what it would say. I had taken them previously for my company and I fit their GM profile perfectly-high dominance, high extraversion, high impatience. Imagine my surprise when my profile was read to me–dominance was mid-line (normal), high extraversion, high PATIENCE.  WHAT???   I kept asking my client if he was sure that he was reading it correctly. He was sure, of course–what was wrong? As far as he was concerned, this was a good profile of me! I asked him to email me the results so that I could read them over. And yes, really I had somehow changed.        

Now these seem to be two disconnected little stories, don’t they? But do you know that psychologists and all those who put those tests together and study behavior-especially life long behavior say that you can not change your basic personality traits; that their tests are such that regardless of how someone might try to “fix” the profile to match what the company is looking for, it is simply impossible to do that. So then my question had to be how was I so profoundly changed?  And for me anyway, these changes were truly profound.

After prayer and talking with my Holy Father, reading His Word, and at the leading of the Holy Spirit I began to find verses that said that we would be changed by the Word. It is sharper than a two-edged sword and cuts to the very marrow of the bone.    So after all the reading and praying and talking, I realized that God has been refining me just as He said He would. NOT THAT I HAVE “ARRIVED”, but only that finally there is some progress and growth in my life. This is encouragement to me and I hope to others that you can never be too old to change, for God to work on you or through you.                               



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