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A New Nodule To Get Over

Posted by Cindy H French on 06/07/2011

It’s been a month since that scary asthma attack in May, but I have had a laryngitis voice ever since. Too long, I thought, so to protect those precious cords that don’t work right anyway, I scheduled an appt with my Voice/ENT. I thought maybe I had a virus, but no, of course not, it’s a rheumatoid nodule on the cord, the most fragile cord, my left one.  I was surprised, but why? I think God is just taking my body through the medical journals and hitting on all the hot spots. This way I understand how anyone I meet truly feels cause I’ve been there. So now, between the RA making the asthma flare and it putting a nodule on my vocal cord, I think I might have to take this disease more seriously! I have been so fortunate to have found Remicade a drug that really takes care of my pain, so that I forget I have RA. But apparently my body hasn’t forgotten and the inflammatory kind that I have is doing a number on me internally where I can’t see it-but the blood tests show it and now the nodule does. So where do I go for my comfort in this “one more thing”? Back to my Lord Jesus, for has He not suffered more than I and yet He gave it all for me.

He will be my road map. He is the WAY. I can’t worry about tomorrow or the next day, but this day that He has given me to live and to bear witness. So I have a voice of sorts but so much better than the time of no voice at all.  I have much to be thankful for.


One Response to “A New Nodule To Get Over”

  1. Cindy,

    That Eulogy message was so powerful until it brought tears to my eyes. It brought back a lot of wonderful childhood memories that I had with my parents.

    God is truly an awesome wonder! He knows the families to place us in, even before we are born.

    Oh how your story really touched my heart in so many ways when I reflect back on my dear parents also.

    Thank you for sharing that story Cindy. It truly blessed my soul.


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