God’s Work in the Hospital

My first night, I woke up needing a breathing treatment. I had a really nice nurse and she sat with me while I got settled down. I told her of my daughter Laurel who had called to let me know she was feeling called into full time Christian service in Venezuela to a group called the Jonas Project. These are small boys who have been taken off the streets who have been abused, prostituted, into drug use, abandoned–you name it. The project people take these boys and give them schooling, room and board and tell them about Jesus. When I told the nurse about this-she knew about the PROJECT-in fact her church supports it! She asked that my Laurel come and talk with them about her calling. And later, when her husband came to pick her up, he came in to tell me about a Bible college-Crown College in Tn that she should check out as she will need training! Wow! at 3:30 in the morning.

Then my tech came in next and  she asked me how I had spent the weekend. I told her of my successful garage sale. She asked if I were selling a sofa. I was, but it hadn’t sold. She bought it. What a blessing that was for me!

On Monday I got a roommate whose husband was with her. Soon we were talking about our similar illnesses and how we coped. Very quickly God came into the conversation. They both professed Jesus as their Savior, but admitted to some major addictions.  Off and on as we spoke (the roommate and I) I just shared scripture as God gave it to me. In the middle of the night, when again I was taking a breathing treatment and then she was, I was reading in my Bible and thought the Lord might have a Word for me. But no, the word was for my roommate! I read her scriptures from 4 different passages as God led me along. Together, based on our earlier talk, we knew this was specifically for her. Amazing! I wrote it all down for her since she didn’t have her Bible with her. The first thing she did the next day was share it with her husband.

Tuesday came and I knew my stats had been good and that I was going home. I did a little work on my laptop before the doctor came and he said he wanted me to walk around the floor with a pulse ox to monitor my oxygen level to make sure it didn’t go down below 90. Otherwise I would have had to go home with oxygen.  He had a student nurse walk with me. Just a few minutes into our walk, she asked me if she could ask me a question. Of course was my answer. She asked me “aren’t you afraid when you have those asthma attacks?” Well if you read my writing about the night of May 5th, you know my answer!! So we just finished the story when we got back to my room. She asked if she could hug me. Of course, I answered, and you must be a believer too! She said, “I am” I asked if I could tell her one more story…so I told her of learning to pray. Of reading in Isaiah 37 of King Hezekiah and his prayer to the Lord, and then Nehemiah 1 and his prayer to the Lord and to all the prophets and how they prayed–which was so different than the way I prayed. And she admitted how she prayed. So I asked her to pray like they prayed for the next 2 weeks and when petitioning, to be very, very specific. And then to watch what God would do. At the end of that time, a book called the Papa Prayer by Larry Crabb might make some sense to her.

My youth pastor stepped into my room as she left. He told me I didn’t look sick. I explained that God’s work was done and I was going home. He said the other pastors told me about you–what’s been happening? So I told him some and then he asked what I needed. “I need rest and no asthma attacks for awhile; we’re moving.” I replied.  He said that the pastors did lift me up in prayer everyday-how wonderful is that? and he has teenagers–could they help us move boxes? So looks like all of the stuff we won’t get done this weekend, they will be available to load and bring to the new house on Tuesday. What a blessing!


I just got out of the hospital from my 3rd asthma attack since May 5th. Lucky me, this time I only stayed 3 days, but God’s work was done and I was so tired!

Last Sunday morning, upon waking, I realized I could hardly breathe. My husband could hear me struggling across the room. He told me to get dressed, we were going to the hospital. I wanted to pack some things, but he wanted to get to the hospital right away. When I first arrived, my stats weren’t that bad, but within the 15, may be 20 minutes of triage and waiting on a bed, I started going down quickly. What a difference  it was having a group of nurses and doctors who knew just what to do, when  to do, how to do. The doctor came in right away, ordered an HOUR breathing treatment (they are usually only about 10-15 min), some other drugs, tests and said he was calling my pulmonologist. The breathing treatment was WONDERFUL! If I could live in that bubble all the time, I could breathe-no problem! Unfortunately, it doesn’t last too long and soon the coughing and extreme breathlessness comes back-even with oxygen on.

Still do you notice something fantastic here is happening? I am not fearful or panicked. Just as God had promised on May 5th, He was there with me. I was so calm. I think the nurses were worried–they asked me–I said “it’s a God thing” .  I had prayed on the way, that God would be there with me, I asked him not to take me yet , I am moving next weekend and wanted to get my husband settled, and some personal business settled, IF He, the Lord, was ok with that. If I was just going because there were people I was to give witness to-as before-then that was fine too. Of course I wish He didn’t have to use an asthma attack to get me there-but that seems to be the way of it for now.

Read the next post for what He did…

A New Nodule To Get Over

It’s been a month since that scary asthma attack in May, but I have had a laryngitis voice ever since. Too long, I thought, so to protect those precious cords that don’t work right anyway, I scheduled an appt with my Voice/ENT. I thought maybe I had a virus, but no, of course not, it’s a rheumatoid nodule on the cord, the most fragile cord, my left one.  I was surprised, but why? I think God is just taking my body through the medical journals and hitting on all the hot spots. This way I understand how anyone I meet truly feels cause I’ve been there. So now, between the RA making the asthma flare and it putting a nodule on my vocal cord, I think I might have to take this disease more seriously! I have been so fortunate to have found Remicade a drug that really takes care of my pain, so that I forget I have RA. But apparently my body hasn’t forgotten and the inflammatory kind that I have is doing a number on me internally where I can’t see it-but the blood tests show it and now the nodule does. So where do I go for my comfort in this “one more thing”? Back to my Lord Jesus, for has He not suffered more than I and yet He gave it all for me.

He will be my road map. He is the WAY. I can’t worry about tomorrow or the next day, but this day that He has given me to live and to bear witness. So I have a voice of sorts but so much better than the time of no voice at all.  I have much to be thankful for.