The Holiday Season

 The Holidays bring many memories of times past and people, fun and laughter and this year tears. It’s the first time I have decorated the house since Mom and Dad went to be with Jesus. This year, Laurel, our younger daughter is coming to spend the holiday and she loves a decorated house! It was bittersweet having all the memories surface as I pulled out Santa Clauses (I collected them till Dennis said I had enough!) and nutcrackers and table decorations with silver reindeer. Dennis helped me with the tree. Every year, my Dad would tell me that it was the best one ever!

I’ve mentioned before that we are studying the book of Isaiah in BSF this year. What an awesome study it has been! I am amazed that the first few chapters read like today’s headlines. So much of what was going on in the world then is actually going on in the world now. God answered that time with fierce destruction and used the nations to punish Israel/Judah for disobedience and lack of worship of Him. I believe that the destruction has started in our world today that will take us into the end times. Really just how much time do I spend in true Bible study? As much time as I do reading popular fiction? Do I spend more time with God than the TV? These are valid questions and really are bothering me to my core because I know what the answers are. Just how important is God my Father really-to me?