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Using the 4 Spiritual Laws

Posted by Cindy H French on 09/19/2010

As I mentioned on my last posting, I had some really great news to share! I’ve often said that God never wastes an experience and He certainly used my time in the hospital.

On Thursday night after I was finally feeling better and more able to talk, I got a new roommate from across the hall as they needed her room for a contagious patient. The next morning I was able to talk to my student nurse and then my daughter about what Jesus was doing in my life right and my roommate wanted to hear! So I took my little “4 laws” booklet over to her bedside and together we went through it. She understood so clearly! And when I got to the prayer part where one can ask Jesus to come in to one’s life, she prayer there, right out loud! We finished the book together with her making notes in a little notebook. She also gave me her name and number for me to follow up with her. I am trying to arrange transportation for her to church when she is better. Now, she has a reason to go and worship!

My student nurse and I had this private suspended time while she was waiting on something or someone. It gave me the time to ask her questions about her schooling, time left, her family. Just stuff like that. Then out of my mouth came, “What are you going to teach your baby daughter?” That certainly was not a question I remember ever having asked before! But God knew it was the right question, because she didn’t know and she was worried about it. I asked her if she wanted to know some of the answers and of course she did! I gave her the other little booklet that I had and we talked about her coming to know Our Savior.

What a blessing Friday was! To have come through so much all week and then have God so richly use me was/is indescribable! Sometimes we do have to suffer to get where Jesus wants us to go. Obviously I couldn’t get well too fast, I needed to be there Friday! Now I am home on restriction, but am improving.


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