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Once Again, I Step Past the Bullets!

Posted by Cindy H French on 09/18/2010

I don’t think I mentioned my last 2 blogs that once again, I have been dealing with my asthma. It is certainly a thorn in my side! But on Thurs the 9th  I was in to see the doctor because I once again needed more prednesone. I actually saw the PA and she didn’t like what I sounded like or how I looked and prescribed a pretty high dose of the prednesone (60 mg/day) for the next few days and said to come back in on Monday afternoon. Which I did. I knew I wasn’t better and probably needed IV meds, but was shocked when they could hardly hear me breathing…I couldn’t take a deep breath…and it was right to the hospital for me. Yes, I drove myself, instead of asking for help. I obviously wasn’t thinking clearly and I am used to doing for myself. At any rate, by the time I got there I was in some distress and needed the meds pretty quickly. My inhaler had really quit doing its job. My first clue that something was really wrong was when my nurse couldn’t hear anything and called another nurse in. I didn’t turn the corner till Wednesday this time. The first time ever that IV solu-medrol hasn’t worked a miracle the first time I got it. And when my doc was really grim on Wed am’s visit, I decided it was really time for me to talk to the Lord about the situation.

I have always looked upon these little hospitalizations as God’s vacation for me and the opportunity to share His Good News with those in whom I come into contact. This was actually serious though. I was getting 80 mg. of IV steroids every 6 hours and 2 different breathing treatments every 4 hours around the clock. And I wasn’t getting better! I was really too pooped to do much of any of the necessary work I had with me to do–but of course I pushed myself to do the stuff that had to get done. (references for a job offer) Otherwise, I just monitored my Blackberry for emergencies, but no working, a real first for me!

Finally Wednesday night, the nurses could hear some breath sounds! I know it was because I was being lifted up in church that very night at the midweek service. I had already had a call from one of the pastors and my BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) leader had come and prayed for me Wed afternoon. I really believe that those prayers turned the tide for me. Thursday was so much better that they lowered the steroid dosage and let me sleep through the night without breathing treatments. A good night’s sleep is just as much good medicine, you know.

But my best day was Friday!! Read my next post to find out what God did!!


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