Using the 4 Spiritual Laws

As I mentioned on my last posting, I had some really great news to share! I’ve often said that God never wastes an experience and He certainly used my time in the hospital.

On Thursday night after I was finally feeling better and more able to talk, I got a new roommate from across the hall as they needed her room for a contagious patient. The next morning I was able to talk to my student nurse and then my daughter about what Jesus was doing in my life right and my roommate wanted to hear! So I took my little “4 laws” booklet over to her bedside and together we went through it. She understood so clearly! And when I got to the prayer part where one can ask Jesus to come in to one’s life, she prayer there, right out loud! We finished the book together with her making notes in a little notebook. She also gave me her name and number for me to follow up with her. I am trying to arrange transportation for her to church when she is better. Now, she has a reason to go and worship!

My student nurse and I had this private suspended time while she was waiting on something or someone. It gave me the time to ask her questions about her schooling, time left, her family. Just stuff like that. Then out of my mouth came, “What are you going to teach your baby daughter?” That certainly was not a question I remember ever having asked before! But God knew it was the right question, because she didn’t know and she was worried about it. I asked her if she wanted to know some of the answers and of course she did! I gave her the other little booklet that I had and we talked about her coming to know Our Savior.

What a blessing Friday was! To have come through so much all week and then have God so richly use me was/is indescribable! Sometimes we do have to suffer to get where Jesus wants us to go. Obviously I couldn’t get well too fast, I needed to be there Friday! Now I am home on restriction, but am improving.


Once Again, I Step Past the Bullets!

I don’t think I mentioned my last 2 blogs that once again, I have been dealing with my asthma. It is certainly a thorn in my side! But on Thurs the 9th  I was in to see the doctor because I once again needed more prednesone. I actually saw the PA and she didn’t like what I sounded like or how I looked and prescribed a pretty high dose of the prednesone (60 mg/day) for the next few days and said to come back in on Monday afternoon. Which I did. I knew I wasn’t better and probably needed IV meds, but was shocked when they could hardly hear me breathing…I couldn’t take a deep breath…and it was right to the hospital for me. Yes, I drove myself, instead of asking for help. I obviously wasn’t thinking clearly and I am used to doing for myself. At any rate, by the time I got there I was in some distress and needed the meds pretty quickly. My inhaler had really quit doing its job. My first clue that something was really wrong was when my nurse couldn’t hear anything and called another nurse in. I didn’t turn the corner till Wednesday this time. The first time ever that IV solu-medrol hasn’t worked a miracle the first time I got it. And when my doc was really grim on Wed am’s visit, I decided it was really time for me to talk to the Lord about the situation.

I have always looked upon these little hospitalizations as God’s vacation for me and the opportunity to share His Good News with those in whom I come into contact. This was actually serious though. I was getting 80 mg. of IV steroids every 6 hours and 2 different breathing treatments every 4 hours around the clock. And I wasn’t getting better! I was really too pooped to do much of any of the necessary work I had with me to do–but of course I pushed myself to do the stuff that had to get done. (references for a job offer) Otherwise, I just monitored my Blackberry for emergencies, but no working, a real first for me!

Finally Wednesday night, the nurses could hear some breath sounds! I know it was because I was being lifted up in church that very night at the midweek service. I had already had a call from one of the pastors and my BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) leader had come and prayed for me Wed afternoon. I really believe that those prayers turned the tide for me. Thursday was so much better that they lowered the steroid dosage and let me sleep through the night without breathing treatments. A good night’s sleep is just as much good medicine, you know.

But my best day was Friday!! Read my next post to find out what God did!!

Asthma Again!

In my last post, I mentioned my asthma in relation to going out of town, but being on my meds. Unfortunately as I came back home, the asthma got worse-to the point that I had to go into the doctor’s office to get some stronger strength prednesone. I was so glad I did. The PA didn’t like how I sounded and doubled my dose, plus giving me a steroid shot to kick start me. I came home and went right to bed and slept for 12 hours. Having a strong cough syrup and sleep meds only helped. The way you heal is to sleep. With prednesone, especially, you are lots more “hyped up”, so it is hard to sleep without help. I was probably up too much on Friday-but I was closing a deal-most important!

On Wednesday night, we were able to go to church. I hadn’t gotten to the doctor yet, so I was pushing the envelope, but didn’t sing in worship, just said the words. Still so meaningful ! Then one of our associate pastors gave the message from Matthew16:13-23. It is here that Jesus asks his disciples who people say that he is and Simon Peter tells him that to himself, He is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.  Yet just a few verses later, Peter is rebuked by Jesus when he won’t listen and agree to Jesus’ forecast of His coming time in Jerusalem and eventual death. What was interesting to me is the questions the passage raised.

Who do I say that Jesus is? Do I understand that His job is to wreck me and reconstruct me into His image? Do I recognize that I can’t manipulate Jesus? Do I have a heavenly vs an earthly perspective?   WOW, what incredible questions and not easily answered if you are thinking at all below the surface.

I have been thinking all the rest of the week on these questions and what truthful answers I can give so here goes-for me:

  • I too say that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God and my savior and king.
  • No I didn’t understand His job to wreck me and reconstruct me in His image. I mean, yes I knew about “making me more like Him, the refining, but wreck me? No, I don’t think that was in MY plan. So maybe some of the things I have been through make more sense now? I don’t know, I still have more to think on this.
  • Have I ever thought I could manipulate Jesus? I don’t know. Have I tried? Probably, as it seems it’s my nature to manipulate the circumstances or whatever to my satisfaction. Oh, how I need to have forgiveness for this one! And to be wary now of my motives in my prayers.
  • Do I have a heavenly vs an earthly perspective? You know, on this one I think that I do. I have been blue twice and survived a multitude of serious illnesses-the kind that you have to face your own mortality. Plus I work with GriefShare which is an organization that works with people who have lost loved ones…that’s in my face every week. And I end my prayers with Lord, come quickly please! and I mean it! This world is getting so wicked, it’s a wonder that God can stand us at all.

Mega High School Reunion

I spent last weekend in Atlanta attending a high school reunion of 10 graduating classes. What a blast! I was able to see people I hadn’t seen in 41 years-those that didn’t make it to last year’s 69er’s party. But the best thing was running into people from the year before me including an old boyfriend that broke my heart and never acknowledged it! He sought ME out. I would have never recognized him! It’s amazing how most of the guys changed so much, but most of us girls just got older, and we still look pretty good!

I was on prednesone again as I had the asthma issue rear it’s ugly head Tuesday before I left on Thursday. Of course the only way to go was to be back on my meds. Still I wasn’t started at the high dose I usually am, so I did “ok” until I started decelerating the dosage. The funny thing was how my kids have turned into the parents! Both nights I got a call at 10:30 to “check on me” and “what time would I be home”. Geez, you’d think I was 14, not 59! I know to take care of myself. I am the one who pays so dearly if I don’t, so I am careful. I got home at 11 and then 12 on the 2nd night after the chance to do some dancing-what a great, great dance band we had and all 60’s, early  70’s music.

What was so surprising about the whole weekend was that God closed my mouth-I mean totally no opening or opportunity to share my love of Jesus and what He’s done for me! I so expected that surely in the drive up or back with a classmate from Gainesville, that there would be time to talk and share. And though there was the time, there was no opportunity, no leading! How very interesting! Well, we intend to stay in touch so we’ll see what happens in the future. But by and large, it was an awesome weekend and worth my hard work (on  the steering committee).