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It’s Always Something

Posted by Cindy H French on 07/18/2010

I got my cataracts taken care of and said great! No more to fix on me, surely not! It was almost as if someone heard that, because in these last few weeks, my right knee started hurting. At first it was just a nuisance, but then it started screaming at me when I got up from sitting or stooping. Finally it became painful to push on the accelerator on the car. I thought it my be my RA,  it was time for my med infusions. It did seem to get a little better after the first one and then came screaming back.  I iced it of and on-that helped a little bit, but the more active I was the more I hurt.

In the middle of this time, my sister Marilou and I had planned a trip to Atlanta to be there for our nephew’s first birthday party and to meet his brother, just 2 weeks old. What a great time it was, seeing everyone! My brother, his wife, his son and his wife came so I had the 3 of us sibs together, along with my 2 kids, son-in-law and 3 grandchildren. Like my dearly departed Dad, I was in heaven having some of the family together!

I had to keep icing my knee during all this and then noticed that my feet and ankles were swollen like little sausages too. So Monday afternoon, I sat in the Doctors’s office while she wrote me a RX for an MRI and some lasix for the swelling.  I was very fortunate to get right in for the MRI.

I was devastated when they faxed me a copy of the diagnosis to find that my inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis was now a destroying bone in my knee under the kneecap. No wonder I hurt so much! So I had my self a little pity party that day. Cried and complained to the Lord, my God for my circumstances and the body he had given me. Did you think I never cried? That I am always strong? Not so!! This does get very old and is really beginning to be my identity-not something I want at all.


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