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Easter and The Next Weeks

Posted by Cindy H French on 04/12/2010

I got surprised at the end of a magnificent service on Easter morning. I couldn’t stand up, couldn’t lay down, couldn’t talk -the sudden pain in my left upper chest was so bad. I mean the worst pain I have ever felt! Of course, everyone, including  me thought I was having a heart attack-all the signs were there. Our family friend, a pediatrician took my blood pressure which was very high and gave me a baby aspirin. Someone called the paramedics. So here it is, Easter morning, I think, what a fine morning to go to be with God and see my parents and aunts and uncles who have gone on before me, along with the 3 children I lost in my twenties. I am ready, except for seeing the anguish  on my husband’s face and then thinking of my children and grandchildren who were expected the next night for spring break! But really, all I could do besides thinking in little bursts was how bad I hurt! Like never before, it was! As I described it to my cardiologist today, he thought that I might have had a seizure of sorts of the heart and the way the lungs rub against them. I didn’t write down what that seizure was called, but I can guarantee you, I’ll know it if I feel it again. The other possibility is that my hiatal hernia decided to spasm. Who knows? Now I have meds for both-we’ll see what happens. The worst part was having to go to the hospital-one that didn’t know me or my history. I learned very quickly how important it is to have the doctors who know you and your story. I was very fortunate that I had a really good PA who listened to me and what I would and would not do in regards to the status of my heart. I passed the tests enough to get out of the hospital Monday night and my kids arrived right after I got home. My first born daughter made a shrimp pasta extraordinaire and salad for dinner. I went to bed early having only slept 3 hours at the hospital…

I must say I wondered why God had let me go to the hospital. It was certainly inconvenient. But there were two times when I just knew that I was there to pray and lift up people. One was Marion. She is in ICU, has a broken neck and what sounded like pneumonia when we were waiting for the angio-CT scan. Then there was a toddler that was being worked on feverishly by the helicopter crew–I don’t know what the problem was-just that I needed to pray. I did pray, do pray for them still…

More about life in general next time….


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