Shrimp Pasta Extradonaire

Depending on how many people you want to serve-about a half lb per person of shrimp, then tailor how much of the veggies, etc you add. It’s all relative!

Shrimp- cleaned and deveined

yellow summer squash, cut into small bite size pieces

zucchini squash, cut into small bite size pieces

red and green peppers cut into small bite size pieces

about 1/4 lb sliced mushrooms

half a bunch of green onions sliced thinly

2-3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped or use a garlic press

One jar of Alfredo sauce

white wine to taste

cooked whole wheat pasta-amount depending on how many to serve

Freshly grated parmesan cheese

Saute’  onions, then add garlic and mushrooms, then peppers. Cook until tender. Add squash, cook until tender.

Add Alfredo sauce to the veggies and then add a little white wine to sauce so it is not quite so thick. Again to taste.

When it tastes great, add the shrimp for just 3 minutes, until they turn pink.  Immediately take off of heat.

Serve pasta and then add the shrimp alfredo sauce. Add parmesan cheese.

Can be served with salad and baguette of bread.


Easter and The Next Weeks

I got surprised at the end of a magnificent service on Easter morning. I couldn’t stand up, couldn’t lay down, couldn’t talk -the sudden pain in my left upper chest was so bad. I mean the worst pain I have ever felt! Of course, everyone, including  me thought I was having a heart attack-all the signs were there. Our family friend, a pediatrician took my blood pressure which was very high and gave me a baby aspirin. Someone called the paramedics. So here it is, Easter morning, I think, what a fine morning to go to be with God and see my parents and aunts and uncles who have gone on before me, along with the 3 children I lost in my twenties. I am ready, except for seeing the anguish  on my husband’s face and then thinking of my children and grandchildren who were expected the next night for spring break! But really, all I could do besides thinking in little bursts was how bad I hurt! Like never before, it was! As I described it to my cardiologist today, he thought that I might have had a seizure of sorts of the heart and the way the lungs rub against them. I didn’t write down what that seizure was called, but I can guarantee you, I’ll know it if I feel it again. The other possibility is that my hiatal hernia decided to spasm. Who knows? Now I have meds for both-we’ll see what happens. The worst part was having to go to the hospital-one that didn’t know me or my history. I learned very quickly how important it is to have the doctors who know you and your story. I was very fortunate that I had a really good PA who listened to me and what I would and would not do in regards to the status of my heart. I passed the tests enough to get out of the hospital Monday night and my kids arrived right after I got home. My first born daughter made a shrimp pasta extraordinaire and salad for dinner. I went to bed early having only slept 3 hours at the hospital…

I must say I wondered why God had let me go to the hospital. It was certainly inconvenient. But there were two times when I just knew that I was there to pray and lift up people. One was Marion. She is in ICU, has a broken neck and what sounded like pneumonia when we were waiting for the angio-CT scan. Then there was a toddler that was being worked on feverishly by the helicopter crew–I don’t know what the problem was-just that I needed to pray. I did pray, do pray for them still…

More about life in general next time….

Holy Easter Week

I am sure that you have heard it said that “God is in the details”. This has been so true of my last 2 weeks. Remember that in my Bible study group we have been studying the  Gospel of John? It is truly amazing, but we have come down to the  in our study just this week. Last week, we studied John 17 -which I thought I knew and thought I had studied, but no, this time it was so rich and deep! I learned that I am the Lord’s most precious, treasured possession! That He prayed for me and my safety and care from the evil one, even then! That even now, He stands interceeding for me, calling on angels to protect me, arranging each need, each person, each very thread that touches my life–WHEATHER I AM PRAYING AND ASKING FOR ANYTHING OR NOT! He knows exactly what I need before I even know that I need it!

Jesus cherishes believers as the greatest proof of His Father’s love to Him, even as the Holy Spirit teaches believers to value the gift of Christ Jesus as the greatest proof of their Heavenly Father’s love to them. This really shows the VALUE of the believer in His sight, His keeping (caring ) power and future inheritance in and with Jesus.

Just one more point: Jesus gives gifts to his Own–Eternal life, God’s revelation, His words, His joy, Separation from the world, Commission to the world, Sanctification, His glory and His love. What more could anyone want?

If you are reading this and have never asked Jesus to come live in heart, that you are sorry for your sins (imperfect), and accept his sacrifice for you–PLEASE DON’T WAIT ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER MINUTE!  I promise this is the most important decision you will ever make and the most joyous and rewarding one! Start your new life this Easter!!

New Fish and Salsa Recipe

My anti-inflamatory diet has a lot of fish and seafood as ingredients. I needed to find something more interesting for Tilapia than just sautéing it or oven baking it! Since fruit is also a large part of this diet, I decided to put the two together! To do that, I looked through lot’s of fruit and fish/fruit salsa recipes and decided to combine and add as I had. Hope you enjoy!

1-to 1 /2 lbs of Tilapia

salt and pepper and garlic powder to taste over the fish

Place fish in pan lined with foil. Make the salsa:

1/3 chopped papaya

1 chopped mango

1/2 of banana pepper, seeded and diced

1/3 of small red onion diced or 1/4 if you don’t like a lot of raw onion

1/4 of small hot pepper (any kind) minus seeds and diced, again to taste

pineapple chunks-maybe a 1/4 cup

watermelon chunks-maybe a 1/4 cup

cilantro, just a few finely chopped leaves

juice of one lemon/strained

juice of one lime/strained

Mix all together and then pour over fish. Cover tightly with second layer of foil and cook 20 min @ 400 degrees.

I have also tried this salsa as a side dish with fish-so raw, not cooked. It is awesome! I have upped the amounts so that I make more at a time. It keeps well in the fridge, so if you have fish twice a wk, you’ve got it made already! It seems to get better with age.

This is great with brown rice made with either vegetable or chicken stock instead of water and whatever greens you’d like to serve.

 Read my blog at CindyFrenchblog and find out why I need this diet and how eating right helps!