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I Keep Dodging Bullets!

Posted by Cindy H French on 12/06/2009

Thanksgiving was good but interesting. Some of my family was here and that was wonderful. Personally however, I continued to go downhill. Several times, I thought we would go to the ER, but then things would settle down and I would put it off. I guess the good thing was I didn’t gain that 5 lbs that a lot of people do.

On Monday, we visited my doctor, who insisted that I go right to the ER. I was admitted and they began all their tests. I think they first wanted to rule out a stroke or TIA, but I knew it was simply my head again. It took all of Tuesday for the doctors to confab again. It turns out that my first angiogram-done at another hospital-completely missed the area of the original tumor from where my pain was originating. So, they did another one Wednesday and I was diagnosed with occipital neuropathy. Of course my internet research savvy kids said this was exactly all my symptoms! It even described my pain better than I did. (I had used screwdrivers digging in my head as a description.) The temporary solution to this is nerve blocks into the occipital nerves-both of mine since both sides of my head are inflamed. The permanent approach is to cut the nerves or to strip them down. I don’t know which will be best for me and hope to find out next week. I’d like to get all this done before Christmas! I really want to go to Atlanta for Christmas with my family!

So what am I learning through all this? I tell you one thing-I had such a hard time with this pain, yet I kept thinking about Christ’s suffering and knew it was so much worse…I couldn’t imagine as I could hardly stand it sometimes. I know I will be able to better understand others’ pain as I know without a doubt that God will bring those people into my sphere in the near future.  

I am also even more appreciative than ever of my sweet husband. He was with me through think and then every day. I also am aware of answered prayer! I know this diagnosis could have been so much worse, but I believe that with people praying on my behalf, God has answered in a way that is not nothing at all, but at least is fixable. Without praying people, I might be dead today. I am so aware of those prayers! And so very, very thankful.

So, I’ll be back to play another day! Blessings!


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