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New Diagnosis-Dural Arteriovenous Fistalas

Posted by Cindy H French on 11/10/2009

Well, I have to say first,that I was very surprised today! I really expected the radiologist to just inject some cortisone and I was making too much of all this. Turned out I was wrong. Turned out I have two holes in my head! Both of them have arteries and veins and dura(brain covering material) coming out of the holes. They are both apparently tied into major arteries or a major artery in my brain. This is what is causing my vomiting, headaches and dizziness and even the ringing in my ears that I thought was my ears being infected! Amazingly, it is genetic and probably the lesions(tumors) have been growing 35 years or more!

Our next step is a  cerebral angiography . This is where they thread a catheter through the groin up to your neck and then insert dye to look at all the veins and arteries. We hope to do this next week. Then with the right information, the surgeon and the radiologist can decide exactly how and where to operate.

I have checked the internet for who does these very rare surgeries. I have found Mayo Clinic-which of course has saved my life before! and Mt Sinai in NY. Tomorrow I will call and speak with people at both places and see what kind of opinions they have.

So of course, the first question everyone in my family or at work has asked me is how I feel about this? Isn’t this just a little too much? Why in the world would God allow me to suffer again, more? My only answer is that He knows exactly what He is doing. I can’t begin to understand what other people with brain tumors or issues have unless I have been through this suffering myself. Already there are 5 people who have reached out to me that want to talk! I will get to share Jesus with everyone! Isn’t their eternity more important than my physical suffering? Isn’t this what Paul spoke of so often? I know he addresses this in II Corinthians 1:3-11.  Read it for yourself. Tell me what YOU think!


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