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uh oh!

Posted by Cindy H French on 10/27/2009

Everything was going along well. We had a good office of 8 consultants and me. Then I was stricken with breast cancer. It was kinda crazy how it all came together. I had had regular mammagrams. One showed some changes in one area and I was to come back in 3 months and have another one. Still more changes this time, so I went to Moffit and also sent my slides to my doctor at Emory in Atlanta. Moffit told me to wait and watch, while Emory said-let’s test further. I went up to Atlanta and consulted with 2 other oncologists. They thought that I should not wait for things to get worse, but to go ahead and have a double simple subcutaneous mastectomy. I was on premarin from my previous hysterectomy and certainly did not want to give up that medicine. I was 39 years old and by this time had had numerous biopsies with diagnosis on the edge of malignacy. It was time to make sure things went no further. This way, I would not have to have chemo or radiation…althought that is no longer what they do today in treatment.

We scheduled the surgery over the holidays in November. I thought that the less I was away from my office the better. I was gone three weeks.

Still business struggled and our office suffered as a result. Finally  we moved into  a shared office with MRI Clearwater and MRI  West Palm Beach as well as MRI Tampa. Consolidating the offices was good. We could play off of each other-although  most of what they did was not local as I was. Still it was a great learning time for me-in terms of all kinds of recruiting, objections, ect.(probably one of the most fun times of my life)

Soon after that the General Manager left to purchase his own MRI franchise. And so began the saga of new MRI mgrs…I just kept my head down and did my business.

In 1993, I had my final surgery for my breast reconstruction. It was supposed to be nothing at all. In fact done right in the clinic operating room. I woke up with a tube in my throat in the hospital. I had had an asthma attack under anesthesisa and had stopped breathing. They had fought to get me back.

My first thought was not that I almost died and what would have happened to me,but that I was there standing before the God of the Universe. He asked me how I had spent my time on earth after I had become a believer. He asked me if I knew all the guys lined up beside Him-it seems that they were his prophets-the writers of His Word. Had I even read all of His love letter to me? All I could think of  was that I was so ashamed. I was so convicted of my negligence. That day I purposed in my heart that I would change my ways, my life. I was given a second chance and I would make the most of it!


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