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Starting Over

Posted by Cindy H French on 10/27/2009

The recession hit with a bang in 1987 and 1988. Due to new laws, investors pulled out of commercial real estate and everthing stopped. Well, not like present day, but enough to kill our little commercial floor covering business. We lost a lot as we had personal guarantees, but we paid those we owed with the last of the money we had. Now we had to start over-financially and personally.

As we wound it down, MRI came calling to me! They knew of my experience in Atlanta and wanted to open an office here in Tampa. I never thought that this was a risky proposition, just an opportunity to work back in something I knew. This was one of the major competitors I had when I worked in Atlanta. I knew they were a class act and was thrilled with the opportunity. I was really fortunate that they worked with me on my draw–I needed guarantees that you usually don’t have in a start up situation. I was glad that they believed in me and really supported me.

Of course I did acknowlege this was a gift from God. It’s amazing how one starts praying when one has great needs! Dennis landed a job with a local distributor and we began to work our way back.

Once again, God was blessing my work.  I didn’t really pay that close attention as my days and many nights were filled with calls. I wanted to have a successful office and it took lot’s of hard work. I found out that if I achieved a certain level of production, I could win a trip to Hawaii! Well, of course, I had never been there and so that became my goal. We did go, taking Melissa with us. What an absolutely life changing trip it was for me. For the first time, I realized the power of MRI and what working for them could afford us. I saw Top Ten winners at the Awards Banquet-that was like the Oscars. That became my new goal-to become a top 10 winner.


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