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The Rest of the Story

Posted by Cindy H French on 10/23/2009

We got to the hospital at 9 pm and went right to ICU. I think Laurel was even more happy to see her dad than me! She was all bandaged on the side of her head and then at her neck, where the shunt and the tubing were taken out and disconnected. The doctor came by-looking like a Doogie Howser-so young, but obviously a very good and knowledgeable nuerosurgeon. He explained that Laure’ls Psuedo tumor had apparently healed and so they had removed the shunt instead of just disconnecting it. Praise God for this alone! She had been uninsurable because of the condition and now that it is gone, should be able to obtain medical insurance! The doctor then explained that the general surgeons would be removing the rest of the tubing from her abdomen, chest, and rectum. That this next surgery was really going to be the tricky part. She was scheduled for Friday, but as a level one trauma hospital on a Friday in Atlanta, unless you are a super emergency, you don’t get operated on. At 6pm, they told us it would be done first thing in the morning on Saturday..and it was…two hours later, the doctor was telling us what a picture perfect surgery it was! I knew that God had been there guiding the surgeon’s hands as there truly was no explanation of why she hadn’t gotten septic-no massive infection anywhere! Only God could have taken care of her like that! She spent that night in ICU, but then was moved to the regular floor for the next 2 days as she continued to improve. What is absolutely amazing is that except for stamina recuperation-she is completely normal and going back to work tomorrow!

I planned to come home on Tuesday early evening, but my older daughter pulled a ligament in her back and couldn’t move all day. She went to the ER and they gave her meds for pain and muscle relaxants and told her to take it easy! Yeah, right, with 3 kids-7,5,and 6 months. So I stayed with her another day until she improved.

God is always in the details I have found and I know that when crazy things happens, something really neat spiritually is going to happen.  In this case it was sharing His love with her roommate and her daughter in the hospital and then my seat mate on the plane coming home. Whatever happens to me, to us is filtered through God’s fingers, so I know He is going to do something special.


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