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My Daughter’s Just Like Me!

Posted by Cindy H French on 10/15/2009

When my youngest  daughter was 18,  she was stricken with pseudo tumor cerebri. This is like having a brain tumor but you don’t. You make too much spinal fluid and the pain and pressure are incredible. In Laurel’s case she went blind. Her first surgery was to relieve the pressure on her optic nerves and restore her sight. They did one eye at a time. Then she had surgery to install a shunt in her head. The tubing from the shunt was threaded down to her abdominal cavity and absorbed back into the body. Over the years, she has had a little bit  of trouble-menegitis and the tube moving around in her belly,  but nothing like what happened to her yesterday!

When she woke up, she found that the tubing was protruding from her rectum by several inches. Thank the Lord that she knew this was serious and called her sister who met her at the hospital. The immediate issue was infection getting back up to her brain. Then secondly,  keeping infection or bacteria from contaminating her abdominal cavity.

She is very fortunate in that this is a level 1 trauma hospital. The neurosurgeon and general surgeon acted immediately with surgery to cut the tubing to the shunt. They also put her on mega antibiotics and in ICU where she can be watched closely for any sign of infection.

The second part of this is getting the tubing out without infecting her abdominal cavity. She is spending the afternoon getting scanned to ascertain exactly where the hole is between the abdomen and the rectum and exactly where to extract it.

The doctors told her they were going to write a paper about her condition as apparently this is so rare, there is no protocol-they are just trying to do the common sense treatment! Sounds just like what I went through 4 weeks ago. (see earlier post) My family thinks it is hilarious (maybe interesting is a better word) that my daughter is also so “gifted” by God with physical challenges as I am–and this is my adopted daughter–who looks more like me and has the same allergies as I do! I guess when God does a match, it is perfect!

We found out all of this late yesterday afternoon. After much rearranging of schedules, my husband and I are on the way to Atlanta to be with Laurel. I think that she is happier that her dad is coming than me! At any rate, just one more story of weirdness in my life to deal with.  I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in this situation!


One Response to “My Daughter’s Just Like Me!”

  1. Marilou said

    okay, you are going to have to update soon… have left everyone hanging with Laurel:)
    Luv ya

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