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Year Two-In Love Again

Posted by Cindy H French on 10/04/2009

I guess the turning point in our relationship was when Dennis said, hey if you are going to consider any proposals, you should consider mine first! I was so surprised! We had become great friends-he advised me on my dating-what to expect-what to watch out for-even rescued me once! But I didn’t think he was “serious” about me. I was a package deal. He had met my children. My youngest had peed on him right off the bat-he still came back-I guess that should have told me something. But he had never had children-lived in another state-I couldn’t imagine him making major changes in his life for us to go forward!

By this time, I had started as a recruiter with a locally (Atlanta) owned placement firm. We did mostly admin and customer service and some sales placements. I was extremely fortunate. I was successful right away and had the chance to make enough money to really take care of my kids. It seemed to be all I needed professionally.

Dennis wasn’t ready to put a ring on my finger and I certainly wasn’t ready to move to another state with my two little girls in hopes of “some day”. Then he surprised the heck out of me, took a job with another manufacturer and moved to Atlanta. He and an old friend and boss (recently divorced) moved in together in one of the first roommate apartments. His apartment was about 15 minutes from my little 2 bdroom townhouse. That year, we spent a great deal of time with one another and my kids. We did talk seriously about getting married. One Sunday morning we had just decided that yes, we were definitely going to get married! I came bopping down my stairs to make a brunch to celebrate and prompty slipped and fell! Apparently I passed out-Dennis had come running when he heard me scream and had picked me up and carried me to my bed. When I came to, I was in a lot of pain in my low back and couldn’t move my legs. He called the paramedics and off we went to the hospital. I had broken my tail bone and swelling had given me temporary paralysis.  What a way for things to start off for us! Who knew that this was going to be par for the course for our lives to this day? Still Dennis stuck with me and  for Valentine’s Day 1980, I got an engagement ring and we started talking about when to get married.

We finally decided to take a cruise to the Bahamas for our honeymoon. It left out of Miami on a Friday afternoon, so we planned a small private wedding for the Thursday night before. May 22, 1980. Back in those days, people didn’t do big second weddings. My parents and my sister and kids were there and a couple of our friends. We were married in the chapel of a church we occasionally attended-still in my God mad-not asking HIM for any directions! We did have a lovely party following the ceremony with lot’s of our friends at a restaurant where we could dance. We had lot’s of champagne that night. Still my favorite drink! And some lovely gifts-I was surprised to receive. My mom had made our wedding cake. It was really creative-two rings (cake layers) entwined.

Our cruise ship experience was a first for both of us. Our weird experience started with our day on the cruiseline’s private island. It was really nice at first, we snorkled, sunbathed, had a geat lunch-but suddenly the weather changed! It was like a hurrican suddenly hit. Very high winds blew up sand that felt like little ice picks hitting the skin-we ran into one of the storage sheds on the island for protection along with A LOT  of other people. It was cold-we were wet-it was crowded-and after 2 hours, we all needed somethng to drink and bathroom facilities! Finally another hour and we were able to leave the shelter. It was amazing seeing the damage the storm had done. We all just wanted to get back to the ship and clean up! But it was not to be for many more hours!

Our ship had sailed away from the island in an effort to keep from being blown into the island. In a freak accident, the anchor line had gotten fouled in the propellar-and all that took several hours to fix before the ship could get back in close to us. But then things got worse as they began to launch the life boats-the crew driving them obviously untrained, tried to bring the boats up on the beach to load passengers instead of going to the dock. All this led to was all but two life boats being damaged by the rocks and reefs. Two boats to get 120o people off of the island. So many hours! I guess it was midnight by the time we got back on board. Not a great way to spend a honeymoon! Unfortunately, it was our last night on board-the entertainment and dinner ruined.

We do have pictures of the life boats with the bottoms torn out! As well as nice pictures around the island and the market. Hard to believe it has been almost 30 years ago!

So we came back home and went to pick up the kids. Melissa was 7 and very into roller skating. As she rolled down the driveway to see us, she fell and ripped her knee open. We spent our first night at the emergency room getting her stitched up. Again, the first of many!


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