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A Single Mom!

Posted by Cindy H French on 10/03/2009

I guess that back in 1978, there were lot’s of divorced people, but I didn’t know them. Suddenly, I was the odd person out with our couple friends. I didn’t have any support or counseling from my church, even though my pastor knew what was going on! So I left that church, did try and find another church home, but either I was much too sensitive, or the churches we (the children and I) were not into single moms’ needs.

Thus began my years long God-mad as I call it. I decided I was going to have to take care of myself and my children on my own. We moved into a nice apartment after our home was sold. I started dating because all my friends thought I should. So I decided to date one of everything! A salesman, a pharmacist, a lawyer, a doctor, an entreprenuer. I was just out to have a good time. I made the rules and I followed them…and the guys, if they wanted to date me, had to follow them too. I didn’t want a relationship-I had been too hurt-to even think of opening myself up to someone again-so I just wanted to go dancing and partying for the most part!

My first date, was a blind date, set up by mutual friends. We met for lunch downtown, He was in town for a market-he was a manufacturer’s rep. We all had lunch and I found myself laughing for the first time in months! He asked me to shop the market (the Atlanta Merchandize Mart) that afternoon and then at the end of the day, we’d do the town! Well, I have NEVER done the town before, so of course, I stayed the afternoon and we truly DID  the town! Drinks one place, dinner another, then after dinner drinks and I think I saw all the hot spots in downtown Atlanta that night. Finally it was time for me to go home. As he walked me to car, I handed him my keys. He promptly blessed me out. That  I should never do that. He had talked to me a lot about my before life and life now during the evening and based on all I said, thought I was incredibly naive and headed for trouble.

The next day, he called and we agreed that we’d had a great time and whenever he was in town-he lived in Tennessee-I’d see him. Of course I thought-yeah, like maybe never! But he surprised me with flowers at my office that next Monday, then called later in the week and said he’d be back in town in another week and could we go out? Sure, I said-and so began my precious Dennis’ quest to win me. (He says)

In the meantime, I went out often in groups of friends that liked to dance. This was when there were dance clubs all over and it was ok to go with girlfriends or a group or a date. I did see and hear a lot I probably didn’t need to know about. Certainly God protected me in many, many ways through my two years of singlehood. Still I was really, really lonely inside. I was still mad at God. I didn’t really have a support group. My parents were appalled and not quite sure what to think or do. That summer of 1978 my brother and my sister had weddings. I met friends of their’s from both and saw them socially for awhile too, but they both wanted more from me than I was ready for-another marriage. Remember, this girl just wanted to have fun!


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