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One More Thing to Deal With

Posted by Cindy H French on 10/02/2009

I may have mentioned that one of the “thorns” that I deal with is Rheumatoid Arthritis. It is a nasty autoimmune disease that robs you of your energy, leaving you feeling very tired all the time-besides the painful joints. I am somewhat lucky in that my specific kind is not the disfiguring kind. On the other hand, it is the inflammatory kind, and affects my blood vessals and organs, not just my joints. This always plays back on my asthma which is also an inflammatory disease and my blood pressure. So when I have a flare, it is a bad thing.

I am so thankful though, for the right doctors and drugs to help me. I just spent the day in a recliner receiving an infusion of a chemo drug that also helps with this particular kind of arthritis. Tomorrow, I should be good to go! No pain for several months. Yipee!

I was in my car, coming home, looking forward to the weekend and then I got a call from my company. My sleep apnea doctor had ordered oxygen for me to use at night along with my CPAP machine. Using a CPAP is no fun at all. I use it so that I won’t die, but it seems that it doesn’t eliminate all my apnea episodes and my oxygen stats go too low, so this is to help that. I can’t imagine how I will manage with one more piece of equipment when I travel! Oxygen no less! When I go anywhere, the nebulizer for the asthma and the CPAP have gone with me. It is so fun going thru airport security with those machines! Now this.

So after I complained loudly to my God-then my daughter, I came home and read my devotional book again for the day. What does it say?

 The  devotional was about expectancy. The verses Matt. 7:7-11 The author tried to sneak up on her goldfish to feed them, but as she approached the railing, they raced toward her, large mouths frantically opening and closing in eager anticipation of an expected treat.  Why, because her mere presence set off a conditioned response in their tiny fish brains that she had something special to give them.

If only we always had such a response to God and His desire to give us good gifts-a response based on our past experience with Him that flows from a deep-seated knowledge of His character.

Missionary William Carey said “ Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God” God desires to equip us perfectly for what He wants us to do, and He invites us to “come boldly” to find mercy and grace in time of need-Heb 4:16.

When we as God’s children are living in faith, we can have an exciting expectancy and a quiet confidence that God will give us exactly what we need, when we need it. Matt 7:8-11 written by Cindy Hess Kasper (abridged)

I should just be thankful that I have insurance to pay for this. And doctors that follow me carefully enough to prescribe for my needs. Perhaps this will help with the fatigue too. I will look for things to be grateful for because HE has provided it. Still one more thing…


One Response to “One More Thing to Deal With”

  1. MARILOU said

    we continue to learn something new, don’t we? I’m glad you’ll be feeling better soon….. Love you
    Have Michael’s birthday party tomorrow……

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