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God Delights To Show His Love

Posted by Cindy H French on 09/28/2009

Today I got my hair done. My wonderful Colleen was able to cover up my incision and shaved spot on my head. No more hats! I’ll have to work with it a bit, but I am so grateful for her help

While I was there, we began to talk about this blog and all my stories. She asked if I had written about this or that or whatever-none of which I have gotten to yet. She has been listening to me for 18 years! We did a lot of talking about my GriefShare Ministry and why I am involved and what is currently happening with it.

I continue to be amazed at how God weaves together the fabrics of our lives-to help and counsel one another just by the simple act of sharing experiences. One that I didn’t share earlier was the outward, tangible sign that Jesus loves me and is always listening to me and caring for me.

It was December 31, 2008. We had just finished cleaning out my Dad’s apartment. There was nothing left-everything claimed or given away-empty-just like we come into the world-we depart it. As my husband and I were traveling back to Tampa on I-4, I was crying and although I know that it is not God’s usual habit to give us signs in the present day, I still  asked. Please Lord, just give me a sign that everything’s ok-they are together with you. I looked out the window and saw a plane flying along side the highway. It started drawing in the air. I watched as a smiley face appeared and then the plane began writing. The message was “Jesus loves you”. Now I don’t care who or what or why that plane was doing that-I know that I know that this was the sign I was asking for!

To see sky writing you have to be in the right place at the right time and we were certainly there! I believe with all my heart that was my heavenly Father reaching down to let me know everything was fine in His heaven.


One Response to “God Delights To Show His Love”

  1. Colleen said

    I loved this story of God answering your prayer. He is tha personally involved with every word from every one of His children!
    Thank you,

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